Growing cucumbers on the balcony. Great idea for everyone!

What could be better than their own vegetables, torn off immediately to the table! It turns out that this is possible not only in the country, but also in the city. Try growing cucumbers on the balcony. If you use special balcony hybrids, the process will be not only fascinating, but also simple.

If you do not have the opportunity to grow cucumbers in the open field, and you live in a normal city apartment, then you can easily grow cucumbers on the balcony. In such a case, planting seeds and caring for a plant is not easy, but you can also try to get your own fresh vegetables.

How to choose varieties of cucumbers for the balcony

The most important thing is to choose the right cucumber varieties for the balcony. They should be NOT bee-pollinated, but partocapic, such that the ovaries of cucumbers appear on them without pollination by bees. Carefully read what the manufacturers write on the back of a bag of cucumber seeds.If it is said that a variety or hybrid of cucumbers is suitable for growing on a balcony, shade-tolerant, compact fruits, vines have short internodes, the variety does not require pollination (parthenocarpic), then you can safely take them.

Now cucumbers on the balcony varieties and hybrids appeared in large quantities. We advise you to look at compact hybrids:F1 City Gherkin,F1 Balcony,F1 Balagan,F1 Berendey, F1 Courage, F1 Manul.

Growing cucumbers on the balcony step by step

Step 1.

The first thing you need to prepare containers for plants. Usually vegetable growers use wooden crates or large pans. But this is not entirely reasonable, since there are already few places on the balcony. In order to save space, you can take some small plastic dishes. Moreover, it is desirable that this capacity was dark in color and did not have the ability to transmit sunlight.

Step 2.

After the tank has been prepared, it must be filled with soil, which includes fertile land, peat and river sand. Moreover, the land in this composition should be about 50 percent, and sand and peat - 25. Each should also add some wood ash.You can immediately prepare a whole bucket of such a composition, and then distribute it in plastic bottles and slightly condense.

Step 3.

Before planting, warm the seeds, hold them for 20 minutes in the water in which the potassium permanganate is dissolved, and then rinse with plain water. Then the seeds should swell. To do this, they are left in water for about 12 hours. After swelling, they need to be put in a wet cloth and wait for the appearance of white shoots. In order for the fabric to always remain wet, it is necessary to sprinkle water on it in a timely manner. The optimum temperature for storing seeds is slightly above 20 degrees.

Step 4.

Planting cucumbers on the balcony - after the seeds with germinated white sprouts are in the soil, you will need to wait a couple of weeks until the first shoots emerge. For watering you need to use only warm water (not hot and not cold). Water at room temperature is fine. The earth should always remain wet, but it should not be overwetted. It is better to water a little every day than to do it every few days and use a large amount of water each time.

How to tie cucumbers on the balcony.

When 5 leaves appear on the cucumber lianas, the plant without support will be hard, they may break. Therefore, cucumber lash need to tie up. Already during this period, it is possible to put a trellis for indoor climbing plants in each container. And when 6 - 8 leaves of vines appear, you need to tie them up with ropes.

Ropes for tying cucumbers on the balcony are fixed at a height of 2.5 m (this is above the raised hand). Ropes can be attached to holders for clothesline. The end of the rope, about 1.5 meters, leave free, it will be needed to tie up the vines, when they grow up. To properly tie up the cucumbers, simply encircle the cucumber creepers around the stretched ropes and strengthen them with a weak eyelet.

How to care for cucumbers on the balcony

It should be remembered that cucumbers on the balcony can, above all, be affected by the sun's rays. Therefore, in the heat they need to be protected from the sun.

In order to increase the level of humidity near the "pots" you can put a bucket of water. Soil needs to be covered with mulch, so that the moisture does not evaporate longer, and the leaves are sometimes sprayed with water. These measures will allow the balcony cucumbers to relive hot weather.

As soon as the cucumber creepers grow above the place of the garter, you can lower them a little, untie the ropes from the support, and tie them up to a new length. It is not necessary to pinch the balcony hybrids, but if they grow strongly, you can pinch in the phase of 10-12 leaves.

In early August, it is necessary to wrap containers with insulation so that the roots of the plants are not supercooled. In August, the difference between day and night temperatures is already quite substantial and the roots need to be protected. For insulation, you can use burlap or spunbond density of 60 g / m2.

After the cucumbers cease to bear fruit (the cucumber development cycle is about 90 days), they can be cut and the rhizome can be dug out.

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