How do I clean my phone?

In the modern world, the phone has become an important thing. As early as 10 years ago, most of us freely managed by home or work telephones and payphones in the streets. It never occurred to us that it could happen that the phone will be needed constantly - 24 hours a day. Today, without a mobile phone, it's impossible to manage for several hours, and that's why we always carry it with us ... we carry it with us and take it in hands thousands of times a day. Which, naturally, leads to the fact that the phone is not only covered with microbes from the bottom to the top, but also, getting dirty, loses its appearance, and even becomes not convenient to use. This is especially true today, when every second person has a smartphone with a huge touch screen.

How to clean the phone: body

To begin with it is necessary to understand the most simpletask - how to clean the phone body. Most modern phones are made of plastic, which is easy to clean with a slightly moistened cotton swab, but this "folk remedy" is completely ineffective against microbes, so it's useless to use it.

On the Internet, many are advised to usealcohol disinfection, however this is a mistake! To clean your mobile phone, use alcohol is NOT EXTREMELY recommended! Alcohol can leave marks on the phone, in case of rapid evaporation, but can cause much more damage - dissolve the paint which the phone is covered with. This is especially dangerous for metal cases, which, as a result of this, can start to rust, or accumulate a static charge, discharging it into the owner's hand. It is much more reasonable to use special wipes to clean the case.

How to clean the phone screen

Most modern phones areusing a touch screen, so it is very important to be careful when cleaning such a screen to avoid unwanted scratches or damage to the display. Most likely, the main contamination will be traces from the hands of the owner - the so-called fingerprints. The paradox is that with the simplicity of the formation of these tracks, it is not always so easy to clean them! I would not recommend the use of ordinary cloth, such as clothes or towels, just like the use of paper napkins - the usual fabric will leave small scratches on the display, and the paper napkin will probably not clear anything, but just leave small paper fibers on the display. To clean the screen, it's best to buy a special microfiber cloth that will easily remove all traces.

How to clean the speaker in your phone

If you are a fan of outdoor activitiesprobably faced with the problem that the phone speaker can easily be filled with sand or some other dirt. In this case, the speaker can be cleaned by gently passing the cotton swab on all possible places of contamination (only VERY carefully). However, it is worth noting that if your speaker is malfunctioning, hissing or wheezing, then it's probably not pollution, but in the dynamics itself, in which case I strongly recommend that you contact the professionals for the diagnosis.

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