How to calculate a cube?

First of all, to understand how to calculate the areacube, you need to know what kind of figure it is, what features and properties it has. Because knowing what the cube is and what its main components are, the easier it will be to calculate this geometric figure. So, a cube is a regular polyhedron, and each of its faces is a square. The edges of the cube are six. Also, special cases of a cube are: a prism and a parallelepiped, given figures or polyhedra, have other components, that is, the prism combines equal polygons and parallelograms in its faces, and as for a parallelepiped, then there is an explicit parallelogram. Before calculating a cube, we will deal with its properties:

  1. Cross-sections of the cube are hexagons.
  2. The diagonal of a cube is a segment that connects two vertices, and they are in turn symmetric to the center of the cube.
  3. We give the main formulas for solving this figure:
  • Area of ​​the cube - 6a2;
  • The volume is - a3;
  • The radius of the sphere that is inscribed in the cube is 1/2 * a;
  • The radius of the sphere that is described is - the root with 3 divided by 2 and multiplied by "a".

Instructions for calculating the cube

Since the question sounds to us: how to calculate a cube, let's look at the step-by-step instruction on how to calculate this geometric figure:

  1. After we figured out what iscube, what it has features, formulas for calculating its main components, it is necessary to accept calculations. First of all, pay attention to what information you have (the dimensions of the sides, the length of the diagonal), if there is no information, then it should be done quite simply - name any edge of the cube "a". Further in the calculations, start from this letter value.
  2. Next, start spinning your calculations, liketangle of thread. If one edge of the cube is "a", then any other is also "a". Next you need to calculate the area of ​​the face, and the face is the same usual square - the square of the square known to all2. Diagonal cube is also not difficult to measure, withUsing the Pythagorean theorem, which equals "a", multiply by the square root of the two. Remember that roughly speaking a cube, this is a volumetric square, calculating one you will get almost everything.
  3. Now we can proceed to other calculations, for example, the area of ​​the cube, which, as we already mentioned above, is 6a2. That is, knowing the area of ​​one face - we will find the area and the whole cube. Almost the same way, we can find the volume of the cube. Proceeding from the fact that the volume is equal to a3, then all sides are equal to the value of "a", which means that the volume of the cube can not be found easily.

So here is a simple way you learned what actions you need to take to calculate any cube. Try it, experiment!

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