Grog is what? How to cook Grog at home?

Autumn has passed for the half, and time has comemulled wine, punch and grog. Nothing so invigorates a gray foggy morning, does not warm a frosty day, does not drive out the so-starting cold, like a cup of hot and fragrant drink. A pharynx - and alcohol is poured through the veins with a warm wave, giving a feeling of coziness.

Grog this

In fact, the grog and punch are lateheirs of mulled wine. Even the ancient Romans, who conquered the province of Britannica, learned to warm up the wine and add various spices to it. This drink very much fell in love with the Germanic tribes and was given the German name "mulled wine". Well, later the wine was replaced by stronger alcohol. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare grog at home. Make this drink is very simple, the process does not take much time. But grog (if it is used within reasonable limits) is very useful. It strengthens the immune system, invigorates, improves mood, raises the general tone.

A bit of history

Grog is a drink consisting of a strongalcohol and water. In the classical version, rum served as the basis. Why would anyone need to dilute this pirate drink with water? The fact is that until July 1970, rum was a daily ration of a British sailor. It was believed that the use of this type of alcohol is a prophylaxis of scurvy. But in the eighteenth century the ration ration was serious: two hundred and forty milliliters of eighty-degree alcohol. It is not surprising that after him the sailors were drawn to various feats: to raise a riot on a ship or to board a ship. Admiral Edward Vernon decided to put an end to the unrestrained drunkenness. Sailors behind the eyes called it "Old Grog" (this means "old cloak"). It can not be said that the sea wolves were delighted with the resulting drink. Especially since the admiral diluted the rum substantially: he added four times more water than alcohol. But the English appreciated this drink. It was just necessary to heat the water.Grog recipe at home

Grog Classic

Later the drink acquired many variations. Prepare it on the basis of hot tea or even wine. Rum is sometimes replaced with vodka, cognac, whiskey and even absinthe. As flavoring and flavoring additives use lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pepper, ginger. As the British drink tea with milk, a recipe for Grog with cream was soon created. But let's first look at the classics. Initially, the grog is a low alcohol drink with a strength of 15-20 degrees. To cook it at home, put a small saucepan on fire, pouring in there four hundred milliliters of water. When she boils, we remove the dishes from the stove. Let's squeeze two lemons into the water, pour a glass of dark rum into a thin trickle (the Baccardi and Jamaican varieties are best for the grog). Let's sweeten the drink to the taste of cane sugar.Grog Classic

Tea grog: recipe at home

It will be optimal to use English Brackfestor any other black grades. Some fashionable modern recipes use green tea, as well as rooibos, mate, and senchu. The main thing is not to regret tea leaves. We put the kettle on the stove. Bring the water to a boil. In a three-dimensional porcelain teapot, fill in four teaspoons of dry tea, 2 tablespoons. l. brown sugar, four cinnamon sticks, fifteen stuffed carnations. Let's put this in four hundred milliliters of steep boiling water. Let's brew. Grog is a warming drink. Therefore, it should be served in ceramic mugs or in thick-walled glass glasses. So the drink will not cool down too quickly. First, we pour into the mug fifty milliliters of rum. Dilute it twice as much tea. Put a slice of lemon in a mug and serve.

Lady's Grog

In this recipe we replace rum with more sparingalcohol. It can be one hundred milliliters of liqueur or 50 ml of cognac and cherry (currant) syrup. A spoonful of black tea with a grated orange peel is brewed with an incomplete glass of boiling water. In the saucepan add two nails, a cinnamon stick, a baddie star, a pinch of vanillin and ground nutmeg. Fill with cognac with syrup (or liqueur). We filter into a saucepan and tea brew. We put the dishes on a very small fire and warm up - but do not boil. After that we give five more minutes to stand under the lid. In the cup, lay out slices or circles of lemon. We pour out the drink.Grog recipe with rum

Helgoland Grog

In this recipe, we add very little water (fortymilliliters), and a dark rum is combined with red wine. As a result, we will get a very strong grog. The recipe at home prescribes first to heat up alcohol. Sixty milliliters of wine is needed to take 40 ml of rum. Dilute alcohol with water. Put on a slow fire, but, like a good coffee, save from boiling. You can warm the alcohol mixture in a water bath. In a glass with a thick bottom, pour the burnt sugar. We pour hot grog. The edge of the glass is adorned with a mug of lemon or orange. We will serve a hot alcoholic cocktail with straws. This drink can be varied with liquid honey, maple syrup, a mixture of spices, which are usually added to mulled wine.How to cook grog at home

"Hot Buttered Room"

And you can cook and original viscous andthick grog. Recipe with rum, which can be replaced with quality brandy. First, we take out the butter from the freezer and quickly rub a small amount of it with large chips. In a glass we will put two slices of sugar, we will add fifty milliliters of dark rum. We will pour a glass on three-fourths with boiling water. On top, we place flakes of butter. All the contents are lightly mixed with a thin spoon.Apple grog

"Hot Henry"

We will heat in a saucepan one hundred and twenty fivemilliliters of water. We dissolve in it the same amount of honey. Spices (six cloves and peas of black pepper, a vanilla pod and a half of grated nutmeg) in a mortar in a mortar and add to the liquid. We cook about a quarter of an hour. We'll take off, let's cool down a little. About two hundred and fifty milliliters of vodka. Let's dip the cut peel of lemon into a saucepan and cover it. Let's brew the grog for five minutes. Then strain the drink into glasses through a strainer.

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