Exaltation of the Cross 2018

This holiday has more than a thousand years. Nevertheless, Christians of all denominations continue to honor him. Proof of this will be the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord in 2018. All Christian people will visit the temples and worship the Cross, on which our Savior was crucified. The congregation will again remember the suffering that Jesus went for our redemption.


What date is celebrated

Exaltation refers to one of the twelve most important holidays in the Christian faith. It is noted by all denominations without exception. True, different currents - this is a different date.

Our people are mostly Orthodox, so the holiday is celebrated on September 27, 188. It will be Thursday, working day.

Exaltation of the Cross 2018

When and how did the holiday come about?

According to an ancient legend, one day the Roman emperor Constantine, on the eve of an important battle, was visited by Jesus Christ himself, in whose hand was a cross. He informed the commander that he would defeat the enemy only thanks to the cross.The emperor believed Jesus and even inscribed a cross on his banner. As a result, a brilliant victory was won. After this, Konstantin finally became convinced of the correctness of the Christian faith. He commissioned Queen Helen to find the cross on which Christ was crucified. The emperor's mother made a lot of effort to find the place of execution of the Savior. Famous historians, cartographers and archeologists were connected to this.

The fact is that after the Resurrection of Jesus, the pagans tried their best to destroy this important event from people's memory. They literally razed to the ground everything that reminded of the Savior, and even buried the cross on which he was crucified. In place of Christian churches were built pagan religious buildings. So on the site of the temple of Solomon was built the Altar of Jupiter. The cave in which Jesus was buried was littered. At the main gate of the city of David, the pagans placed an image of a pig so that the Israelites would forget about their holy city forever. More than three hundred years have passed since that time, but Elena still managed to find the place where Jesus died and the cross on which he was crucified. For this, the ruins of the temples of Venus were cleared and the cave of the burial of Christ was excavated.

In fact, it was not easy at all. After all, not one cross was found, but three at once.As is known, two more thieves were crucified with Christ. Helena, together with the Bishop of Jerusalem, Macarius, turned to God to indicate which of the crosses is a sign of Salvation. At this time, not far from this place was a funeral procession. The deceased woman was brought to the artifacts, and the servants of the queen laid on her all the crosses in turn. The first attempts did not give any result. But when she touched the third cross, the woman opened her eyes, stood up, and began to glorify the Lord. All present immediately realized that in front of them was the instrument of execution of Jesus Christ. So was found one of the shrines of the Christian world.

Celebration of the Exaltation in Russia

After the introduction of Christianity in Russia, the people did not associate this holiday with any biblical events. Even in the pagan era at this time celebrated the harvest festival and farewell to the summer.

Only after some time, ordinary people began to go to church and perceive this holiday as the worship of the Cross, which has great power and is unable to withstand any forces. For the Orthodox, the Exaltation is considered the day of the struggle between good and evil, light and darkness.In this struggle, in the end, God's cross wins.

Currently, a solemn liturgy is held at the Elevation in the temples, in which parishioners recall the events of two thousand years ago.

Regardless of the day of the week, the church calls for strict fasting on this day. It is no coincidence that the Elevation is still popularly called a cabbage. This product is most often prepared for the holiday. The hostesses manage to cook a lot of delicious cabbage-containing dishes, such as:

  • borscht;
  • soup;
  • pies;
  • vareniki;
  • pies;
  • all kinds of salads, etc.

In some places, the Exaltation is called - Stavrov day. This name comes from the ancient Greek word "stavros", which means the cross.

Earlier in the Russian villages there was a tradition to burn or draw crosses on their dwellings in order to protect themselves from diseases and ills. In the villages in the barn also brought all kinds of amulets in the form of a cross, so as not to be sick cattle. Do not forget about the bins with the harvest. On this day, they were illuminated so that the old stocks would be preserved until the new harvest.

In order for life to be prosperous, processions were held in Russian villages.People sent each other greetings and wished prosperity and health.

Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord 2018. What is the number of Orthodox traditions, omens, conspiracies

There was a belief that after the Exaltation, nature stops:

  • migratory birds leave our lands;
  • forest creatures hide in burrows;
  • everything sinks into winter sleep.

Ends last warm days.

What not to do on this day

  • At the Exposure can not eat food of animal origin. There is even a saying about this, which says that those who fast, the seven sins will be forgiven.
  • On a holiday, you also can’t start new businesses and do hard physical work, as well as sew and wash.
  • As in other Christian holidays, it is not recommended to commit bad deeds against other people, use bad language and even think badly about anyone.
  • There is also an opinion that one should not go to the forest on the erection There that day the devil recounts all the animals.
  • It is also recommended to keep the house closed. On this day, snakes can crawl into your home looking for a place to hibernate.
  • The old men argue that at the Annunciation it is necessary to bypass the places where the murders were committed.
  • It is also not necessary to cross the unknown tracks on the ground.They can leave the forest scum. Otherwise, a person may get sick.

At the Exposition, it was decided to sprinkle their home with consecrated water in order to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.


Very often on this day the birds fly to the southern edges. When you see them, you can make a wish, which, according to experts, is sure to be fulfilled.

Installation of the cross on the church and bells in the church: This procedure is done exclusively on the Exaltation.
High departure geese says about: high water
Wind from the north to: warm summer
Frosty morning on the Exaltation foreshadows: early winter
A clear and warm day to: late winter
A cold snap means that: early spring


Immediately after the holiday, the so-called maiden evening begins. If a girl, going to them, reads a special conspiracy seven times, then one of the guys will definitely pay attention to her.

Earlier, from the Exaltation to the Intercession, the girls burned bonfires and made all kinds of love spells.

Particularly popular conspiracies that should be pronounced in the evening at dawn right on the porch of the house. True, for this house must have its own basement.

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