Gagra resort: beaches of new and old Gagra

In total, the length of the coast of Abkhaziais approximately 400 km. There are both public beaches, and closed, wild and equipped, rocky and sandy-pebble. Less often you can find beaches strewn with small pebbles.

In this article, one amazing resort will be described, which the Abkhazia-Gagra Republic owns.

The beach for all holidaymakers has a substantialvalue when choosing a summer vacation spot. Therefore, we will consider in more detail the recreation areas of this resort, especially since the beaches of Old Gagra and Nova have some differences.

Gagra: the beach

A little bit about Abkhazia

The entire territory of Abkhazia is located on thethe Black Sea coast between two rivers (Psou and Ingur) and the Caucasian ridge. The total length of the coast is 210 kilometers. The best resorts are Sukhumi (capital), Pitsunda, New Athos and Gagra.
Abkhazia: Gagra, the beach

The climate in these places is subtropical and the summer lastsmore than 6 months with an average July temperature of about 25-27 °. Below we will examine in more detail some features of one of the resorts and find out whether Gagra has a sandy beach.

Features of the beaches of Abkhazia

  • Descent into the water is almost everywhere gently sloping.
  • The beaches are mostly pebbly, slightly less often - pebbled alternately with sand.
  • The water is heated quickly, the water in the sea is clean.
  • Magnificent surrounding nature and good ecology.
  • In the sea runs a lot of small streams and rivers, and in this connection, in some areas of the water area, the water temperature is lower than usual.
  • The same rivers after the showers bring a lot of debris, but all this is quickly cleared by coastal currents (only in the bays of Sukhum and Gudauta this is a longer process).


One of the most famous resorts located on the Black Sea coast of Abkhazia is Gagra. The Central beach is the most popular with locals and holidaymakers.

All recreation areas of Gagra stretch near the beautiful andquiet bay, only 35 km from the airport of Sochi. Conditionally Gagra is divided into 2 parts - New and Old, with a total length of the coastline of about 56 kilometers. In comparison with the beaches of Sukhumi, the entrance to the sea here is more steep.

In general, it fully corresponds to the notion ofrelatively inexpensive budget vacation resort town of Gagra. Of course, you can not compare it with the beautiful resorts of the coasts of Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and other European countries. There is much worse infrastructure and maintenance, but there is a main advantage of these places. This is an amazing and unique charm of the surrounding nature and fairly affordable prices. Thanks to all this, the flow of tourists to the beaches of this resort is growing.

Old Gagra beach

Gorgeous and cozy for holidays Gagra. The beach, almost any one, is surrounded by evergreen palms and oleanders. Most of them in the resort are unequipped and free, but on some of them there is an opportunity to rent umbrellas and sun loungers. The most popular beaches are located on the sites near the boarding house "Energetic" and at the rest home "Abkhazia".

Beaches of New Gagra

More comfortable and in connection with this more crowded are the beaches in the territory of New Gagra. A big plus is the fact that the banks are covered with smaller pebbles than the beaches of Old Gagra.

Widely represented here are the traditionalresorts water entertainment, there are rental offices in which you can choose any inventory. Specifically, the beaches here are similar to the beaches of Sochi, but they are not so crowded, and the hotels here are mostly represented by Soviet-era boarding houses.

Beaches of New Gagra

The new Gagra has several beaches:

  • Central Beach - public, beautifula beach strip with a width of approximately 40 meters and a length of about 300 meters. On its territory there is a water park. There is a well-developed infrastructure: bars, cafes, supermarkets, attractions, tennis courts, etc. There are rental services for catamarans, boats, boats and other equipment. The beach is pebbly, sometimes covered with sand, with a gently sloping entrance. Individual areas are shallow.
  • The beach "Energetik" is located 50 meters fromboarding house. On a clean well-arranged beach there are umbrellas and beds for the guests of the clinic. You can use paid water slides and attractions (catamarans, bananas and pleasure boats) and rental services.
  • A small clean beach area of ​​the boarding house"Gagripsh" is closely adjacent to the territory of the complex (located only 40 meters away). Sunbeds are located on the small pebble beach, where daytime attractions for children. Nearby there are several cafes.

Of all the coastal zones of the Novaya Gagra district, a sandy beach can be found in the central part of the city.

Gagra: sandy beach

Old Gagra

This part of Gagra is more calm, less noisy, notcrowded, and, of course, the infrastructure here is less developed. The Old Gagra is good in its own way: a huge amount of exotic greenery and an abundance of numerous historical attractions that are of interest to excursion enthusiasts.

This area is great for those who loverest calmly and secluded. Here you can perfectly combine beach holidays with cultural enlightenment. In this part of the city there are more vegetation: cypresses, oleander, palms, etc.

Old Gagra: the beach

Old Gagra is unique and remarkablemultiple boarding houses and sanatoriums with small own clean beaches, restaurants and cafes. One of the most famous and popular such establishments is the famous restaurant "Hagripsh".

The most popular recreation areas of the Old Gagra district are:

  • The beach "Gagripsh" with free entrance and rental services of awning and sun loungers. The eponymous boarding house and beach are located close to the main sights of the city.
  • The beach "Mahito" is located at the same nameGrill-bar and not far from the colonnade of the city. The beach area is well-maintained, pebbled, open to any visitor. Sunbeds and umbrellas are freely available. There are equipped tennis and volleyball courts. Inventory is free. Very good place for families with children. Nearby cafes of the restaurant "Mahito" with discos and beach parties.
  • The beach area of ​​the boarding house "Colchis" toopublic, well-maintained and it is located next to the pier. The coastal strip has two zones, covered with small pebbles and sand. There is a well-developed entertainment infrastructure: rent of sun loungers, umbrellas, etc. There is a dance floor and a summer cafe on the territory. The beach is convenient for youth and family rest.
  • Beaches are free of charge located near the Seaside Park and the fortress of Abaat.


Anyone who has been here will certainly want to return to these amazingly beautiful places. Beautiful Abkhazia, Gagry, the beach, the Black Sea, the bright sun, clean air - all this will remain in your memory for a long time.

For every tourist, beach vacation has its value. Someone loves the amazing nature of places, some like beaches, and someone comes here to improve their health.

In Gagra, beaches will suit tourists with any preferences and tastes.

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