Tile "Golden Mandarin": installation steps

April 10, 2018
A private house

Creating a walkway or platform using concrete paving stones "Golden Mandarin", it is important to comply with the technology of laying, then its durability will be ensured. Also remember that doing work on the surface of a concrete base is more difficult, as it quickly sets. An error during installation will be much more difficult to correct, as well as dismantling if necessary.

Preparatory work

Despite the quality of the tile, it is important not only to lay it, but to carry out a number of preparatory work. So your path or platform will be created exactly in the place where you assumed, and correspond to the idea in size. And the beauty of the surface for which the Golden Mandarin tile is used is guaranteed.

Tile "Golden Mandarin": installation steps

Moreover, thanks to a wide range, variety of shapes and colors, it will allow you to implement an individual solution on your site that will decorate it.

It is important not only to think about exactly where your path will be, but also to transfer the idea to the surface.To create a markup, metal or wooden pegs are suitable, which are driven into the ground at regular intervals. The distance should be such that the landmark attached to them (rope, ribbon, wire) exactly follows the shape, size and trajectory of the future path.

If it is straight, then the peg can be four, for a longer version in the middle, on both sides they reinforce several more. Particular attention is paid to the turns: there the distance must be such that the intended shape is exactly repeated. From the accuracy of the work performed will depend on the final result.

Also do not forget that it is important to create a small slope for the flow of water. Usually for a square meter it is enough several degrees: as a rule, no more than three. If blind is done, five is allowed. When the slope of the territory is greater, it is necessary to level the surface so that it is convenient to move along the path.

After marking, remove the soil, based on the calculation that the usual layer height is about forty centimeters, and the surface of the track itself will be elevated above ground level. Next, you need to create a drainage system, the slope of which will be approximately twenty-five centimeters. After doing all the work, do not forget to check the slope of the track.


In most tracks there is a curb and, as a rule, it performs not only a decorative function. Since the track construction consists of several layers and by itself weighs a lot, the curb will hold the layers in the correct position and even perform the role of formwork. If it is not installed, the formwork will still be needed, only then it will need to be removed. So you spend more time and money.

To install the curb, you need to create a trench, but it will be located slightly below the first. Rubble is poured into it and tamped down, then blocks are installed on the solution. This design will freeze for twenty-four hours. Then you should check it: if the solution is dry, you can create a track, that is, its main part.

The base of the track

The bottom layer will be rubble, which is covered with a layer of twenty centimeters. It is also compacted carefully. Next, the path, which will be a large load, create using a frame made of reinforcement, it is enough to take rods of a width of ten or twelve centimeters.

Плитка «Золотой мандарин»: этапы монтажа

If the load is small, as for a garden path, a chain-link mesh is sufficient.And for a narrow or near-house version, reinforcement may not be used.

Concrete lay out a layer of about ten centimeters. A thicker layer, twenty centimeters, is needed for the site under the car. The brand of concrete is chosen one hundred or two hundred, taking into account the fact that it affects the rate of hardening of the mortar. But as the brand increases, so does the cost of the material, so look for the optimal solution.


On a concrete base tile is laid, as well as tile. There is also the option of laying on a dry mortar or special glue, but glue is usually for a small amount of tile. The solution is more economical, it is important only to clean it from impurities and rubble - that is, sift.

Плитка «Золотой мандарин»: этапы монтажа

Provided that the dock will have a complex shape, the tile is initially customized in a dry form: the track is formed completely and numbered, and then the laying work begins. Conveniently, this manufacturer produces tiles of various shapes, and this will allow you to choose a material that needs minimal trimming.

After the solution has dried, fill the gap as usual with dry sand.

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