Features of modern dental services

Features of modern dental services

Features of modern dental services

The quality of our life has changed, and a beautiful smile has become available to many now. But what is needed for this? What services can offer us modern dentistry?

First, we can ask the dentist for dental treatment. The very concept of "dental treatment" includes a lot. This and the elimination of the first signs of caries, this is the treatment of periodontitis, that is, such teeth, in which there are inflammations of peritoneal tissues, this is retreatment of teeth and their restoration.

But what if tooth treatment is impossible? Today in dentistry there is a new answer to this question - implantation. The decision on the complete removal of the tooth can only be made by a professional At the slightest possibility of preserving a tooth, specialists will help to restore it - to restore it.
Dental implantation is the most complicated dental surgery, during which a dental root implant is inserted into the upper or lower jaw. This implant serves as a support on which the denture is subsequently attached.The most commonly used fixed denture, which is an artificial tooth (crown), which can be made of metal or porcelain.

Dental implantation has several significant advantages. The first and very significant is the following: implantation allows you to save the dental bone in the place where the diseased tooth was previously located. Otherwise, the dental bone collapses, and this can lead to deformation of the entire maxillofacial system. Implantation allows you to replenish a large number of lost teeth, eliminating the defects of the dentition, ensures quick addiction due to high-quality implantable material.

However, it is possible to carry out such an operation only after a thorough examination of the doctor, and contraindications may be diseases of the whole body: oncological diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, diabetes mellitus and certain blood diseases. Dental root implantation is also not recommended for very young and elderly patients.

Prosthetic teeth can be removable and non-removable. For fixed prosthetics include the installation of crowns, bridges, veneers - special porcelain or composite plates that replace the outer layer of the tooth.

The second reason that leads us to the dental clinic is to correct the bite. After all, uneven teeth are not only ugly, it is also the cause of many inflammatory diseases of the gums and teeth.

Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various dental disorders. Qualified orthodontists will help in correcting the bite, which in adult patients is most often eliminated with the help of long-wearing braces.

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