Fast hardening floor "Starateli": characteristics, reviews

The goal of creating self-leveling floors was to reduce the duration of work and labor, which is accompanied by outdated schemes of finishing and leveling.

Solution of the problem

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Both problems are perfectly solved by a self-leveling compound, with the help of which it is possible to create in the shortest possible time an ideally smooth, solid, monolithic surface with no seams. Among the advantages should be the possibility of self-pouring without professional help. Today in the market you can meet the fast hardening floor "Starateli", which can be thick or finish.

Characteristics of the thin finishing floor of the brand "Starateli"

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This finishing compound is used for leveling floors that may have different characteristics. At the same time, a different humidity may be stored in the room. On the surface it is permissible to lay parquet, tile, linoleum or other materials. With this composition, you can form a layer with thickness from 1 to 20 mm. After 28 days, the fast-hardening filler floor "Starateli" will achieve stability at a pressure of 20 MPa. The activity of the solution will persist for 40 minutes, so care must be taken to develop it during this time. Full drying of the surface will happen in 4 hours, which can be considered a big plus. On one square meter of surface will leave 16 kg of dry composition, this is true if you will form a centimeter layer. On the 25-kg bag, add about 6 L of water.

Features of application

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Finishing fast hardening floor "Starateli" should be applied and evenly distributed over the surface. Use an acicular roller to remove air plugs. Since the material is made on the basis of cement, polymer additives and fillers, cement, anhydride, and gypsum bases can serve as the base for the base. However, their strength should not be less than 150 kg / m2.

The base should be cleaned of dirt and dust. Otherwise, the mixture may grab from the surface not so firmly. Before starting work, all irregularities should be removed by filling them with special mixtures. In the container it is necessary to pour out about 6 l of water, into which one bag of dry fraction is poured. Using a construction mixer, mix the mixture for 4 minutes until it is possible to obtain an average mass without lumps. Stir the mixture for 3 minutes and mix again. In order to exclude unexpected results, the amount of water recommended by the manufacturer should be added.

Reviews of the thick filling field of the brand "Starateli"

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According to buyers, the fast hardening floor "Starateli" (25 kg) is also available for sale as a mixture, which is used to form a rough black layer. As the main surface, concrete floors can be used. Users emphasize that the areas of application are the repair and construction of economic living quarters. According to users, the thickness of the application layer can reach 100 mm. Use this composition can be in tandem with the system of the warm floor. It is noteworthy that the fast-hardening floor is non-shrinkable and suitable for both internal and external works. The filler floor is fast-hardening "Starateli", the technical characteristics of which will be important to you, if you plan to use it, it has the qualities of frost resistance. When working internally, the conditions must be normal. The application can be made both mechanically and manually. As the users emphasize, linoleum, piece parquet, natural stone, carpet, laminate or floor tiles can be used as a finishing coat.

The main characteristics of the thick floor "Starateli"

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This mixture has a gray color. The recommended local thickness of the layer is 10 mm, but the minimum thickness of the common layer is 30 mm. For 25 kg of the mixture, as in the above-described case, about 6 liters of water should be added. The minimum volume is 5 l. This indicates that for one kilogram it will take approximately 0,24 l. The time of use remains the same, while keeping the temperature within + 23 °. The hard floor of the fast-hardening "Starateli", whose expenditure is mentioned in the article, can be used after two days. It is important to note that the manufacturer indicates the recommended operating temperature, it can be in the range from + 5 to + 30 °. If the floor is laid outside the building, it will be able to withstand about 35 cycles of freezing and thawing. With a layer thickness of 10 mm on 1m2The surface will need about 17 kg of dry composition.

Surface preparation

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Fast hardening floor "Starateli" (bag 25 kg) can be purchased by you for leveling the surfaces. In order to obtain a positive result, it is necessary to properly prepare the base. It should be cleaned of oil stains, dust and other substances that could reduce the adhesion strength to the surface. If necessary, you can apply a universal primer of the same brand. Leave the surface after this is necessary for one hour until completely dry.

If it is necessary to work with highly absorbent substrates, the priming can be carried out in two layers. Along the walls around the perimeter of the room and around the columns, as well as other protruding elements, you should fix the damper tape. In order for the fast hardening floor "Starateli" to lay flat, it is necessary to install beacons. The correctness of their location is checked by a level or by a building level.

Features of application

The solution should be distributed using a pump or manually, if necessary, alignment should be carried out by a rule or rod. To eliminate air bubbles, it is recommended to walk on the surface with a special roller, this must be done immediately after filling each portion. Fast hardening floor "Starateli", reviews about which are the most positive, can be used to arrange the screed, while on the separation layer the thickness of the fill should be 30 mm. In the first 48 hours after the completion of work, drafts and UV rays should be eliminated. If you plan to use a parquet board, plywood or piece parquet, then you need to stack the coverage data in 4 weeks, which will depend on the drying conditions. If you use a thick fast hardening floor "Starateli" (25 kg) for the subsequent laying of tiles, then the installation work should be carried out in 7 days.

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