Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style

Not many already remember that distant Soviet time,when a part of the youth who did not want to put up with the gray monotony in clothes, music, behavior broke out of the narrow framework of everyday life. They were dudes - girls and guys, who, with their appearance and behavior, strove for the American way of life and thinking, tried to stand out from the crowd and declare themselves to the world.

The dandies appeared in the late 40's, inpost-war time. Then there was no variety in the choice of clothing, everyone went, let's say, a ranks and no one was recommended to stand out from the gray mass. Seeing how the style dressed, some envied their courage, others angrily condemned them for their freedom of thought and behavior. Different opinions were on this subject among the surrounding people, they were punished, expelled from the Komsomol, institutions, but cheerful, fervent and somewhat cynical young people did not retreat from their own.

Now often in stores you can find outfits,allowing you to choose a particular option for yourself, the main thing is to understand how to dress in style, what they wore, and what their clothes and accessories looked like. The main signs of style were: bright outfits, contrasting in color and texture, girls - a bright make-up, with shadows of saturated colors, black arrows, emphasizing the eyes, bright lipstick. The shoes of the girls were mostly in the form of lacquered boats with or without heels, the dresses were necessarily with a narrow top and a lush skirt, or narrow and short.

An obligatory attribute was a belt at the waist,moreover, he necessarily contrasted with the color of the dress. Hairstyles - intricate, in the form of seashells or curls, in the hair - ribbons and bows. And if you think that to put on a style party - do not forget about costume jewelry. Large earrings, beads, rings, bright massive bracelets - all of plastic, artificial pearls and other simple materials. Everything is bright, contrast, somewhat defiant. But, by no means vulgar! The dudes were elegant in their flashy beauty, the colors of their bright outfits were not full of wrong combinations, everything is beautiful and stylish.

Guys also need to know how to dress up style,if they want to plunge into the atmosphere of the merry 50's and feel free, fervent, somewhat cynical and protesting against everyone and everyone, like the guys of those years. Boys in times of strict morality as they could try to stand out, declare themselves as a person. For this they used a simple but stylish wardrobe. The mods wore narrow trousers, Hawaiian shirts, wore dark glasses and sharp-nosed shoes with bright-colored socks. The dandies protested against everything gray and dull, against the communist order, monotonous boring music, against imposed norms of behavior.

If you follow how to dress up the style of those years,then the question arises: where did they take all this entourage, how did they achieve such striking images among the gray, identical mass of the population, turned into a monotonous stream, from which it was not recommended to "pop out"? Yes, in those days it was necessary to contrive that in the absence of stylish clothes on the shelves of shops look so extravagant and provocative. Yes, they somehow got long bright jackets, make-up, found and tastefully selected costume jewelery, did a lot with their own hands. They sewed fashionable dresses, made stylish hairstyles, applied uncomplicated make-up, and made jewelry. The main thing is to be non-standard, bright, stylish and with a challenge to society and its foundations.

How to dress style, many remembered, and manyand discovered for themselves again, after watching the film Todorovsky "Dandies". Now you can often see parties in this style, corporate parties, home parties, even if you can, participate in this exciting game. Many showmen caught this fashionable wave and are using the tricks and achievements of the style to make an exciting and exciting show.

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Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style Fashion of Soviet times. How to dress up style