How to choose a faucet for the kitchen: types, characteristics, overview of the best options

Kitchen faucet can withstand huge loads - it is opened dozens of times a day. This dictates increased requirements for the device, which should be durable, reliable, easy to maintain.

It is also important that the kitchen faucet has an attractive appearance, because, despite its small size, it plays an important role in the interior.

Types of kitchen faucets

In plumbing stores you can find a wide selection of all kinds of taps, which differ in both design features and design.

When meeting with the assortment, it is recommended first to pay attention to the principle of operation and the internal mechanism. Based on these parameters, it is possible to classify products.

Two-valve sanitary devices

This type includes traditional devices that have two valves for adjusting hot / cold water.The operating mechanism of such mixers can be worm or ceramic cranes.

In the first case, the action is based on shutting off the complementary seat to the shut-off valve, which leads to the cessation of the flow of water. The valve is equipped with a replaceable plastic or paranitic gasket, which during operation is flattened, thinned or simply broken.

Due to the repeated opening / closing cycles, the sealing elements of the worm gears begin to flow rather quickly. At the same time, they are easy to repair: in most cases, it is enough to replace the gasket yourself.

Set of tap and sink
To facilitate the selection of sanitary accessories, manufacturers often offer kits consisting of a sink and a kitchen tap that fits perfectly with it.

The basis of ceramic kranbuksy make two, made of the appropriate material, disc with slots. One of them - the input - is fixedly fixed in the housing of the sanitary equipment, while the second adjustment component rotates relative to it.

Water enters only if the holes coincide; the larger the total gap, the more intense the fluid flow.

Double lever kitchen mixer
Due to difficulties in the use and repair, as well as due to the uneconomical use of water, double-lever models have recently been encountered quite rarely. Usually they are used for decorative purposes when decorating rooms in traditional or retro style.

Such a mechanism is distinguished by reliability and comfort in work, but it has a limited service life, since it is practically beyond repair.

Even with a small breakdown, it will be necessary to change the Kranbucks, and if it is impossible to find a model of the desired configuration, the mixer itself.

Single lever kitchen appliances

About 80% of modern cranes on the core market belong to the single-lever type, which is also called the joystick, cartridge, or mono-command. Such devices are different aesthetic appearance, functionality, ease of operation.

According to the internal mechanism, two types of mixers are distinguished:

  • ball;
  • disk.

As the name itself suggests, the fundamental part of the first type of structure is a ball that has a series of holes. By turning the knob, this part is set in motion, which makes it possible to control both the intensity of the flowing stream and the ratio of hot / cold water.

Ball instruments have several weak points.Over time, there may be abrasion of the pads, cuffs, as well as the weakening of the spring support, due to which a leakage is formed. With a long simple mixer, its course may jam.

The scheme of the mixer with the cartridge
Single lever cartridge mixers are very comfortable to use. With the help of light movements, you can adjust the temperature of the water and its pressure

Devices with a disk cartridge in their scheme and principle of operation resemble the ceramic versions of cranes. The operating mechanism also consists of two parts: the lower fixed plate with a drain hole for hot / cold water, and the upper movable component.

Repair of both types of devices with one lever consists in replacing the cartridge: in the first case it is a sleeve with a hollow ball, in the second - a sleeve with two ceramic discs.

Contactless (sensory) models

The most convenient and economical type of kitchen faucets are taps, the design of which provides for the presence of an infrared sensor.

For their inclusion it is enough to bring to the palm of the hand; if to move hands, the flow automatically stops.

Touch Kitchen Faucet
Modern touch mixers have an extremely impressive appearance.Such devices are very functional and economical, as they automatically control the flow of water.

The disadvantage of contactless devices is extremely high cost, in addition, in the event of a sensor failure, there may be problems with their inclusion.

To avoid this, manufacturers often offer electronic-mechanical devices, the operation of which can be adjusted both sensory and with the help of a handle.

Kitchen faucet specifications

When choosing, you should also consider a number of factors that affect the appearance of the product and usability.

The shape and height of the spout

Attention should be paid to the features of the spout, which may have the S-, G-, J- or R-configuration, be flattened, widened or thickened at the end.

Tap spout position
Spout should be above the center of the tank. If it goes to the inner wall, water may fall behind the sink, which will negatively affect the condition of the kitchen furniture. When the tap is at the edge of the tabletop, the spray will fly to the floor

In terms of height, the following types of spouts differ:

  • shortened- less than 18.5 cm;
  • medium- 19-23.4 cm;
  • high- 24 cm and more.

When choosing, you should focus on the depth of washing. When the bowl is 17-19 cm, it is better to use a tap with a medium or moderately high spout; with a larger indicator, it is desirable to use short models.

Various spout designs

According to this criterion, the following categories of mixers can be distinguished:

  • motionless (cast);
  • rotary;
  • with pull-out spouts;
  • telescopic.

The traditional option is a fixed crane, the mechanism of which is in a molded case, the disassembly of which is not possible. The lever is installed on the side at an angle of 45-90 degrees.

Such designs are distinguished by their reliability and maintainability, since the most common problem is the abrasion of gaskets and the outflow of spout, which is easily remedied.

However, their disadvantage is obvious: directing a stream of water in this case is almost impossible, and the flow is prone to splashing.

The rotary body crane provides for smooth movement of a reliably connected spout, usually having a small height.

Comfortable adjustment of such devices helps to save water, since the operating mechanism ensures an even flow of hot / cold mixing liquid.

Rotary Kitchen Faucets
Models with a swivel casing are especially recommended for sinks that have several sections, as they provide easy access to each of them.

The main disadvantage is the rapid abrasion of the seals on the rotating part of the device, which requires regular replacement.

Widespread and devices with retractable spout or shower. In the construction of such models, a hose is provided, which in the closed state is inside the tube, and in the open state it is pulled out from it by 1-1.5 meters.

It allows you to change the height of the water supply, and also expands the range of the flow. The moving part is usually made of high quality polymer or rubber; it often has a metal or textile sheath.

For ease of use, an aerator can be installed at the end - a device that saturates water with air or a shower-watering can. Modern mixers of this type are often equipped with a toggle button that secures the sliding part at the desired height.

Pull-out spout
Using a pull-out spout, it is easy to fill the container outside the sink, process a large number of dishes, including large-sized dishes, rinse vegetables or fruits

The telescopic spouts of the mixers consist of several tubular parts connected by fasteners, ensuring unhindered change in length and shape. Components can be tilted at different angles, changing the direction and radius of the flow.

Despite the original appearance and good functionality, such modifications are not widely used due to insufficient structural strength.

Kitchen faucet material

The reliability of work and the period of operation are directly affected by the material from which the crane is made. Most often are used:

  • metals / alloys;
  • stone / ceramics;
  • plastics.

For the production of products are widely used various types of alloys. The most cost-effective option is considered to be silumin products, which include aluminum and silicon.

However, experts are not too trust such devices, which quickly fail and have an unsightly appearance. Instruments made of TsAM alloy consisting of zinc, aluminum, copper possess considerably better characteristics.

The most popular are brass mixers, for the production of which a combination of copper, zinc, and sometimes tin is used.With democratic value, they are of good quality, durability, excellent resistance to moisture.

Remarkable characteristics also demonstrate bronze devices, but their cost is too high. The same can be said about stainless steel faucets. Products made of this metal are reliable, environmentally friendly, durable, but quite expensive.

Relatively recently, cranes made of stone or ceramics are on sale. Among their advantages are the spectacular appearance and high resistance to water and chemicals.

The weak side of these materials is fragility; products have to be protected from mechanical effects that can cause chipping or complete destruction.

Brass kitchen faucet
When buying a brass faucet, you should pay attention to the material from which the internal parts are made. Sometimes they are made from silumin, which affects the strength and durability of the mechanism. Lightweight and / or relatively low cost can be a suspicious factor.

For the manufacture of sanitary products are also used modern types of polymers.

Inexpensive products made from them are distinguished by their low mass and resistance to water, but they look not aesthetically pleasing and have low strength. As a rule, they are used for country houses or as a temporary option.

Plumbing coatings

The appearance of the mixers, and partly the performance, is influenced by the type of coating that is usually applied to the brass base.

The most popular finish that combines excellent appearance and durability is chrome. Marcus applies to minuses: traces of fingers and water drops easily remain on a shiny surface.

Nickel can be used to apply various types of finishes - matte, satin, “stainless steel”. Such coatings look very beautiful; they are durable, versatile and easy to clean, but in rare cases they can cause an allergic reaction.

The spectacular appearance of products under the bronze is usually given with the help of epoxy resin or enamel of the corresponding color. The coating requires careful operation, since during mechanical impact, scratches and chips may appear on the upper layer.

Ceramic Coated Crane
The advantages of ceramic or stone taps include ease of care, as the matte texture hides stains and dirt. Among the minuses we can mention the fragility and relatively high price.

To imitate ceramics or stone, a layer of synthetic or natural material is applied to the metal base. Such mixers, as a rule, are used for sinks and countertops made of ceramic compounds, granite, marble.

Types of fastening products

When choosing a crane, you need to think in advance about its location. As a rule, three options are relevant:

  • table top;
  • washing;
  • wall.

In kranbuksov mixers for the installation of the collet is used - split sleeve with thread. It is used to screw in the nut that connects the mixer to the surface.

The lever device in the base of the housing has up to two threaded holes for screwing in the studs. They are set to semi-washer, which is fastened with a nut.

For vertical connection, flexible hoses are usually used. If the mixer is supposed to be connected directly to the pipes leaving the wall, it is recommended to use eccentrics.

To disguise the place of fasteners, you can use the decorative nozzles included in the package.

Additional instrument functions

Modern cranes are often equipped with a number of options. Special nozzles can be attached to them, allowing you to saturate the water with air or form a stream of water of the desired shape.

A useful and beautiful feature is the usual or LED lights on the mixer. In some models, the color of the lamps changes with the change in water temperature.

Kitchen taps with thermostat
Products with a thermostat can be mechanically or electronically controlled. In the latter case, the mixer has a liquid crystal display, push-button or touch control

Demand are devices equipped with a thermometer. With their help, you can pre-set the desired temperature of the jet, so as not to burn yourself when you turn on the crane.

For an economical consumption of water, you can use special nozzles that allow you to keep records of the liquid used.

When choosing kitchen plumbing, it is better to give preference to products of famous brands. Although such models are more expensive, the costs are offset by a long service life.

Top 5 models of kitchen faucets

We name only a few products that deserve high user feedback.

Jacob Delafon Carafe E18865

The elite model from the famous French manufacturer has a stylish design. The single lever mixer operates on the basis of a ceramic cartridge.

The design involves two separate channels, one of which is designed for tap water, and the second for filtered water.

Model Jacob Delafon Carafe E18865
Among the shortcomings of the model, users call the high price and insufficient quality of the filter. In addition, because of the high spout, this faucet is more suitable for shallow sinks.

A filter is applied to the mixer, designed for processing 7,500 liters of liquid, as well as an aerator, which operates in two modes.

On the flawless chrome coating of the device is given a branded warranty of 25 years.

Grohe Concetto 32663001

One-lever model of premium class from a famous German company. There is a retractable spout, which increases the functionality of the device.

Thanks to the rotary mechanism, which provides for a rotation of 360 degrees, the crane is perfect for equipping kitchen islands.

Model Grohe Concetto 32663001
Horizontal installation on board to connect the mixerplumbing fixtures. This method of installation may cause certain difficulties, so the work is better to entrust professionals

The device has a brass base, covered with a layer of chromium using the patented technology StarLight, preserving shine for a long time.

For the internal device, a durable and corrosion-resistant ceramic cartridge is used. Among the advantages of the mixer, users note the smooth movement of the handle, the silent operation of the aerator.

IDDIS Alborg K56001C

Model economy class from the Russian manufacturer. Reliable single-lever crane has a decent design. The mechanism operates on the basis of a 40 mm cartridge, which demonstrates long-term stable operation.

IDDIS Alborg K56001C
The model includes a special plastic stand. It facilitates installation of the crane and ensures its tight fixation on the surface of the sink. The connection is made on two studs, which simplifies the installation process and ensures reliable fasteners

The mixer has a swivel spout, but due to the low rise it is more suitable for sinks with deep bowls. In the device of the aerator there is a special gasket that eliminates noise.

The disadvantages include a rather thin chrome-plated coating, which begins to wear out after 2-3 years.

ZorG ZR 312YF-50 BR

The “Bronze” faucet, produced by a Czech manufacturer, has an elegant retro design. The unusual appearance is perfectly combined with high technical characteristics: the model provides for the supply of filtered water, which is controlled by a special lever.

Model ZorG ZR 312YF-50 BR
The “bronze” coating applied to the product has excellent quality. It does not fade with time and is not prone to scratching.

The disadvantages include the absence of the aerator and other functions. In addition, some users complain about the difficulty of purchasing spare parts.

Lemark Comfort LM3061C

The single-lever device has an optimal height, making it suitable for almost any bowl. Provided for the flow of both ordinary and filtered water, for which a separate faucet is designed.

The budget model has a sleek design; a rather dense layer of a chrome-plated coating is applied on the brass base, which has not been erased for many years.

Model Lemark Comfort LM3061C
The mixer is equipped with an aerator that acts for both tap and purified water. This reduces fluid consumption and increases its softness.

All necessary accessories and parts for installation are included in the crane kit, so installation will not take long. Among the shortcomings, users noted traces of spray that remain on the device during operation.

In addition to these models, there are other quality products on the market that belong to different price segments. As an example, we can mention the products of Hansa and Kaiser (Germany), Vidima (Bulgaria), Damixa (Denmark), Gustavsberg (Sweden).

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

On the video below, you can hear a competent opinion about the factors that need to be taken into account when selecting a faucet for a kitchen room:

At selection of the mixer it is important to consider both technical characteristics, and its design. A convenient model greatly facilitates routine kitchen manipulations, which allows the hostess to save time.

No less important is the appearance of the product, which should be combined not only with the sink, but also with the finishing of the room as a whole. Properly selected faucet can be an important part of the interior, emphasizing its style and accents.

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