"Germent Moment": seam restorer (reviews)

Starting to get acquainted with the assortment of modernmarket, which offers a great variety of means for sealing seams and joints, consumers understand that a special niche in this variety is sealed under the brand "Moment" from the manufacturer Henkel. This composition in some varieties is used as glue.

Why choose "Moment of Herment"

hermeneutical moment

Among the main advantages of the material are:

  • Ease of use;
  • optimal composition;
  • variety of species.

Solutions from the manufacturer Henkel are designed specifically for use in all areas of life, this includes:

  • Sealing mirrors;
  • leakage of aquariums;
  • sealing of seams;
  • shipbuilding.

A product line called "Moment" isthe fruitful work of the well-coordinated team of Henkel, which is located in Germany and has existed for 130 years. During this time, the products took a leading position in the market of industrial and household goods. Among others it is necessary to single out the "Hermetic Moment", which will be discussed below.

Testimonials about the appointment

moment seam restorer

The above composition, according to consumers, is notreacts with alkaline surfaces, does not contribute to corrosion of metals and is a one-component high-quality neutral silicone sealant, which is actively used for filling and sealing joints and seams inside and outside the premises. The application, as the users claim, can be applied to plaster and concrete, without fear that the sealant will react with them.

The use of "Hermetic Moment" is possible forsealing shower cabins, baths, as well as shells. Excellent material for installing mirrors. This mixture is so popular among consumers also for the reason that it has a high level of adhesion to different materials, among them:

  • ceramic tile;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • ceramics;
  • lacquered, painted or impregnated wood;
  • alkaline surfaces.

As for metals, copper, zinc and aluminum should be included. "Hermetic Moment," as the home master emphasizes, perfectly adheres to plastics, among them it should be noted:

  • polyester;
  • PVC;
  • polyacrylate;
  • epoxy resins.

Among the additional advantages - good weather resistance.

Reviews about technical characteristics

moment seam restorer reviews

Choosing the sealant described in the article, you should become more familiar with its technical characteristics. This is a white color mixture, which has a density of 1.38 g / cm3. The composition has no odor, but is applied, from wordsbuyers, can in the temperature range from +5 to +40 ° C. As practice shows, the film is formed in 10 minutes, which is true at a temperature of 23 ° C and relative humidity, which is equivalent to 50%.

"Germent Moment" can be used attemperature range from -40 to +150 ° C. Under the conditions mentioned above, which are correct for the optimal time for the formation of the surface film, the composition will solidify in a day up to 3 mm. Some specialists are interested in such a characteristic as the Shore hardness, for a given sealant it is equal to 25 A. "Gement Moment" is a seam restorer that has a modulus of elasticity of 0.48 MPa with a 100% elongation. The elongation at break is 5.9, as for the tensile strength, this parameter is 1.4 MPa.

According to buyers, they are quite oftenprefer the described material also for the reason that it is resistant to ultraviolet rays. After drying, the layer remains transparent. Its density is equal to 1.03 g / cm3. The composition is odorless and can be stored infor 18 months from the date of release in a closed cartridge. It is important to ensure the dry conditions in the room during long-term storage. The air temperature can vary from -20 to +30 ° C.

Reviews about the features of restoration of seams

sealant moment hermetic

Restorer of the seams "Germent Moment", according to the wordsconsumers, should be applied using a special technology. Before use, the formulation is aged at room temperature for 12 hours. The air temperature should be approximately 20 ° C. According to consumers, work should be carried out at a temperature of +5 to +40 ° C. The surface should be prepared by making it dry, smooth and free of oils.

It is important that the substrate to be treated isis freed from dust and stone crumbs. It is important to read the reviews about "Moment of Herment", restorer of seams before acquiring the described composition. Of these, you can find out that the old sealant, if there is one on the surface, must be removed before applying a new layer, using a mechanical method. For an aesthetic and clean appearance of the seam, glue the adhesive tape around the edges. Consumers emphasize that when working with porous surfaces, it is not necessary to apply a primer to their base.

Reviews about the features of the application

the moment of the silicone sealant

Before you start, the tip of the cartridgecut off, the tip should be installed nozzle. The tip of the nozzle is cut at an angle of 45 °. To do this, according to consumers, you need to get the required width of the seam. Using a gun sealant can be applied to the seam as evenly as possible. The applied composition, as advised by consumers, can be leveled with a rubber spatula, which is pre-wetted in water. Add a dishwasher to the liquid. After completion of work, the adhesive tape is removed.

When the sealant is cured,vapors of acetic acid. It is important to exclude their prolonged inhalation, as this can cause irritation of the respiratory tract. Work is advised to use in well-ventilated rooms.

If such conditions can not be created, thenuse a face mask. If the unhardened sealant is on the mucous membrane or in the eyes, the affected area should be immediately rinsed with water. As for the solidified composition, then, as the buyers claim, it is completely harmless to health.

Reviews about universal silicone sealant in white color

silicone sealant

"Germent Moment", reviews about which you canread below, is offered for sale also in white. Tuba contains 280 ml and is sold at a cost of 203 rubles. This 100% silicone universal sealant belongs to premium quality products and is used to fill and seal joints and seams. Suitable mixture, according to home masters, for most of the construction work outside and inside the premises, which are subject to increased quality requirements.

Hermetic, according to customers, is stableto shrinkage, is characterized by increased durability and shows resistance to loss of color and the formation of cracks. Silicone sealant Hermetic Moment in white has excellent adhesion to most building materials. It is resistant to ozone and the effects of high temperatures. According to consumers, the formed layer is able to prevent the formation of mold and has high strength.

Reviews about technical characteristics

moment hermeneuts reviews

The extrusion speed of the mixture is 200 g / min. The film, according to customers, formed a maximum of 25 minutes, this is true at a temperature of 23 ° C. As for vulcanization, within 24 hours the layer will harden 3 mm deep under the above conditions.

Hermetic Hermetic Moment in a curedthe state has quite impressive heat resistance. Consumers, from their words, quite often choose the described composition for the reason that it is able to undergo the effect of temperature from -40 to +120 ° C. The hardness of the Shore composition is 25 A. At 100% elongation, the modulus of elasticity is 0.49 N / mm2. Elongation at break is 115%.

Feedback on application

According to consumers, the material describedhas a fairly wide scope of use. The mixture can be used to seal aluminum window frames, movable joints and door frames. Excellent composition in the repair and construction work.

According to home-based masters, useThe composition can be used for general sealing of windows. The mixture is so popular also for the reason that it has excellent adhesion to aluminum, ceramic tiles, glass and other materials.

Reviews about the features of the application

Before the acquisition of the described mixture will beit is useful to read reviews about the restorer of the seams Moment Gertment. In them, consumers emphasize that the application must be carried out on surfaces that are freed from condensation. The base should be cleaned of ice and snow. It is important to degrease the surface, treated with acetone or TANGIT. If the "Hermetic Moment" silicone is applied to metal surfaces, they, according to experts, can be prepared with the help of white spirit.

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