Gifts to her husband for the new 2018 year

The husband is the most important representative of the stronger sex for any woman. Gifts for her husband for the New Year 2018 - is a way to express your feelings, to emphasize the value of mutual love and respect. Every caring wife is worried about the question: What should she give her husband for the New 2018? How to surprise a loved one? A variety of unusual gift options for men are presented in the following lines.

Husband Gift Ideas for the New 2018

The main gift ideas for her husband for the New 2018 are:

  • Alcohol, cigars and accessories;
  • Gifts that are associated with hobbies;
  • Presents that are associated with work;
  • Gifts-jokes;
  • DIY things;
  • Certificates for extreme adventures;
  • Games;
  • Vacation packages;
  • Personalized gifts;
  • Presents that help care about health.

Then each of these ideas is described in more detail.

Alcohol, cigars and accessories

At least 76% of men drink alcohol, 60% of the stronger sex smokers. In this regard, a husband who consumes spirits or tobacco products can be taught:

  • Havana, Dominican or Nicaraguan cigars;
  • Exclusive pipes;
  • Handmade mouthpieces for cigarettes or cigars;
  • 12 or 18 year old collection whiskey;
  • Supports for bottles in the form of human hands;
  • Flasks for alcohol;
  • Stones for whiskey.

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Gifts that are associated with hobbies

It is pleasant to any man when his wife knows what he is interested in and knows at least a little about his hobby. Interesting gifts that are associated with hobbies are:

  • Combined plastic model of a ship, tank and aircraft;
  • Carbon rod;
  • Vest fisherman and hunter with many pockets;
  • A set of tips for arrows;
  • English cape;
  • Holster for an air pistol (it is necessary to know the make of the weapon);
  • Homemade smoke for heat treatment of meat and fish .;
  • Dumbbell sets or expanders.

Presents that are related to work

Men occupy different positions in society. Representatives of the strong half of humanity like it when women emphasize. Depending on the profession, you can give your husband:

  • A pen with a personalized engraving;
  • Cufflinks in the form of a car gearbox;
  • A set of tools in a beautiful package;
  • Leather cover for a driver's license;
  • Toilet bag;
  • Table pear for stress relief;
  • Memory card in the form of a racing car.

DIY things

A gift that is made with your own hands and presented to your husband should require a lot of time for your loved one to appreciate the cost of labor and the attention of the most valuable woman. Without applying special skills for a loved one, you can make:

  • Frame under the photo;
  • Warm socks;
  • Case for small things from an old tie;
  • Coaster of the belt;
  • Book holders;
  • Cover for tablet computer;
  • Mug with a mustache.

Funny gift

If the husband has a sense of humor, creative gifts for him will be:

  • Troll mask;
  • Cap with stands for beer cans;
  • Key rings in the form of a female breast;
  • Bell to call for kisses;
  • Comic certificates of "faithful husband" or "leader of the family";
  • Covers for the passport "king" or "Santa Claus";
  • A set of telescopic cutlery;
  • Fake bricks.

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When choosing jokes, it is important not to offend the human dignity of the husband, but to emphasize his abilities and skills.

Extreme Adventure Certificates

All types of extreme adventures are loved by all the representatives of the stronger sex.It is advisable before selecting certificates for such events to clarify the dates on which the husband is free and his preferences in the field of unusual rest. Pleasantly surprised husband certificates for:

  • ATV walking;
  • Trial lesson piloting the aircraft;
  • Skydiving;
  • Flying on a paraglider or hang glider;
  • Climbing course;
  • Martial arts lessons;
  • A visit to the rope park;
  • Scuba diving.

Board and room games are an ideal gift for a person who likes to spend time with friends and acquaintances. Good presentations for a male extrovert will be the games:

  • Booty;
  • Road monopoly;
  • Las Vegas;
  • What? Where? When?
  • Darts (board and darts);
  • Mini basketball;
  • Football or hockey with levers.

Vacation trips

Vouchers for New Year's holiday should be chosen based on the desires of both spouses and the presence or absence of both halves of the family holiday. Great objects to visit on New 2018 will be:

  • Ski resorts in Poland and the Czech Republic;
  • Thailand beaches;
  • Seychelles villas;
  • Red Square in Moscow;
  • Palaces and museums of St. Petersburg;
  • Father Frost's house in Veliky Ustyug;
  • Ice floes of polar bears in the Far North.

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Presents that help care about health

Gifts that emphasize health care are suitable for men over 40 years old. A young representative of a strong part of humanity such gifts seem ugly reminder of diseases or defects of the body. As gifts that help care about health will fit:

  • Warm slippers;
  • Massagers for the back or legs;
  • Scandinavian walking kit;
  • Jade pillow;
  • Cream honey with mint or cedar gum;
  • Ultrasonic device for the body;
  • Certificate for 1-2 massage sessions.

Personal Gifts

Personalized gifts show the knowledge of a woman of the individual traits of a loved man. Excellent nominal gifts are:

  • T-shirt with the inscription;
  • Mug with original print;
  • Warm bathrobe with embroidery;
  • Coaster with engraving;
  • A bottle of alcohol with a personalized label;
  • Memory card with initials letters pasted;
  • Key ring with photo.

How to present a gift to my husband?

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It is always necessary to give a gift to a beloved man with a smile on his face, even if, in the opinion of the woman, the thing that is presented is not very useful and necessary.The representative of the stronger sex will appreciate the sincere desire of the spouse to deliver pleasant emotions. You can also arrange a small quest, the tasks of which will hint at the nature of the gift.

Packaging gift should not be bright and colorful. A monochromatic (black, brown) box or package will be much more pleasant for a man. You should never use a courier service to give a gift. It is better to present a gift within 10 days after the holiday, but personally.

You need to hand a gift without witnesses, left alone with your husband. To make the event more vivid, you can climb out of a large box in erotic lingerie or put a present at the most prominent place in the apartment at night (chair near the bed, desk or TV stand).

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