How and what to treat the missing voice - laryngitis?

The question of how to treat a missing voice,quite often occurs during the autumn season, when such a deviation occurs not only among professional speakers, singers, artists, etc., but also among ordinary people who have been exposed to colds.

than to treat the missing voice

In medical practice this pathology is calledlaryngitis. This disease occurs due to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the larynx. It should be specially noted that such a deviation may occur not only as a result of a cold, flu or some other viral infection. After all, as practice shows, a person can become hoarse because of the usual overstrain of the vocal cords. So than to treat a missing voice? We will talk about this a little later.

Preventive measures

If you feel that your voice startschange, and sometimes even have to whisper at all, then you should take all the necessary measures so that later laryngitis does not completely capture you. Especially it concerns those cases when, due to their professional activities, any person is urgently required to appear in public.

Minor loss of voice: how to treat the initial stage of laryngitis?

To do this, you must follow the following rules:lost voice how to treat laryngitis

  • Sit alone, and preferably two days at home, especially if the street frost or slush.
  • Try to keep silent and do not tear your vocal cords again.
  • Wrap your neck with a thick woolen scarf. By the way, you can not only walk in the day, but even sleep at night.
  • Avoid smoking and water procedures for the period of illness.
  • Drink a glass of warm milk with the addition of honey.
  • Do not use too sharp, cold or hot food, as well as drinks.

Folk remedies

On how to treat the missing voice, folkmedicine knows pretty well. After all, it is by non-traditional methods that a huge number of people every year in the autumn-winter period get rid of this disease.

To treat such a disease it is often recommendeddo inhalation procedures. For this, you can use special medical devices (nebulizers), and a conventional pan with a rug. Medicinal plants (chamomile, sage, oregano, etc.), oils (eucalyptus, tea tree oil, fir, etc.), as well as traditional garlic, boiled potatoes, etc., can be used as a remedy for such activities.

loss of voice how to treat

Medication Therapy

A solemn event is coming, at which youit is necessary to speak. But what to do if you have lost your voice? How to treat laryngitis quickly and effectively, you will be prompted only by traditional medicine. To do this, it is recommended to rinse your throat every hour with antiseptic solutions of "Furacilin" or "Givalex". Also, this therapy can be combined with the use of various sprays or absorbable lozenges, which are sold in any modern pharmacy. In addition, to quickly restore the voice, doctors are advised to use antihistamines (for example, "Loratadit", "Erius" or "Citrine") or homeopathic remedies (for example, "Homeox").

Now you know what to treat the missing voice. Use for this medicine or folk remedies - it's up to you.

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