Gabion structures: photo, device, application

Gabion structures: landscape construction is an effective way to improve the territory of a country or suburban area, to make it unique. Many owners of private houses use various tricks, starting with the design of the tracks, ending with green hedges. Today, the most popular method of arranging the territory isgabions: the step-by-step instruction is so simple that you can do the construction yourself.


Gabion- it is a construction of a metal frame (grid), filled with stones or other material

What is gabion structures: device and application

Gabionsrepresent the containers consisting of a metal wire.Gabion deviceinvolves the construction of a frame, inside which a certain material is placed. Filling material can be:

  • wood;
  • rubble;
  • a rock;
  • cobblestones;
  • gray pebbles.


For fillinggabion structuresvarious materials can be used

Helpful advice!It is recommended to use fine gravel for masking empty spaces formed between large parts.

The design has a large size and is created from twisted wire and mesh. With large dimensions, additional installation of sectional compartments is performed. They will not allow the deformation of the walls under the mass of stones that fill the metal frame.Construction of gabionsinexpensive, so they are so popular among owners of country plots. Such a product does not require much effort in relation to its care; it is equipped with a lid on top.


Low fence-gabion on a country site

One of the advantages of structures fromgabionsis their attractive appearance, as evidenced by the photo of gabions in landscape design. Due to the wide variety of fillers for the mesh frame, a unique exterior design can be achieved. These designs are reliable and durable.

Application of gabion structures

Gabionswere widely used as fortifications on the fields of military operations.In literal translation, the name of such a structure means "stone in the grid." Today, the technology of construction of gabions in landscape design has been successfully applied.


Gabion constructionscan be used to strengthen and / or decorate the walls of the house

Constructionsgabeonaset as:

  • the basics for the creation of furnishings on the site and courtyard (the formation of street chairs and benches, tables and chairs)
  • frames for vegetation;
  • retaining walls for strengthening hangars;
  • building material for creating lawns and stone gardens;
  • bases for the formation of partitions, arches, strong flower beds decorated with stones with a vertical type of placement;
  • strengthening structures for fixing the soil of the coastal zone of lakes and rivers in the vicinity of the site or house;
  • decorative concrete products to decorate the area (installed at the entrance to the courtyard, in the area where the stairs are located);
  • material for the construction of stairs intended for the descent to the water.


Garden furniture fromstone gabions

Helpful advice!Mounting technologygabionscan be effectively used for zoning space.These structures are used not only as external fences (fences separating the local area from the street and neighbors), but also to divide the total area into areas, for example, a rest area, a place to install a stove, a barbecue, a grill, an area for placing a summer shower. etc.

Installation of gabion structures in a private house

The most common information regardinghow to make a gabion yourselfThey are interested in creating fortifications on the site, because they have a number of advantages.


For the construction of the waterfall useddesigngabion

The advantages of reinforcing structures:

  • there is no need to use specialized construction equipment, thereforegabion construction processdoes not harm the surrounding landscape forms;
  • products have a high capacity, which is why air and water flows freely through them. Due to this, a high level of ecological construction is achieved. Constant access of air contributes to the normal growth of plants, and the structures themselves do not have a negative impact on the landscaping of the site;
  • cellsgabion netsdo not create obstacles for grass germination. As a result, a beautiful fusion effect is obtained without such negative consequences as deformation of the building or violation of its functions;
  • the stones inside the frame are not fixed, so that the filling of the partition remains mobile, which reduces the level of hydrostatic pressure;


Gabion Jumbocan be constructed to strengthen the foundation of the building

  • Seasonal displacement of the soil can not harm the products. Even with significant changes, the construction will not lose its integral forms, only slight deformation is possible;
  • due to the plants, which every year more and more germinate between the stones, the strength of the structure increases.

Types of gabion designs

In the framework of the general classification, the following types of products are distinguished:

  • box type;
  • flat;
  • cylindrical type.

Constructionsbox gabionscalled jumbo. The grid in them forms cells of hexagonal or rectangular shapes. This option of construction is the most dimensional, since the products can have a width of about 2 meters.Their length is 6 meters, and the height reaches one meter.


Gabionsbox constructionare called "Jumbo"

Note!Given the fact that the Jumbo facilities are so variable in size, their frameworks are necessarily complemented by partitions. During construction, not only the net method of forming the frame can be used, but also the welded one.

Scope of Jumbo:

  • soil protection against erosion;
  • production of retaining walls from gabions;
  • soil condition monitoring.


Gabion construction schemeJumbo to strengthen the slope of the site

Cylindrical products are calledgabions bags. With the help of them the foundations located under the water are equipped. This type of construction has increased flexibility. Flat products have a height of 17 to 30 cm. They are called Renault mattresses and are laid out over uneven surfaces, as they have the ability to adapt to them.


Gabion height"Renault mattress" can range from 17 to 30 cm

Scope of Reno mattresses:

  • foundation for retaining walls;
  • landscape construction;
  • fixing bridge cones;
  • control of the river bed;
  • coastal reinforcement;
  • pipeline protection.


The use of gabions Renault mattress to strengthen the walls of the reservoir

Do-it-yourself construction of gabion structures: step by step instructions

To simplify your job - you can purchase ready-made designs. Modern stores offer a wide range of products forgabion formations. But the finished parts of the frames do not always correspond to the required size. In some cases it is easier to creategabion do it yourself. The first stage of construction involves the design of the future composition and the calculation of the required amount of materials. If you want to make a design with your own hands,photo gabionscan be used for inspiration and design for your own unique project. Design is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Removal of measurements from the territory.
  2. Marking.
  3. Transfer of markup to paper (layout of structures).
  4. Drawing up drawings for each object.
  5. The choice of fillers and materials.
  6. Calculation of the required amount of materials.


Step-by-step scheme for assembling gabion structuresand filling them with stones

Helpful advice!Materials should be purchased with a margin. The result of the calculations should be increased by about 10-15%.

To achieve high strength, it is recommended to purchase a double twist mesh. It has a flexible structure, is easily stored and transported, durable and resistant to the negative effects of external factors.

Materials for the construction of gabion do it yourself

Before,how to make a gabion yourself, care should be taken to have the necessary tools, basic and consumables.


For fillinggabionyou can use the remnants of building materials

Consumables include:

  • brackets designed to connect adjacent walls, or spiral-shaped wire;
  • geotextiles;
  • pins made of steel (used for fixing products in the soil);
  • steel braces (designed to make walls with opposite type of placement in relation to each other).

To protect your actions and reduce the time of work, you need to use additional tools.


The construction scheme of gabion structureswith concrete foundation

The list of related tools includes:

  • mount;
  • pliers;
  • plummet;
  • shovel;
  • a hammer;
  • Mittens for protecting hands from high-density material.

Designers often give interesting and unique relief forms to the natural landscape of a territory. This type of structure is so strong that it can be used to form hills and valleys. Over the landscape you can create fromgabionsflower beds, as well as waterfalls, artificial ponds, fountains, and more.


Flowerbeds from gabionsfit perfectly into landscape design

Material for walls of ordinary and welded gabions

Metal mesh is used in cases where the project is based oncreating gabionslies with the use of Reno mattresses. Most often, the need to use such products arises when you intend to build an object with a complex configuration on the site. In this case, Reno mattresses are arranged along bending lines. They can be installed in an arc or be placed in separate parts of the structure where rotation or bending of the frame is necessary. This type of material gets flower beds or fountains.

Helpful advice!Taking into account the fact that the structure will not be placed indoors, but outside, it is recommended to buy a grid for gabions with a special protective coating.Under outdoor conditions, the usual material will be corrosive and will very quickly become unusable. Grid with galvanized coating can last almost 100 years.


Forgabion constructionYou must choose a grid with a thickness of at least 2.7 mm

Formanufacturing gabionsIt is not recommended to use a material whose thickness is less than 2.7 mm. The table shows the prices for products made of galvanized steel, with a thickness of 3 mm.

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