How to arrange a bed?

A good sleep is a guarantee of health andworking capacity. But often after a day full of work, various events, stressful situations, a night's sleep does not give a sense of rest. What can I do to change the situation? How to properly arrange the bed to get enough sleep?

The location of the bedroom and the beds

When choosing a place to rest, you should pay attention tothe location of the bedroom itself. It should not be above the geopathic zones (their presence can be checked by a frame or a pendulum). When choosing a place for a bedroom in your own home, take care that it is not located above the bathroom, toilet, garage, storage room, entrance door. These are places where negative energy accumulates, which has a detrimental effect on health. It is not suitable for the bedroom passage room, where cross flows of energy interfere with rest.

And how to arrange a bed in the bedroom? She should not be in front of the door. Moreover, you can not place it between two doors (room and balcony). In this case, the door should be visible from the bed, but it is undesirable to sleep with your feet to the exit.

Do not put the bed head to the window, and also in the middle of the room - it gives a sense of insecurity. Optimal is the location of the bed diagonally to the door, the headboard to the wall.

Specialists of Feng Shui (science of usespace for the benefit of man) believe that during sleep, head to the east or north. Then the electromagnetic fields of the Earth will have a good effect on the sleepers. And to sleep with your head to the west is generally harmful.


An important role is played by the objects surrounding the bed. Sleepers should not be reflected in the mirror - this leads to reflection and return of negative energy, from which a person is released during sleep. At night, it is better to hang all mirror surfaces (even the TV screen).

Over the bed should not hang over the shelves,lamps, they cause a sense of danger. Negative is the location of the ceiling beams above the bed, especially if they are, as it were, crossing the sleeping bodies. In this case, it is better to make a suspended ceiling.

Indoor plants release active growth energy that interferes with rest, and at night absorb oxygen. It is better to choose slow growing flowers, but they should be few, and you should not put them close to the bed.

Forget about aquariums and fountains in the bedroom, even images of water are not desirable. These symbols of the water element are good for attracting luck, but are completely incompatible with relaxation.

Adults and children

Above were listed general rules of arrangementsleeping place. However, the bedrooms of adults and children have some differences. Adults should choose a room in the western part, with a more relaxed energy. A growing organism needs energy feeding: for a nursery there is a room with a view to the east.

There is a difference in color schemes. Adults are recommended quiet pastel colors, better beige. Children should be painted in colors that fill with energy - yellow, orange, peach. But it is better to choose their muted, non-irritating shades.

Knowing how to properly arrange the bed, you can ensure yourself and your loved ones a full rest.

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