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The resort village of Georgioupolis (Greece) is locatedon the island of Crete. This quiet and beautiful place attracts numerous tourists with the cleanest ten-kilometer beach with sand of golden color, washed by the gentle Mediterranean Sea. The main attractions of this picturesque resort will be discussed in this article.

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Several magnificent resort areashas solar Greece. Crete (Georgioupolis) is one of them. The village is located in the western part of the island, on the coast of the sea, between two large settlements. It is located thirty-eight kilometers from the regional center of Chania and twenty one kilometers from the city of Rethymnon. The beach, which is directly in Georgioupolis, stretched along the coast for a distance of about two kilometers. Here you can find everything you need for relaxation: beach umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, changing cabins and numerous bars and cafes. On the beach there is an opportunity to do water sports and even ride a horse. Seven hundred meters east of the local port, the beach zone is divided into two halves by the Perastikos River. This is a very beautiful place, overgrown with lush vegetation, but the sea here, unfortunately, is cold and unfit for bathing.

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A mild Mediterranean climate reigns in the villageGeorgioupolis. Crete is generally a great place to relax outdoors, under the gentle sunbeams. The hottest months of the year on the island are July and August. The summer heat here is transferred much easier, thanks to the cooling proximity of the sea. In general, the climate in the resort, as well as on the whole island, is very favorable. The average air temperature in July is +32 degrees, in January the thermometer's column fluctuates at +11 degrees. In the middle of summer the temperature in the street can reach +40 degrees, however the heat is neutralized by cool northern winds blowing from the sea. At any time of the year the resort has warm weather, comfortable for living and recreation.


Georgioupolis, whose attractionsdescribed in this article, has a well-developed tourist infrastructure, since it is on it that the well-being of local residents is maintained. In the village until late evening, there are branches of various banks. At the post office, you can always buy a fresh newspaper or call a long-distance phone. In the shops of Georgioupolis, a variety of products are sold, from food products to beach accessories. The local taverns offer wonderful dishes from fish and seafood. It always sounds live music. Tourists can order their own food from the fish caught in the local river. Weekly in the main city square a concert is given, on which folk songs are performed. Georgioupolis is buried in greenery: eucalypts and cypresses grow everywhere, which delight the eye with its beauty. Despite the turbulent tourist life, this place has preserved a unique color and natural charm.

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To all fans of a measured pastime atquiet and cozy Mediterranean resort just need to visit Crete. Georgioupolis, which is annually visited by thousands of guests from all over the world, is perfect for families. The largest complex in these parts is the Pilot Beach Resort, consisting of three- and four-star hotels, equipped with everything necessary. The staff at the hotels consists mainly of local people, very friendly and welcoming. On the territory of the resort there are small guest houses, such as Poseidon studios, located on a cozy sandy beach and having only eleven rooms. A very good hotel for accommodation is the three-star Hotel Corissia Beach. It is located near Lake Kourn. Among the four-star hotels you can note Hotel Corissia Princess, Hotel Orpheas Resort, Hotel Annas House. The most famous five-star hotels in Georgioupolis are Hotel Pilot Beach, Hydramis Palace Beach Resort, Hotel Vantaris Palace.

In addition, vacationers can settle with local residents. Accommodation in this case will cost relatively inexpensively, and the conditions of stay (a cozy bungalow) will be very pleasant and comfortable.

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Fun on the river

Georgioupolis (Crete) offers its guests a wholea spectrum of various entertainments. Vacationers can fish in the river Almyros, flowing through the very center of the village. On its shores there are special piers, and fishing tackle can be purchased at nearby shops. Fans of active pastime have the opportunity to do windsurfing. For walks on the river, you can rent a canoe or a catamaran. Such a promenade will delight tourists with beautiful seascapes and coastal views. To protect the holidaymakers from the danger on the water, in the village there is a rescue service around the clock.

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The island of Crete, whose map is published in thisarticle, is famous for its sights, which anyone will be interested in visiting. The advantageous location of Georgioupolis allows you to plan various sightseeing tours. Using a local extensive transport network, tourists can easily go on trips to the sights of Crete. To this end, comfortable buses run daily in all directions from the stop on the central square of the village. You can visit Chania, the historical capital of Crete, admire the ancient buildings of this city, considered the architectural center of the Mediterranean. Or go on a tour of ancient Crete, visit the ancient city-states of Aptera, Polirinia and Falasarna.

Freshwater lake

The most beautiful and famousa landmark that the city of Georgioupolis (Crete) boasts, is Kurnas Lake, located three kilometers from the city. The pond is surrounded by the White Mountains. The surroundings of the lake are a local nature reserve. The weather on Kournas is always beautiful, the water surface does not disturb the slightest whiff of the wind. One side of the reservoir is overgrown with lush greenery, on the other there is a beach with umbrellas and sun loungers. In the shade of luxurious olive groves there are various cafes and bars, where snacks and refreshments are served. To vacationers could diversify their leisure time, on the shore of the lake there are rentals of catamarans. Using these simple means of transportation, you can swim across the lake and watch the local inhabitants: wild ducks and turtles. Near the reservoir is the cave Kurnas, which archaeologists discovered in 1961. A stunning spectacle opens before the eyes of anyone who enters this world of stalagmites and stalactites.

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Several interesting and memorable places are inthe village of Georgioupolis. Crete boasts magnificent monuments of architecture. In a small resort village they are few, but their value does not become less significant from this. First of all, it is necessary to visit the ancient embankment paved with smooth pebbles, make a promenade along the fragrant eucalypt avenue, the first trees in which were planted in the century before last. In the vicinity of Georgioupolis, excavations were carried out, during which the researchers found traces of Minoan settlements dating back to 1500-1400 BC. e. Now there are guided tours for lovers of archeology and history. In a very picturesque place stands the church of St. Nicholas. It is built on sea cliffs, on the very edge of a breakwater, about a hundred meters from the island. The way to this church lies through a narrow stone path, laid between it and the shore.

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The main attraction of the resort,described in this article, is a magnificent ten-kilometer sandy beach. Georgioupolis has become a popular tourist destination precisely because of its incredibly beautiful and comfortable coastline. All the beaches here consist of a gentle, heated golden sun with hot sun. Shallow water makes entering the water in these parts absolutely safe, so tourists come here families, along with young children. The beaches have everything you need for a civilized beach holiday: comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, cafes and bars. Directly in the village is Kalivaki beach. This is a very quiet place, so people like to relax on it.

Georgioupolis is a quiet cozy Mediterraneana village with a developed tourist infrastructure, magnificent beaches and wonderful nature. Everyone who has ever visited this corner of the globe wants to return here again.

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