How to apply for a title page?

Doing course work, I want more timeto select the material and study the chosen topic. And I do not want to worry about her design, especially if the instructor did not provide you with recommendations on how to do the work. Split the selected material into chapters, highlight the introduction and conclusion, attach a list of literature - this will not give you much trouble. And here is how correctly to issue the title page? For this, it is necessary to study the basic requirements for the project documentation, which are collected in GOST 21.101.97. This document will tell you how to issue the title page of the essay, how to issue the title page of the course work and the thesis project. We will use them ...

How to start

Any work, whether it's course, diploma, abstract or just a control, are almost identical, have the same number of requisites.

Before you start working with any document, you need to adjust the page settings, set the fields. Indentation of course work should be the following:

  • upper - 2 cm;
  • the bottom - 2 cm;
  • left - 3 cm;
  • right - 1.5 or 2 cm.

Then decide on the font. To type the text of the title page you need the font Times New Roman 14 size, through a single interval.

The page on the title page is not put.

All the requisites of the title page should be placed in the center, only the data of the teacher and the stunette need to be aligned to the right.

Obligatory requisites of the title page

The following requisites should be indicated on the title page of the course work (abstract):

  1. Full name of the educational institution. It is typed completely (without abbreviations and abbreviations) in the upper part of the title page in capital letters.
  2. The name of the department. It is typed under the name of an educational institution through three or four indents.
  3. Name of the academic discipline.
  4. Work theme. Located in the middle of the sheet, at the same distance from the top and bottom edge of the page. For example, an abstract on a topic or a course work on the topic "Modern philosophy." The theme of the work should be allocated on the title page, so it should be highlighted in bold, italic or typed in capital letters.
  5. Data of the student who completed the work (name, course, form of training (evening, correspondence, full-time), name and number of the group).
  6. Data of the teacher checking the work (name, position).
  7. City. It is located at the bottom.
  8. Year of implementation. It is typed on the next line. This is the lowest props on the title page

That's so simple! Now it will not take more than five minutes for you to prepare the title page of the essay or the course work, and the correctness of its design will show the teacher that you took your assignment very seriously.

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