How to determine the color of the protective earth wire?

what color is the ground wireIn apartments and houses grounding is used to ensure human security. It is used to protect it from accidental electrical shock. When organizing protective grounding, the wire of the electrical appliance and other electrical receivers are intentionally connected to the ground. This procedure is carried out by using grounding conductors. They can act as a single-conductor wire, and lived a multicore cable.
Grounding conductor must be made of copper and can be single or stranded. The cross section is selected taking into account the power grid and power consumers. The main condition here is that the cross section of the ground wire is not less than the cross section of the electrical wiring.

Protective Earth Wire Color Marking

There are many inaccuracies regarding the color of the protective ground wire. And there are discrepancies in PES on this. This is especially true of household wiring.Therefore, when considering this issue often have to rely on the experience of qualified electricians and established traditions.

Highlighting insulation is one of the most common ways to label them. Different colors allow you to visually determine what function the wire performs, regardless of whether a three- or single-phase current network is used. If the electrical panel a large number of different wires, the color marking facilitates the installation process.
So what is the color in which the various wires are painted, in particular the protective earth? If we consider industrial networks in which the color marking is strictly regulated, then the coloring is as follows:

  • Phase (L) turns red or brown;
  • Zero (N) - blue;
  • Protective (PE) - yellow-green.

used colors of conductor insulation in a three-core wire

If the house or apartment wiring was laid by a qualified electrician, then such marking will be present in the home electrical outlet. In this case, questions about what color the protective ground wires may be may be covered. In some cases there may be minor discrepancies. Sometimes it is painted in pure yellow.
If the process of installing electrical wiring is accompanied by the use of a colorless wire (PPV brand with single insulation), then which wire goes to ground? For electricians, it is considered to be a good conductor for the earth to use the middle conductor.

What brand of cable can be used for grounding

The brand should be chosen according to the type of its type: portable (non-stationary) or stationary. Stationary is the protection of apartments, buildings, electrical panels, electrical equipment, etc. It is permissible to use multicore stranded (STG, VVG) and single stranded (NYM) cables. They must have a grounding conductor with yellow-green insulation. When using a colorless cable, grounding goes to the middle conductor, but the likelihood of confusion is very high.
Let us consider in more detail the most suitable for the considered brand of cables.

Used to distribute electrical energy in stationary installations. Designed for an alternating voltage of not more than 0.66 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz. Electrical equipment of the first class of electrical safety can be connected to it.

  • The vein is made of copper;
  • There is an intermediate shell;
  • The colors are made according to the standards of the PES, i.e. ground bus insulation has a yellow-green color;
  • Very convenient for installation.

The veins are made of copper grade I and II twist. There is PVC insulation. May have several lived. 3-, 4-, and 5-core cables have zero and ground. The insulation of the conductor going to the ground is made using yellow-green PVC plastic.

Structurally, it is a single core consisting of twisted copper wires. Shell color has several options. To protect against electric shock using a cable yellow-green or yellow.

Structurally, it is a multi-wire copper conductor, the insulation of which is made of transparent PVC plastic. Possesses the increased resistance to cracking and deformations. Transparent plastic makes it possible to monitor the integrity of the cable. The color of the shell is not normalized. Therefore, during installation, it is desirable to color-mark the cable with a yellow-green tape.

This brand of cable is used directly to protect systems from short circuits.It is acceptable to use it in systems with large currents. Resistant to temperature, low weight and high flexibility. The rated voltage for this type of cable is not normalized, as it is not used for current transfer. At installation it is necessary to provide color marking of the cable.
When installing, not every electrician adheres to established rules. Therefore, when reconstructing the electrical network, it is advisable to carry out a check with a voltmeter.

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