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March 30, 2011
Home improvement

fruit bowlA fruit bowl can be made from a variety of materials — plastic, glass, wood or straw, and even newspapers. It is this material that most often accumulates in our home and eventually falls into the trash, but it turns out that many useful things can be made from newspapers and magazines, such as a fruit bowl.

Weaving from newspapers today is very popular, because these crafts are easy to manufacture, and they are made from ordinary newsprint - kopek material. Now newspapers do not even need to buy, they are in abundance put in our mailboxes and distributed on the streets and in supermarkets. Turning a newspaper into a casket, a box, or a vase is not only a fascinating process, but also a useful one — in this way, we also get rid of waste paper.

Vase for fruits do it yourself

  1. First you need to prepare twigs from newspapers. For this, a newspaper or magazine is cut into strips 6-7 cm wide and wound them over a long needle along its entire length. At the end of winding it is necessary to lubricate the newspaper corner with glue and roll the paper between the fingers, thus securing the tip of the twig. If the tubes turned out to be of insufficient length, then you can connect them together.To do this, one of the ends of the tube should be made with a slightly larger diameter so that the narrow tip of the second newspaper tube can be inserted into it, after dropping a couple of drops of glue into the hole.
  2. We begin to stack tubes perpendicular to each other, interlacing them together. The sticks laid in different directions should be on one side more than one - with this twig we will start to braid the future vase with our own hands. Holding the design with one hand, with the other we take an extra stick and begin to twist the bottom of the product in a circle, pushing the twig through one stick. A circle should gradually turn out, at which the wands of rays are interlaced, gradually smoothing out and being at equal distance with each other.

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  3. After getting the bottom of the desired size, in the center of the design is put a form that we will braid. It is desirable that it be heavy (for example, a pot of soil), in which case the bottom will not rise. Then the rays bend upwards, and their braiding around the form continues in a circle to the desired height.
  4. After receiving the vase of the desired shape, the vertical sticks are bent inward and hidden between the twigs.The finished vase can be painted, and can be left in its original form.

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