Enrollment in class 1 for 2018-2019

According to the regulations approved by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, in order to enroll a child in grade 1, parents or legal representatives must undergo a number of procedures, including filing an electronic application, submitting a package of documents and waiting for the conclusion of school guidance. To save time and nerves, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the subtleties of these procedures in order to pass them in time and see your child at the desk in the future. Especially it concerns cases when it is necessary to get to a specific educational institution to a specific teacher.

Deadline for application

By order of the Guidelines of the Education Committee of the Russian Federation, there are clear deadlines when it is necessary to apply for admission to school. The applicants are grouped into three categories, each of which has a separate date of entry in the first class for 2018-2019:

  • 12.2017-05.09.2018 - children for whom the right of first-priority admission is determined (but when submitting an application after 01/20/2018, preferential privileges are lost and enrollment in a school takes place only subject to availability of free places);
  • 01.2018-30.06.2018 - children registered in the territory assigned to the selected school (when sent later, these privileges are also lost and enrollment is carried out in turn);
  • 07.2018 -05.09.2018 - children with registration in other areas not assigned to the selected school (subject to the shortage of students).

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The application must be sent strictly within the established deadlines, since a refusal will be issued for applications sent before the indicated dates. For example, if a child residing in a territory assigned to a school institution does not have privileges for a priority admission, then the application must be made out starting from January 20, 2018.

The right of priority enrollment is reserved for children who have:

  • parents are on the staff of the security forces (police, etc.) or dismissed from there due to their state of health;
  • parents are on the staff of the selected educational institution;
  • parents are acting employees of the executive, fire, customs, state drug control, dismissed due to health conditions or died during the performance of official duties;
  • parents died as a result of the fulfillment of their duty or illness, which appeared during the performance of their duties or within a year after dismissal due to deterioration of health;
  • older sisters or brothers are already studying at the chosen educational institution;
  • There is documented evidence of disability.

One of the parents or legal representative has the right to apply for the child to be registered in the 1st grade.

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Denial of admission from the school administration is possible for two reasons:

  1. If there are no vacancies in classes (according to SanPin norms, the number of children should not exceed 25 people).
  2. If the applicant does not provide the necessary documents.

If such a situation arises, it is possible to clarify in which nearby school institutions vacant places were left by contacting the Department of Education.

Age of first graders

According to the norms established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, children from 6.5 years old to full 8 years old are enrolled for education in the first grade. Legislative norms indicate that they should not have any contraindications for the medical part for admission to an educational institution.

If the parents or legal guardians decide to give the child to the 1st grade, whose age is beyond the established limits, a statement should be sent to the head of the educational institution, the decision on which will be made on an individual basis. Previously, applicants need to obtain permission from the executive bodies of the state power, which is under the jurisdiction of the school.

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Electronic recording form

To record the future first grader in one of the schools in Moscow for 2018-2019 can only be in electronic form, which allows you to save your time and not stand idle for a long time in queues. The electronic recording service is provided by the Department of Education by filling out an electronic form on one of the sites:

  • the official website of the Mayor of Moscow at www.mos.ru/pgu/ru/services/procedure/0/0/7700000000162582077/?onsite_from=3532;
  • Internet portal of public services at gosuslugi.ru/104040/2/info (followed by redirection to the website of the Mayor of Moscow).

To access the service, you need to log in to your account, which requires prior authorization in the Unified System for Identification and Authentication. It can be taken at the nearby multifunctional center by contacting the original passport and SNILS.

To receive the service you need:

  1. Fill out the proposed form with the fields with information about the applicant and the future first-grader.
  2. Specify no more than three schools assigned to the territory of the place of registration, a list of which will open after specifying the address of registration. If only 1-2 schools are chosen, an additional list will open with all the school institutions of the capital, but it will be possible to get into them only after the first of August, provided that students are not available.
  3. After filling in all the fields of the form, you need to send an application for verification.
  4. Submit a package of documents to the selected school institution.
  5. Wait for the decision, which will be reflected in the Personal Account in the "Applications" section and duplicated to the specified email address.

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On a note! The legislation of the Russian Federation does not provide for the passage of entrance examinations for children when registering in class 1.

Access to view and fill out the electronic form will open to all categories of applicants after December 15, 2017. At that, the function of saving the draft of the completed electronic application will appear. But it should be sent only after receiving applications for the relevant category.

There is no need to go through the procedure of electronic registration in 1 class for 2018-2019 year for parents whose children attend a pre-school at the selected school. It is enough for them to only draw up an application addressed to the director of the complex in order to issue a transfer from kindergarten to the first class.

Required documents

After registration of the electronic application, it is necessary to submit a package of documents for consideration within 3 working days. To do this, come to school with:

  • a document confirming the identity of the applicant (passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, temporary certificate);
  • birth certificate of the future first-grader (copy and original);
  • documentary evidence of the priority right to enroll to study (if any);
  • a copy of documentary evidence of the place of registration / actual residence;
  • medical card and medical insurance policy;
  • the conclusion of the psychological-medical-pedagogical commission, confirming the possibility of studying the school program before reaching 6.5 years or after full 8 years (if necessary).

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Foreign citizens and stateless persons must provide documentary evidence of the applicants' kinship or the legality of representing the interests of the future first-grader.Foreigners also need to translate them into Russian in a specialized bureau before submitting the documents and notarize the translation.

If the documents are not provided within the terms indicated above, the application decides about the refusal. It is necessary to understand that sending an application is not identical to enrolling in class 1: you can guarantee admission only after filling out the corresponding order of the director of the specified educational institution. The decision is made by the school management within 4-5 business days after the applicant has applied for the original documents, about which he is notified by e-mail. The main determining criterion in the consideration of each application will be a territorial factor (place of residence of the future first-grader).

Useful tips

Parents (legal representatives) of the future first-grader before the opening of school enrollment for 2018-2019 will be useful:

  • learn about the types of school institutions in the country, approved by the latest Law of the Russian Federation "On Education";
  • clarify the list of educational institutions geographically assigned to the area of ​​residence;
  • to find out whether the right of first-priority income is provided for the family;
  • go to open days at school (events are scheduled for November 18);
  • visit other school events, information about which is published on the website of the educational institution or in groups of social networks;
  • to assess the abilities and level of development of the future first-grader in order to think out possible training options;
  • decide on the need for additional training (preparatory courses, developmental classes, etc.);
  • be registered on the public services portal and get acquainted with its structure and principles of operation.

Such recommendations will help to determine in advance the school where the future first-grader will be comfortable to learn, and save himself from additional troubles at the time when the application is open.

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