Horoscope for March 2018


Horoscope for March 2018

This sign is lucky, like no other. March will be particularly successful for those Aries who are engaged in trade or is a freelancer. Other representatives of this sign will also smile fortune. They will be able to save money and buy an apartment, if, of course, they do not spend their money on spit. In the second half of the month there will be some tension at work. During this period, it is necessary to restrain your anger in order not to completely quarrel with the team. Hold your tongue out of work. Difficult moments in family relationships may come. Avoid collapse in your personal life will only help your restraint.


Horoscope for March 2018

For Taurus, the beginning of March will be a time of peace. They can relax and not think about anything. Life troubles will leave the representatives of this sign. However, in the middle of the month a stable and peaceful life will end. During this period, difficulties may arise that will require a lot of strength and patience from Taurus. They will have to learn to be cunning and quirky.The stars will come to the aid of this sign, and they will be able, going ahead, to overcome all the difficulties in their path. Successful overcoming of problems will depend on the endurance of Taurus. Family support will also play a role. With regard to health, you need to be attentive to those who suffer from chronic diseases. The threat is banal cold, so, despite the onset of heat, you should not quickly give up the cap and scarf.


Horoscope for March 2018

The planet Mercury will have a beneficial effect on the representatives of this sign. They will carry in business and in all that is connected with jurisprudence. Gemini will easily be given and all sorts of beginnings. Their plans can be easily realized. They can safely enter into contracts, negotiate and enter into contracts. With work colleagues will develop an even relationship. Some of them will even help get rid of the routine performance of official duties. As for amorous affairs, then this sign is not lucky. The position of Venus will affect the romantic relationship. Gemini fans can disappear overnight. True, the self-esteem of representatives of this sign will not decrease.At the same time, some moments of their behavior will have to be corrected.


Horoscope for March 2018

Cancers will be lucky as ever. Our companion will provide them a comfortable life, success in their personal lives and excellent health. Especially lucky representatives of the sign, who are engaged in creativity or communicate with people. At work, everything will go like clockwork. It is possible that you will be promoted and given a bonus. Try not to spend the received money on useless things. Better to invest them in any large-scale project. In personal terms, Cancers will also be carried. Your declaration of love will be welcomed. There is even a chance to conclude an alliance with his chosen one. Family Cancers can count on the replenishment of the family.

a lion

Horoscope for March 2018

The sun and Neptune will provide stability to this sign in March. There will be no destructive moments in their lives. Lions can start a business without fear of consequences. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that for business you should not borrow money from outsiders. You need to rely only on yourself. As partners, you should also take only verified persons.Do not involve in the new business and their relatives. It will not lead to anything good. As for health, the Lions will not have problems with it. Do not try to repair something yourself. Better to trust a specialist.


Horoscope for March 2018

This sign is expected contrasts. All the fault will be Mercury. In the first half of March, it is necessary to have time to do the most important things: complete the previously started project, conduct the necessary negotiations, conclude contracts, and report on the work done. Devote the middle of the month to current problems. The fact is that during this period, the influence of the moon is not the best way to affect Dev. They will become scattered and uncollected. On the personal plane, on the contrary, everything will turn out to be as good as possible. With regard to health, then we should not neglect the influence of the moon. She can dull the sanity of this sign. For example, returning very late home, it makes sense to order a taxi, rather than go independently through the deserted city.


Horoscope for March 2018 on the signs of the zodiac

Due to the influence of Saturn, this sign should not count on positive moments in March. Nevertheless, other planets will reduce the detrimental effect of the first celestial body and Libra will remain in a neutral position, that is, there will be neither a rise nor a fall at work.Speaking of colleagues, it should be noted that there are those who try to hinder your career growth. Although, there will be employees who will be on your side and protect you. In family terms, Libra will be all right, if you do not begin to transfer problems to work in the house. Regarding the health of this sign can not worry. Although, if you have a long road, it is better to use public transport.


Horoscope for March 2018 on the signs of the zodiac

For the Scorpions there will be difficult times. It will take a lot of strength to overcome all the problems encountered. As for the romantic relationship, then here, not everything will be happy. Venus will complicate interpersonal relationships. The problems of a not very sociable Scorpion will only get worse. In a love relationship, you can only rely on old friends who know the complexity of the character of this sign. At the same time, Scorpios can get lucky in financial matters. March will be lucky for them, and they will be able to earn good money. You should not spend the proceeds on gambling.


Horoscope for March 2018 on the signs of the zodiac

Sagittarius in March can relax. Everything that has been done before will produce results. The authorities did not immediately celebrate your success.However, this is not a reason to get upset. If you are more persistent and decisive, your efforts will not pass by the attention of your leadership. Over time, you will get what you deserve and will definitely climb the career ladder. In March, there may be problems with children. You must find a common language with your child. Otherwise, it closes and you finally lose contact with your children. This can take advantage of strangers.


Horoscope for March 2018 on the signs of the zodiac

For Capricorn March will be very successful. You can not only achieve success in all areas, but also improve your health. In the love plan also everything goes as well as possible. Such luck can cause envy of competitors. They will try to discredit you in the eyes of the leadership. Don't worry about that. The authorities will notice your contribution to the development of the company and will certainly compensate for this in monetary terms. In family terms, everything will be fine. Nevertheless, Capricorns alone cannot find a mate. March is fraught with difficulties in relations with relatives.


Horoscope for March 2018 on the signs of the zodiac

For Aquarius, there will be an incomprehensible period in their lives. At first, this sign will be carried, but as soon as its representatives try to relax, they will be given a lot of unpleasant surprises in their lives, which they will have to decide in an emergency mode.In March, one should not waste energy, but concentrate on the main thing. Assistant in all the problems will be the family. Lonely Aquarius have a chance to get acquainted with the opposite sex. This relationship can grow into something serious. You should not look better than you are. Anyone who wishes to be with you will accept you all.


Horoscope for March 2018 on the signs of the zodiac

For representatives of this sign the moment of truth will come. Professionally, you need to finally decide what you want to achieve. If you are planning to grow up the career ladder, then it is worth signing up for some courses and raising your qualifications. In family terms, it is also worth deciding. Fate gives you the last chance to find the other half. If you do not take advantage of this opportunity, you will face a strong depression. With regard to health, it can worsen chronic diseases. Do not neglect the timely help of doctors.

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