Floor lamps in the interior

January 29, 2018

According to many, the peak of the popularity of floor lamps was about 30 years ago. But now many consumers claim that such a lighting device can not only decorate the interior of any room, but also make the lighting more comfortable. The ambient lighting of the floor lamp will allow you to relax, sit down on your favorite chair and read a book, or under its soft light it is nice to get together with your whole family and drink tea. eg-tech.ru can be found on the EG Technologies website.

Floor lamps in the interiorFloor lamps in the interior

Why buy a floor lamp

Floor lamp is a type of floor lamps, standing on the rod, which can be adjustable (flexible) or fixed. The lamp is hidden by a lampshade, for the manufacture of which a variety of materials are used. However, it may not be at all.

If you compare a floor lamp with other light sources, then it compares favorably with the following features:
• the possibility of easy carrying, which allows, if necessary, to illuminate any part of the house or apartment;
• there is no need to carry out complex installation of equipment. All that is required is to assemble it according to the instructions and connect it to the power supply;
• since it is installed on the floor, there is no need to purchase additional furniture for it;
• thanks to its decorative effect, it can be inscribed in almost any interior that becomes more noticeable more comfortable due to the diffused light that it produces.

What types of floor lamps are

At the moment, manufacturers do not limit the production of this lighting device, so in shops you can find a variety of models that will differ in both shape and size. If we consider the degree of illumination with the device, then there are such: scattered, directed and reflected.

With the help of a floor lamp that generates ambient light, you can illuminate the walls and ceiling of the room. This floor lamp will fit perfectly in the room where you are planning an evening film show. Or it can be installed in the nursery, it will not be annoying, but will give a pleasant and soothing light.

Thanks to a torch of a directional light it is possible to light a specific site.As a rule, light from such devices is directed downwards. Most often they are chosen in cases where there are book lovers or handicrafts in the house. In the children's room, he finds a place near the desk.

It is possible to light a room well with the help of a floor lamp reflecting light. The principle of operation is as follows: the light is directed to the ceiling and walls, is reflected from them and as a result, good lighting of the room is created.

It should be noted that each modern model of lighting devices is equipped with a special device - a dimmer, through which you can adjust the brightness of the light. So, you can muffle and enjoy the calm and pleasant atmosphere.

As for the materials from which floor lamps are made, they can be very different, starting with wood, glass, crystal, rattan, cloth, plastic, bronze, mirror and ending with other, more exotic ones.

In turn, floor lamps are divided into two types: those that are equipped with a lampshade and without them. The classic version of the lighting device is a floor lamp with a lampshade, which can be of various shapes and sizes.But the more fashionable and modern one can be called a zero-cut device, where its specific part or the whole base glows.

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