How to choose a two-level stretch ceilings

Seamless ceilings built in 2 levels replaced the traditional single-tier structures. Called to change the interiors and make them original, they cope with their own task. Many design options, a combination of different panels and even types of surface, the use of various options for lighting - all this performs two-tiered French ceilings with the desired instrument in the hands of the designer with a rich imagination.

Two-level stretch ceilings are put heavier than one level. And the thing is that in this version you have to put a profile that is attached to the surface of the ceiling at the site of the differential. The task is much more complicated if the delta line has an irregular curved shape. For the installation of the ceiling of the baguette used corners of metal and a specialized form of reinforced metal profiles. At this step, it is very and very important to accurately measure and map all distances so that during installation the web coincides.

Variants of two-tier French ceilings

Two-tiered French ceilings can be of various designs. The delta line can be straight or curved. The ceiling usually has an island construction, when one level is “drowned” in another, or, conversely, stands. Different types of panels can be used.

Separately emphasize the combined two-tier French ceilings. In this embodiment, one of the levels represented by a box of drywall.

Art ceilings are often used. Among them are prints of the cloudy sky, or the sky with stars. Canvases of this type are often used with spot-type luminaires and duralight ribbons, which can perform both lighting tasks and mainly the role of decor. For example, small light-emitting diodes on the sky with stars can look like comets, although they do not give much light.

A very good option - glowing bunk ceilings with an invisible print. One of the levels is made of PVC film of very high transparency. Behind the level, on the capital ceiling, oblong rows of LED strips are mounted. On the back side of the canvas print.When the light is turned on, the duralight ribbons are lit. The ceiling begins to glow with all its own plane and becomes visible print, which disappears when you turn off the light. It is great and modern.

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How to choose a two-level stretch ceilings 97

How to choose a two-level stretch ceilings 94

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