How to check the liver?

Our liver is an amazing organ that can notonly to self-regeneration, but also the fulfillment of several important functions in the body. It is through the liver that there is cleansing, digestion, synthesis and many other processes. Unfortunately, modern ecology, nutrition and stressful situations create a serious strain on the body - because the liver is responsible for the processing of toxins. So after 40 years, most people begin to show diseases caused by poor body performance. But our body is arranged in such a way that it is able to "report" in advance about faults in the system. For example, on the poor performance of the liver can speak rashes on certain areas of the skin, complexion and much more. How to check the liver without going to the doctors?

When examining and monitoring your organismspay attention to: language, complexion, digestion, body, general condition, weight, hair and eyes. To orient with the answers, we offer a test how to check the liver status. Count your "yes" and "no" when answering questions. For each positive answer, 5 points are awarded, for a negative answer - 1.

  • Is there a yellow coating on the tongue?
  • Does the complexion have a pale yellow tint?
  • Is there any discomfort after eating fatty foods?
  • Is the weight under the right ribs felt?
  • Is there a tendency to allergies?
  • Is fatigue, irritability?
  • Does it sometimes taste bitter in your mouth?
  • Is overweight, cellulite?
  • Is there a yellow tinge in the sclera of the eyes?
  • Do hair get dirty quickly?
  • Is the skin too greasy or, conversely, dry?
  • Are there pigmented lesions or vascular asterisks on the skin?
  • Appetite is bad?
  • Whether were treated by antibiotics or hormonal agents?
  • Do you often drink alcohol?
  • Are there acne on the skin?

So, if you answer less than 25points, the liver is OK. You eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. At 51-71 points it is worth considering about the survey. If the number of points from 71 and above - you need to urgently consult a doctor. About what kind of doctor heals the liver, you can find out here - "Which doctor heals the liver?".

Where to check the liver

To check the liver, you needgo to a specialist in a medical institution. Upon examination, the doctor looks at the general condition of the patient, palpates the abdominal cavity and liver, finds out possible causes and consequences of the disease. The next step is to take tests to check the liver.

Depending on the development and severity of the diseasethey can be several - general and biochemical blood tests. The first shows the general condition of the blood for diseases, and the result of biochemistry indicates the liver itself: sugar content, ALT (alanine-amino transferase) and AST (aspartate aminotransferase), protein, alkaline phosphatase, thymol test, urea, creatinine, GGT)

The following tests are taken in case biochemistry has already shown pathology. These methods of verification give a complete picture of what is happening with the body.

  • Uzi
  • Markers for hepatitis
  • MRI of the organ
  • Scintigraphy
  • Biopsy of the organ.

Despite the fact that our liver is not an organcapricious - is able to regenerate itself, to abuse this feature is extremely dangerous. If signs of the disease appear, the doctor should be contacted immediately. A variant with a survey every six months or a year is generally ideal. After all, hepatitis is not always easy to calculate: at the beginning of the disease, they disguise themselves under ARI, and the most dangerous and incurable hepatitis C, does not manifest itself for a while.

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