Hair color in 2019: fashion trends at different lengths

It is less and less possible to meet a girl who would be 100% satisfied with her natural hair color and would never try to repaint. Stylish experiments know no bounds. Some women are limited to only modest coloring, while others drastically change hair color once a year, or even half a year. In this hobby there are only two rules.

First, we must not forget about the health of the hair: it is necessary to use only high-quality gentle paint, and use strictly according to the instructions. This is especially important for those who are going to get a beautiful blond - you should not joke with lightening agents. Secondly, you should like it! And if the secret of your happiness are frequent trips to the colorist, then do not stop in any case.

Fashionable beauty industry is going to meet girls who can not live with a natural color. By the way, according to statistics, representatives of the summer color type do not tolerate themselves the most.These are women with fair skin, blue or gray eyes, and light or medium blond hair.

If you are already completely tired of your appearance, then choose fashionable hair colors in 2019 - these are the most trendy shades created by stylists of the best beauty brands in the world. Choose your ideal tone and change, reveal your beautiful sides - because the hair color adorns not only externally, but also reveals your personality.

We strongly recommend that you entrust the hair to experienced masters working with professional cosmetics. It is not forbidden to paint at home with your own paint from a store, but only if you completely trust the brand, or are mentally prepared for an unexpected result. Not all manufacturers can boast a coincidence of tone on the package and on the hair after dyeing. In addition, a lot depends on the source color and the state of your curls.

Now that all the warnings have been expressed, we proceed to the most interesting - the choice of fashionable hair color.

Rose Gold Tint

photo of fashionable hair colors

This trendy color rather belongs to the category of extraordinary shades for hair than to the classic.However, it is impossible not to appreciate the beauty of the precious tints of this tone, even if you do not like color coloring. Depending on the intensity of one of the pigments, this shade may be more pink, or, conversely, golden, closer to a warm blond, only with a light pinkish veil.

Owners of dark blond hair can focus on gold, to slightly brighten the strands and emphasize the natural tone. Pastel pink highlights will go to both bright blondes and dark brown-haired women. For brunettes, “pinkgold” is too light, and you can’t do without malicious hard brightening.

It is possible to completely dye your hair with a pink and gold tone, or you can leave a few centimeters of unstained roots. This will allow less often to tint growing length, thereby saving money and maintaining healthy hair. Just remember that this option is more relevant in the spring and summer, especially on short hair.

Sweet shades of honey

hair color trends in 2019

Admit that at least once in your life you admired the color of acacia or linden honey, considering the jar to the light. Or looked at a thick golden brown hue, pouring buckwheat honey into a bowl.Remember these gorgeous matte colors, because each of them is a real fashion hit.

To dye hair in the technique of balayazh, using several colors of honey flowers, you need, perhaps, every blonde and brown-haired woman! Small strands will be incredibly beautiful to play in the sun. These sweet highlights should be recreated on your hair in the warm season of 2019, so as not to hide the beauty under a hat in the fall or winter.

"Honey color" is suitable for girls who have a lot of yellow pigment in their hair. This monster, nullifying a cold blond, will not prevent you from enjoying the status of a blonde if you choose a shade of honey: the yellowness will disappear in a flash under a warm glow.

Inspired by fragrant cinnamon

fashionable hair colors for women

In 2019th the hair color should be quite pronounced and saturated. The noble red-brown tone of spicy cinnamon is one of those. This is a deep, monumental color that attracts a lot of attention.

The advantage of the correct cinnamon tone is the chameleon effect: in the room it looks like chestnut, and the sun literally explodes with almost ruby ​​flashes. Brunettes will especially appreciate this color, because in order to try it on, it is not necessary to lighten up.Well, or just a little, without injuring any hair.

the most fashionable hair color in 2019

Do not confuse the shade of cinnamon with chocolate. The second will always be more dull and darker, leaving a black-brown undertone. Cinnamon also plays a reddish spark, and sometimes even a light redhead.

You can start with a cinnamon shade for women of fashion who would like to have red or red hair, but do not risk repainting in bright colors immediately, without hesitation. A red-brown tone will help you see yourself in a new role, get used to it and decide whether to go further. Be prepared for a negative decision, because not to fall in love with the tone of cinnamon is simply impossible!

Red, red - the most fashionable

what hair color is fashionable

We are used to the fact that in a trend usually shades of blond, dark brown colors ... It seems that the red color simply bypasses all fashion trends. This year, everything will change, and in the order of actual colors, finally, will stand red in all its glory. It is noteworthy that this applies to both hot bronze shades and cold red tone, which looks great on medium hair.

This “northern” color has a tender frosted shine and seems slightly faded. This only adds to his charm.The rich colors of copper, almost orange, a popular titian - they all make passers-by turn to you and freeze in admiration. Nothing can show your rebellious character better than bright red hair.

trendy dark hair color

When dyeing in red, be vigilant. This is a very "caustic" color, especially if applied to bleached or naturally blond hair. Go through time in another shade, most likely, will not work. Even in black, after a month or two, ugly redness will come out. Getting out of a redhead into a pure blond is generally fantastic.

So, before you decide on a fashionable bronze paint, think twice. But if red is really your color - you will never regret your choice.

Chill silver blond

Coloring hair in 2019 photo fashion color

One of the most cherished shades of blond hair - snow-white (platinum) blond, with light silver tints, will do well for long hair. To achieve it is difficult, but even more difficult - to keep on the hair. The first difficulty is that it is not enough just to lighten the hair; you need to go through with tinting paint.

You will be surprised if you find out that this paint is not white at all, but ash-gray or blue.And if you perederzhat it on the hair at least a minute, instead of blond will get a blue or gray-blue color. As you understand, you can get high-quality silver white only in salon conditions. The second problem is our hair. Most people have a lot of natural yellow pigment in their hair, which will “crawl out” almost a couple of days after bleaching.

hair coloring in 2019

You can fight it with brightening blue shampoos, but the more pigment in your hair, the weaker the effect. Yes, it is already possible to envy the owners of the cold tone of hair - they have less of this ill-fated pigment, and the snow-white color on the hair is held like a glove.

If you are ready for a war with yellow, decide on this amazing silver color. After all, the title of "bright blonde" can be obtained only in this tone.

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