Fashionable manicure spring-summer 2018

Neat well-groomed marigolds are an essential element of the stylish image of a modern woman. We will talk about the most current trends in neil-art of 2018, and also show you what manicure trends will help fashion-conscious women to look 100% in the next spring-summer season.

Traditionally, when determining the most fashionable trends in nail design, we turn to photographs of models representing the collections of the new season on the catwalks of London, Milan, New York and Paris. So, meet - fashionable manicure in 2018 for the spring-summer season:

Manicure in scarlet colors spring 2018Manicure in the year of the dogfashionable lilac neil art 2018Fashionable yellow manicure 2018

Nail form in 2018

New season will give a variety of options.

On the one hand, the main idea of ​​the coming year will be the practicality of the manicure and the naturalness of the female image, and therefore the majority of women of fashion will prefer the short, originally designed nails. The color scheme of such a manicure in the coming warm season will vary from gentle nude tones to bright and saturated neon colors.

On the other hand, 2018 revives the fashion for long and sharp nails.Girls, accustomed to spectacular neil-art options, can safely choose such forms, opening the widest possibilities for exclusive design with three-dimensional décor elements and complex graphics.

Short nails - the trend of 2018Oval shape of nails in 2018Lilac manicure - fashion 2018Fashion jacket spring 2018

New french

Elegant and always current French manicure has been holding the lead for more than one season. The love of service jacket is not accidental, because its soft neutral shades not only perfectly fit the office or business style, but also perfectly complement the luxurious evening look.

If the classic version of the French manicure bored for several seasons, pay attention to its new interpretations, which will be especially fashionable in 2018:

  • with abstract patterns in the style of Piet Mondrian;
  • double jacket;
  • neil art with two stripes (at the very tip of the nail and in the middle);
  • moon design;
  • with a chess border in which cubes of two contrasting colors are combined;
Double jacket summer 2018New service jacket spring-summer 2018French chess design 2018Moonlight summer 2018

Juicy shades of spring and summer

With the onset of the first warm days, you want to cheer yourself up with bright, cheerful colors in clothes, accessories and, of course, manicure. In the coming year, saturated colors will be fashionable: deep lilac, scarlet, lemon, lime, tender lilac ...

The trend of spring will be a multi-color manicure, which is best combined with monophonic things of bright shades. Also in the fashion will be monotonous short nails, for which designers offer to boldly choose bright neon colors.

Retain their popularity:

  • matte finish;
  • ombre effect;
  • glitter;
  • rhinestones.

A feature of the ombra in the new season will be the horizontal flow of color. Not from the nail bed to the tip of the nail, as it was in 2017, but from finger to finger.

Bright manicure 2018Manicure for the spring of 2018Sunny manicure 2018Fashionable red manicure spring 2018

Animal Manicure

Animalism is again at the peak of popularity. Since the symbol of the year to come will be a yellow earth dog, all shades of brown, orange and gold are acceptable. Also fashionable will be the "cat" drawings - leopard, shooting and snow leopard.

Do you want a bright neil-art in a fashionable pet theme - use a combination of lilac and white or overlay black tiger stripes over a bright base with an ombre effect.

Tiger manicure spring-summer 2018Animal manicure summer 2018Animalistic pattern on long nails 2018New versions of animalistic art-2018

Neil art in floral style

Every year with the arrival of spring fashionistas bloom with the most incredible bouquets. In 2018, the fashion will be:

  • sakura branches;
  • rose petals and buds;
  • spring lilac;
  • white snowdrops on a light green basis;
  • bright multicolored flowers on white.

It is worth noting that, unlike last year’s fashion for decorating one or two marigolds, this spring you can order the flower art design of all nail plates.

It will be possible to make such a manicure even at home, simply using special stickers with images of bright spring flowers.

Butterfly wings

Imitation of a luxurious butterfly wing pattern is an indisputable trend of the summer season. Bright colors and original design solutions will look great on both long and short legs.

Manicure butterfly wing spring 2018Manicure with butterflies summer 2018Neil-art butterfly summer of 2018Butterfly Wing - 2018 Manicure

Manicure with letters and inscriptions

In 2017, there were fashionable tights with poetic inscriptions, and in 2018 we will see the text as a stylish element of youth manicure.

Each woman of fashion with ease will pick up option of such manicure under the style of clothes and a desirable image. Classic black and white gamma will perfectly harmonize with a strict business style, and multi-color variations with bright inscriptions will decorate fashionable onions for a party or a romantic date.

Manicure with inscriptions spring-summer 2018Neil-art with letters Summer 2018The inscriptions on the nails fashion 2018Manicure with the letters Spring and Summer 2018

Stylish manicure to match the makeup

Often you can hear the recommendations of stylists to choose the color of lacquer to match the purse, shoes or items of clothing. In 2018, when choosing the color scale of Neil Art, you can also focus on the basic tone of makeup.

See how stylish and elegant this combination can look.

Manicure in tone fashion makeup 2018Nails in color shades spring-summer 2018The combination of manicure and makeup trends in 2018Manicure and makeup 2018 in lilac tones

Gold, Silver and Platinum

Shades of precious metals will be at the peak of popularity in the coming year. Brilliant and eye-catching, they are beautiful, practical and versatile, because they are easily combined with fashionable clothes of different colors and styles.

If you want to be truly brilliant in the spring-summer 2018 season, choose fashionable neil art imitating the original precious metal. Look for a more conservative solution - give preference to metallic varnishes of muted shades.

It is worth noting that stylists recommend not only using one shade of such varnish, but also combining different coatings according to texture or tones, thus creating complex exclusive designs.

Golden manicure - fashion 2018Manicure in gold tones spring-summer 2018Platinum Manicure 2018Fashionable manicure options in metallic color 2018 year

Neil art in the style of minimalism

Some fashion trends of past seasons will be relevant for the manicure of 2018, as in the images of spring-summer collections from well-known fashion designers, minimalistic neil-art is quite common. On the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York and London, a lot of interesting ideas were presented that will surely find their fans among the young and creative.

Manicure in the style of minimalism - fashion 2018Neil Art 2018 in the style of minimalismNude manicure 2018Minimalism in nail design - fashion 2018

The popularity of nude make-up dictates its own rules for manicure - in the spring-summer 2018 season, fashion trends allow you to use neutral soft colors, complementing them with small bright highlights in the form of a letter, a thin strip or a heart.

Also watch the video about fashion trends in manicure in 2018.

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