Horoscope 2018 for Lviv

Every year a new guest comes to us from the eastern calendar. In 2018, we meet a friendly Yellow Earth Dog. Astrologers confirm that this benevolent animal cannot bring us anything bad. A dog is a faithful and reliable creature, so it will never let you down. Let's try to understand this in more detail.


Horoscope for 2018

The owner of the year prepares a difficult period for the representatives of this sign in the first months. The beginning of the year will be fussy and exciting, but as it turns out later - the experience is in vain. The causes of the troubles will be so insignificant that at the end of the year, remembering them, you will only smile.

  • In February and March you will be met again by a cloudless life. At this time, one should expect incredible prospects, both in professional activities and in personal life. Do not try to cover the immense. It is better to focus on one direction.
  • In May and summer clouds will thicken over Leo again, the first signs of problems will appear. Moreover, it will be very difficult for representatives of the sign to understand the essence and causes of difficulties, and all the more so to find a way out of this situation.
  • In July, astrologers strongly recommend taking a short break. It is better to take a vacation and recharge somewhere in nature. Moreover, August may mark itself with new upheavals in the professional sphere. During this period, you will need to be on guard literally every minute. You should not panic, go about your business and do not give in to provocations. Try not to do bad things.
  • In September, Lviv may be subjected to merciless criticism. Try not to react to it and show a negative reaction.
  • In October, truly your time will begin. You can roll up your sleeves and work, work to achieve your goal. Until the end of the year, nothing will bother you. Create for your own pleasure and accomplish everything you dreamed of.

Horoscope 2018. Leo

If you show diligence, a flexible approach to solving problems, you will succeed. You will move up the career ladder easily to the very top. Creative problem solving will make you noticeable with the authorities. In the most tense moments, try to keep your mind cool and do not give in to insults. Some colleagues from among colleagues will try to insert a stick in the wheel. Be careful about expressions.Astrologers do not advise in 2018 Lions to take a loan or lend. The stars are located so that if you act differently, you will inevitably overtake big financial problems.

With a lack of funds, it is better to look for a new source of income. Try not to waste money and, if necessary, save a little.

2018 is good for starting a business or looking for a new job. If you do this, you have a chance to become rich. At the beginning of the year, you can safely make large purchases or help relatives. At the same time, one should not invest in questionable projects.

Now let's see what the patroness of the year is preparing for Lions, depending on gender.

Prediction for Lviv: man

2018 will require representatives of this sign of lightning-fast reaction in solving both financial problems and professional issues. Intuition should be for them the main tool to have time to do everything on time. Do not wait for an opportune moment, react immediately and decide questions as you see fit. When business is not set, it is better to look at it from the other side and change tactics.

Year of the Dog will also be important in terms of image.Leo must be very careful about his appearance. From the impression that he makes, depend on the results of negotiations and career. A man-lion in all matters should be guided by his prudence.

Prediction for Lviv: woman

Ladies of this sign in all their affairs should be guided by their inner voice. Their intuition is able to make the Lioness true successful ladies. Throughout the year, a female Leo may face problems in personal terms. Thanks to self-control and composure, she successfully overcomes all problems.

Horoscope 2018. Leo

In 2018, you need to beware of unnecessary words and rash actions. We can not allow them to cause someone harm. Otherwise, you can be in the circle of enemies. Very well, if a female Leo will keep secrets and be cunning. It is better to seem simple and uncomplaining.

This year will be successful for creative and inventive people. Show creativity and success in all your business.

Love horoscope

The representatives of the weaker sex will be able to successfully impress men. It is possible that unmarried Lionesses will find the elect and will go under the crown in 2017.Romance is not excluded during the holidays or on holiday holidays.

Family Lions will most quickly change their love priorities. The mistress of the year does not advise too much to get involved in fleeting relationships. This can lead to conflicts in the family. Frequently discuss in the family circle the desires of partners, and do not rely on the understanding of loved ones.

Prediction from leading astrologers of Russia

Vasilisa Volodina

This year almost all the Lions will become active and successful. Representatives of this sign will show themselves as true smoothies. For this reason, there is a high probability of divorce. Information about treason Lions may appear in the spring. Such a turn may lead to a change of job and place of residence.

Difficulties in family life will not affect the success of Lviv. A new personal life can, on the contrary, spur this sign to new challenges in order to prove to a partner the correctness of his choice.

A representative of Lviv, who have more stable moral principles, is recommended to rest more with his family.

Pavel Globa

Lviv is distinguished by unpredictability and creativity, so they are always head and shoulders above competitors. Things they have will go on increasing direct.2018 will be successful for profitable transactions and contracts, especially with foreign partners. Frequent trips abroad are not excluded.

The best time to start a business is spring. There will be a problem to find partners who are ready to work initially for the idea.

You need to act quickly to keep up with competitors. Prompt, and perhaps rash actions will lead to quick results.

At the beginning of the year there will be significant expenses that will be appropriate, since they will be used to develop the business. The result is not long in coming. Profit will be noticeable by the end of the year.

2018 is dangerous in terms of various adventures. It is better not to be tempted and to work calmly in the usual way. In the autumn you can wait for an expensive gift, as a sign of gratitude from the cooperation.

As for health, it will not cause inconvenience for Lions. At the same time, one should not ignore the state of the organism and rest more often.

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