Fabric plant

May 17, 2011

Fabric plantThose who sew in the house probably accumulate a lot of patches and it turns out that all these pieces can be turned into something beautiful - for example, into a plant made of cloth. There are many ways to use pieces of fabric, but, as a rule, the smallest patches have to be thrown away. This article will discuss how to turn them into a houseplant, not inferior in beauty to fresh flowers.

Making a plant out of cloth is not so difficult, but it will take some time to work - the process of creating a plant is laborious and not fast. In the selection of fabric, the main principle is the compatibility of colors and patterns, that is, if you do not have enough pieces of one fabric for the whole tree, you can combine similar patches. It is better to choose fabrics that are similar in color and pattern to natural leaves: in green-brown-red tones. In this case, an improvised fabric plant will look organically.

For the manufacture of wood from the fabric will need: patches of fabric, interlining, wire for twigs, colored tape or floristic tape for winding stems, thread, scissors and sewing machine.

Fabric plant

  1. We wrap the wire with colored tape or floristic tape.
  2. Cut out leaves of the desired shape from the fabric.
  3. On the back of the leaves impose pieces of non-woven fabric for greater strength of the leaves. So they will keep good shape and not sag.
  4. We lay along the perimeter of the leaf, departing from the edge of a distance, a curly line, thus securing non-woven fabric. The line should follow the contours of the leaves and be flat.

    fabric flowers composition

  5. We attach the wire wrapped with a brown ribbon to the leaflet and fasten the stem with a decorative zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.
  6. From the resulting twigs with leaves form a plant. The finished bush or tree can be placed in a beautiful vase or flowerpots.

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