How do I access a blocked site?

Most companies control the activitiestheir employees on the Internet. Moreover, it is quite simple to exercise control, it is enough to block access to some sites using a proxy server, and then to monitor the visit of Internet pages. That's why users are wondering about how to access the blocked site? Meanwhile, to bypass this control and open access to blocked sites, you need to circumvent the restriction of the proxy server. And this can be done in several ways.

Search Engine Cache

The simplest and most common way forpage view, is the use of the cache of search engines. To use it, just go to the address of any search engine, and enter the address of the site you need in the search box and press "Enter". After that, you should locate the site in the search results and click on the link "Saved copy", which is located next to the link to it. As a result of these actions, you will see a copy of the page you need, which will be stored in the memory of the search engine. And you can see the information that interests you.


If you do not know how to access a private site, thenfor you a good way is to use a service such as anonymizers. Anonymizer is a website through which a user can anonymously browse any sites, and not be afraid to come across a ban on viewing. In addition, this service does not even leave any traces in the logs about visiting resources. On the Internet, you can find a lot of these services, enough to hammer them into the search engine. Also, some of them may be paid, so you should ask in advance about the terms of the service. After you find the service that suits you, you need to enter the desired site in the special field of the address bar, and the anonymizer in its turn will already load the page, process it, and transfer it to the user, but only on behalf of its server. As a result, having entered the blocked site, you will see the address of the anonymizer in the address bar of the browser. Also, the user can click on various links within the page, while remaining a hidden anonymizer. However, often this service should not be used, since you will have to explain where the traffic has gone, if in addition to this service you did not go anywhere.

If you have an administrator at work except sitesblocked also instant messaging programs, then you can also use anonymizer. To do this, you will first need to use the anonymizer, go to the main ICQ site, and click on the "Web-ICQ" link. As a result, you can easily enter the network and communicate with friends, without installing additional programs on your computer.

Traffic Compression Service

Service similar to anonymizer is serviceto compress traffic. However, in this case, all the information that comes to your PC, primarily passes through a proxy server, there it is compressed, and redirected to you. This method has a negative minus - a long wait for the download of the web resource you need when using the free version.

Opera mini

In order to go to a prohibited site, you canuse the web browser Opera mini. It performs similar operations as traffic compression services, but it is easier to use, and to the same is absolutely free. Using Opera mini it is possible not only to visit blocked sites, but also to significantly save working traffic. But you must have a java-emulator installed on your PC, since Opera mini was originally designed for mobile phones.

Now you know how to go to a prohibited site,and you can get the information you need. But in any case, it should be remembered that, despite the fact that the administrator can not detect your visit on this or that resource, the provider will expose the company account for the used traffic. Therefore, do not often use the above methods, because the administrator can understand everything and from your salary will be deducted all traffic that the administrator will not find.

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