How to draw Draculaura?

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How to draw Draculaura?

Dolls Monster High confidently pressed competitorsBarbie. Unusual design, well-thought-out story of each doll found a response in the hearts of millions of girls. How to draw the main character Monster High Draculaur, you will learn from our article.

Creating a Monster

  1. Draw a circle and divide it into four parts with two perpendicular inclined lines. The left half of the circle should be slightly larger than the right one. Mark the big eyes above the horizontal line.
  2. Now it is necessary to draw Draculaura with black pencil eyeliner and long eyelashes. On the contour of the circle draw a pointed chin and slightly rounded cheekbones.
  3. Inside the eye, draw a pupil and an iris. With small circles mark the glare on the right edges of the pupils. Just above the lower edge of the circle, paint plump lips with two tiny fangs. A little higher, on the middle line, schematically mark the nose.
  4. Above the eyes you need to draw Draculaura curvedeyebrows. Slightly flattened oval mark the hair of the heroine. Your half-oval should cover your forehead slightly. In the lower part of it, draw two small triangles.Draculaura
  5. Each character of the Monster High has its own "chips"in appearance and accessories. Draculaura has a heart on her cheek and a clip earring in her ear. At the level of the middle line, draw a pointed ear and decorate it with a characteristic earring. Add a volume to your hair and draw two lush tails.
  6. On the left cheek monster draw a small heart. Stripe the hair into strands, one by painting them black with a felt-tip pen or pencil. The portrait of the main character is ready.
  7. Now you need to figure out how to draw Draculaura in pencil in stages in full growth. Very schematically indicate the lines of the border of clothing, shoes, "skeletons" of hands and feet.
  8. Draw the details of the corset and sleeve. Near the neck-stoechka depict ruches, adorn the neat flounces of the sleeves. Schematically designate the folds of clothing in the folds. Draw the right brush. The fingers should lie neatly on the thigh.
  9. Detail the right side of the jacket and the right hand. Decorate the fingers of Draculaura with sharp claws.
  10. Draw details of a mini skirt with a wide belt and wedges. Draw the legs along the reference lines.
  11. Take care of your boots. They are tall, almost to the knees, on a small platform and high steady heels. Near the shaft, draw small notches. As you can see, it's quite easy to draw Draculaura with a pencil.
  12. Give color to the heroine. Favorite color of Draculaur - pink. Color them with unpainted strands of hair, corset and details of the boots. In black color, draw a lacing of boots and a skirt of a skirt. Take a gray pencil or felt-tip pen and paint them with sleeves, pantyhose and folds of the skirt. Voila - you could draw Draculaur!

Information on how to draw other characters of "Monster High", see in the Drawing section.

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