How to clean the iron

November 18, 2012

How to clean the ironIron use all, or rather all those who care about the neatness of their appearance. This small household appliance is not difficult to clean, but often when it is used, a raid occurs on the surface of its sole, or during careless ironing, cloth may stick to the working surface.

All these defects are quite difficult to clean, but they need to be removed because it interferes with ironing things. Usually the cause of such incidents is the neglect of the instructions on the temperature regime set by the manufacturer. So, for synthetics and silk, you need to choose a weak heat, and wool products should be ironed through wet gauze. If, however, the fabric is overheated and stuck to the sole or because of poor-quality water, a raid has appeared, then the iron can be cleaned using several methods.

Before cleaning the iron, you need to stock up on the following products: soda, vinegar, detergents, salt, water, rags, scouring pads, sponges and brushes.

Ways to clean the iron

how to clean the sole of the iron

  • To clean the soles of irons, there is a special pencil.You can buy this tool in a hardware store or in the points of sale of household appliances. Pencils come in from different manufacturers, but the principle of operation is similar: it is necessary to heat the iron, rub its sole with a pencil and wait a bit until the pollution begins to melt. Then the stain is removed with a dry cloth and allowed to cool the surface of the sole iron. You should know that when a pencil comes into contact with a hot metal, there is a strong odor - this liquid evaporates ammonia. When working with this tool, you must follow the safety rules, and after the process is over, you need to wash your hands.
  • Very often, the iron is spoiled by a synthetic fabric that melts from the slightest overheating. In this case, clean the sole so: the iron is heated to the maximum temperature and wait until the synthetic is completely melted. Then the remnants of the fabric are removed with a knife (in the case of metal) or with a wooden spatula if there is an anti-stick coating on the sole of the iron).
  • More stains from burnt synthetics can be removed with homemade paste from baking soda and water. Instead of water, you can use any detergent.The paste is made into a mushy form and applied to the damaged portion of the sole of a cold iron with a soft cloth. The site is wiped several times (it is necessary to rub the surface of the sole quite strongly), leave the agent for a while to soak it with the composition, and then remove the paste residues first with a wet and then with a dry clean cloth. You can also make a napkin of several layers of gauze, moisten it with liquid ammonia and iron it with a warm iron.
  • You can clean the iron and vinegar. Vinegar is applied to a coarse cloth (you can take an old towel) and forcefully rub the iron sole. If the pollution is not cleaned the first time, the procedure is repeated until the desired result is obtained. As the vinegar exhales very quickly, the cloth must be constantly wetted in it. After cleaning, the iron is heated and ironed to sample some old rag.
  • Often, fresh contamination can be removed from an iron that has not cooled down with a soap. They rub the sole, and then allow the iron to cool and soap clean with a wet washcloth. Dirt should be wiped off easily.
  • There is another old way to clean the iron.A layer of finely milled salt is poured onto the newspaper and carried over it with an iron, as if stroking. It is necessary to press the iron quite hard so that the salt is squeezed out from under it and the sole reaches the newspaper. When the salt and the newspaper begin to darken, the iron has cleared. If the first time could not remove all the pollution, you can repeat the procedure again. After cooling, the iron is rubbed on its sole with a damp cloth and then dry. This method will dramatically clean the sole of the iron.
  • how can I clean the iron

  • Often there is rust on the sole of the iron because cold water is poured from the tap into the steam compartment. For irons, only distilled water should be used, which does not form scale inside the iron. Rust can be eliminated by several methods. One of them: pour a special anti-scaling agent into the compartment (0.5 teaspoon per glass of water), leave for 20-30 minutes, wait for the lag of the scale and wash the iron. After that, the rust spots during ironing will not appear.
  • Also to remove rust often use detergent "Silit". For a start, the iron is heated, turned upwards with the sole, poured the product directly into the holes, and after 5-10 minutes the dirt comes out.It is collected with a washcloth, cleaned out of the holes, and then rub the sole with warm water and wipe with a dry cloth.

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