Heating systems for garden

Картинки по запросу Системы отопления для дачи

The scheme of the heating system for giving should be very well thought out.

For the owner of a country house living in it all year round, heating a country cottage is an important issue. And, then, the choice of the heating system for giving should be approached responsibly.

When choosing an autonomous heating of a country house, first of all, it is necessary to determine the most advantageous fuel option for this system. If there is a highway with "blue fuel", they prefer gas heating. If the holiday village is not gasified, then the choice is usually made in favor of installing a solid fuel heating boiler or installing an electrical heating system for the dacha.

Картинки по запросу Системы отопления для дачи

Laying the design of heat points is still at the design stage of the country house. But if it was not originally planned to live year-round in a country house, and later circumstances have changed, it is not difficult to carry out a house heating system with your own hands in an already built house.

Considered the most economical gas heating.But it is not enough just to get a boiler and believe that problems are solved. It is also necessary to choose the right coolant. The heat carrier is usually water. However, if often there are interruptions in the water supply in the holiday village, then it is better to pour antifreeze into the heating system.

Economical options are electric boilers. These heating units are easy to operate, and small-sized. An additional advantage of these devices is the presence of a temperature limiter.

If the selected heating system for the dacha provides for the installation of a solid fuel boiler, so as not to freeze in the winter, you will have to stock up on coal and firewood for the dacha heating.

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