Eraser Bracelet Crystal Clear

The German company Invisibobble in recent yearsbecame popular all over the world. It's all about the hair bands she's releasing. One of these hair accessories is called Crystal Clear ("crystal clear"). What is this novelty so unique?

Description of elastic band-bracelet

A real Crystal Clear Crystal bracelet is made in the USA or England.

In form, it resembles a telephone cord. The color is transparent. But Invizi Bubble has many colors in the assortment. You can use it for both adults and children's hairstyles. Material - strong silicone. To return the elongated rubber band in the past, it is enough to immerse it for several minutes in hot water.elastic hair band

You can wear an accessory like a bracelet. The rubber bands are sold in packs of three.

What is the uniqueness of the accessory?

  1. Does not cause a headache. The usual elastic band pulls the hair together. As a result, after a prolonged wearing of a tail or a bundle, headaches appear. Eraser bracelet for hair eliminates such a significant nuisance. She does not pull off her hair and does not disturb the blood circulation on the hairline.
  2. The elastic does not leave any marks after wearing on the hair. It's all about the spiral shape of the product. Even if the tail is tightened, there will be no traces on the hair.
  3. Waterproof material allows you to wear Crystal Clear in swimming pools, saunas, at sea and in training.
  4. Eraser bracelet for hair can be always at hand, if you use it for the second purpose (as an ornament on your wrist).
  5. Suitable for both heavy and thick hair, and for curly and thin.
  6. The elastic does not damage the hair. After removing the product, no hair remains on it.
  7. The accessory Crystal Clear looks stylishly on the hand and is almost invisible in the hair.

Eraser bracelet for hair: reviews

On forums and in online stores you can readBoth positive and not very flattering impressions about the product. Reviews of elastic band bracelet for hair has collected a lot. But in order to fully understand the situation, first consider negative feedback. They can be divided into two parts. The first opinions from people who have acquired a Chinese counterfeit, the second - from the owners of the original thing. The first complain about the lack of almost all the advantages described above. The elastic band pulls the hair, leaves the creases and does not hold the tail of thick hair. Moreover, after two or three wearing it can be thrown out - it does not recover after hot water. Spike is rough enough and hair is clinging to it.

There are those who are dissatisfied with the original. Among them, women with thin and curly hair. They have a long time releasing an elastic band of hair. Some are unhappy with the price and do not see anything original in the accessory. By the way, many girls compared the original and fake. And oddly enough, there are people who like the cheap analog more.

elastic hair band crystal clear

Representatives of the fair sex whoelastic-bracelet for the hair fell in love, share their impressions. The very first thing that happy owners have noted is the absence of headaches. The original Crystal Clear is made of high-quality soft material without rough scars. For many women, it has become a real find. All this is due to the lack of marks from wearing, comfort and unusual shape.

What is the difference between the fake and the original

The present elastic band-bracelet Crystal Clear from firmInvisibobble in online stores costs about 240 rubles per package. Chinese analogues can be purchased at a lower price: from 49 rubles for three pieces.

elastic band bracelet for hair reviews

The quality of this gum can be immediately appreciatedvisually. It is, as a rule, smaller in diameter of its "imitators", it does not have scars and irregularities. Despite the thinner cord, Invisibobble Crystal Clear is much stronger. After wearing the day, the elastic becomes the same shape overnight.

In any case, the thing is original enough and not so expensive. Therefore, it is worth assessing its quality.

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