Drops for the eyes from redness - the cost and effectiveness. Home remedies for removing red eyes.

There are many causes of reddening of the eyes. First of all, these are various infectious diseases, irritation of the mucous membrane as a result of the aggressive action of the external environment, allergic reactions, foreign body entry. Noticeable reddening of the sclera is formed as a result of injuries, excessive physical exertion or strong cough, violation of the rules when wearing contact lenses.

The effect of redness arises from the expansionsuperficial blood vessels and can be eliminated quickly enough. The most popular drops for the eyes from redness are "Vizin". The drug provides an immediate effect, which lasts up to eight hours. However, it is undesirable to use it for more than four days in a row. Indications for use: catarrhal conjunctivitis, irritation of the mucosa and allergic eye diseases.

In some cases, "Vizin" can be used as a drop for the eyes from redness caused by external stimuli and fatigue. The cost of the drug in the pharmacy network is from 200 rubles.

If the redness of the sclera is caused by being in thesmoky room, foreign body, long work at the computer, lack of sleep, it is necessary to eliminate the causes of irritation and give the eyes a good rest. It is not bad to use for this purpose a cooling gel mask.

If you stay behind the monitor - this is your mainwork, try to take breaks at least every two hours. Just sit for a few minutes with your eyes closed, blink. Cope with the discomfort will help "artificial tear", moisturizing the cornea. The price of this drug does not exceed 230 rubles.

The cause of redness can be elementaryallergy to cosmetic products (creams, mascara, shadows). Often in such cases, redness is accompanied by itching and discharge. If there is a suspicion of an allergy, it's better not to use any makeup for a while. And do not rush to use drops for the eyes from redness and itching. In this case, washing with decoction of chamomile or cornflower, compresses from green tea is quite effective.

Get rid of the redness of the eyes accompanyinginfectious diseases are much more complicated. Household means in this case can not do, and the consultation of an ophthalmologist will not be superfluous. Here are the characteristics of the most popular drugs and their cost in Russian pharmacies.

Drops for eyes from redness "Ophthalmoferon"are indicated for allergic and adenoviral conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, uveitis and herpetic keratouveitis. Contraindications to the use of "Ophthalmoferon" - intraocular pressure, glaucoma, hypersensitivity. Side effects - a burning sensation in the eyes, reactive hyperemia (increased blood flow after its temporary restriction). Over-the-counter drops for the eyes from the redness "Ophthalmoferon" are produced in Russia. The average price varies from 220 to 300 rubles, depending on the region.

Another preparation of the domestic manufacturer"Sulfacil sodium" - drops for the eyes from the redness of the sclera and eyelids caused by bacterial infections. Due to high efficiency and low price (10 ml bottle costs about 20 rubles), drops are very popular. "Sulfacil" does not relieve redness, as it does "Vizin", but eliminates the cause of its appearance. Despite the fact that the drug is sold in pharmacies without a prescription, apply it better after consulting a doctor. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to find out which microorganisms were the cause of the disease. In the event that during the application of the drug there is a burning sensation, and redness increases, it is recommended to reduce the concentration.

Another Russian drug "Albucid" has a similar effect. It is also very inexpensive, about 20-30 rubles.

Those who prefer medications importedproduction, it is worth paying attention to eye drops from the fatigue and redness of Japan's production. Vitaminized drops "Sante FX Neo" and their analogues improve vision, eliminate redness, regulate intraocular pressure. The price of preparations starts from 1500 rubles.

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