Dumbo - the 2019 film

Over the past few years, Disney has been successfully reviving well-known fairy tales, rewriting them in a modern way. After the film adaptation of “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Book of the Jungle” in 2019, it will be Dambo’s turn. The film is also likely to experience crazy popularity among fans all over the world, new record views for the weekend and the day it started to be rolled out.



The plot is based on an original cartoon from the Walt Disney studio of 1941, which appeared at the box office in 1942, about an elephant with unprecedented ears. They are big, even bigger than any elephant. Thanks to them, the elephant can fly like a bird! Amazing baby stork gives to the circus, a kind and affectionate elephant. But the other inhabitants of the circus zoo begin to ruthlessly mock Dumbo for the "flaw", ridiculing the ears. The adoptive mother stands up for protection and for this she is locked in a cage.

In this film adaptation, the cinema visitors will get acquainted with new characters and additional storylines. For example, a closer acquaintance with Holt Farier, a war veteran.Having returned from the battlefields, a valiant soldier, and in the past a circus star, can in no way find himself in the post-war world. He needs to find a livelihood, have two children, but no one wants to hire a single father. And here Holt meets the owner of a traveling circus Mark Medisi. He takes him to his troupe to care for a small pet - an elephant. Max, frankly, things are not going well either. The big top does not bring enough profit, there are almost no spectators, employees demand a salary, animals need to be fed, and even Max himself also wants to feel financially calm.

Holt binds to a small ward, spends a lot of time with him. The children of Mr. Farier do not mind the soul in the pet. And just the same, they will learn about the main secret of the elephant - the ability to fly. Of course, this news does not remain a secret for long, an enterprising businessman Vandemer learns about a miracle. He immediately realizes that you can make good money on a flying elephant and outbid the animal in his own show “Fairy Tale Country” in order to profit from the sensation. The flying elephant participates in the room along with the aerial gymnast, the beautiful French woman Colette, planning on the unusual ears under the dome of the tent.Holt, however, accidentally learns that the situation in the country is not fabulous for a long time, they are bullied and offended at animals. Farier must rescue Dumbo, who has a hard time from being shown to the public as a wonder.

Who is the creator

The film was directed by the great Tim Burton, the genius of the dark comedy, famous for the projects “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and “Alice in Wonderland”. The talent of the two-time winner of the Oscar award was previously manifested in all its glory in the Mrs. Peregrin's House of Weird Children and other fantasy. In parallel, Tim will be filming the sequel to the Beatlejus.

Tim Burton

Scenario cartoon "Dumbo" in 2019 based on the story of the writer Helen Aberson, and he wrote the Hollywood master Ehren Kruger ("The Brothers Grimm", "Call", "Scream").

Produce the film "Dumbo" Derek Frey, who worked with Burton on the "Corpse of the Bride", Cutterly Frouenfelder, another old friend Tim ("Charlie and the chocolate factory"), and, in fact, screenwriter Kruger.

Date of the premiere of "Dumbo" on Russian screens - March 29, 2019. Currently, shooting is in full swing.


Judging by the actors involved in the shooting, the film “Dumbo” in 2019 is waiting for a dizzying success. What is worth one Colin Farrell! But it is he who will play the role of Holt.This charismatic Irish film character has already become popular with the public after “Minority Opinion” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live”. Recall that Farrell is the owner of the Golden Globe for the protagonist in M. McDonagh's drama “To lay low in Bruges”, and also claimed this prize in 2017 for “Lobster”.

Collin Farrell in Dumbo

Initially, Will Smith tried to look at Farrier’s image, but because of the tight schedule and filming of the continuation of The Bad Boys, he had to refuse.

Max Medisi, the owner of the circus, will come to life thanks to the comic talent of D. De Vito (“Pulp Fiction”).

Eva Green (Casino Royale, Mrs. Peregrin's House of Weird Children), Golden Globe nominee, won the role of Colette.

Denis De Vito and Eva Green

The main anti-hero, Valdemar, got Michael Keaton. The popular artist is well acquainted with Tim Burton, as he performed the Beatlejus in Burton’s longtime work. Of course, we will definitely meet Kiton in the sequel, so on Dumbo the cooperation of these two film industry talents will not stop.

Michael keaton


The first trailer of the film “Dumbo” 2019 has already been released, so inquisitive viewers can be inspired by beautiful, almost animated graphics, fantastic musical series and characters.

Important! Cinema shot for an audience of 6+.

The fabulous story about the cute elephant is a true family movie about good and evil, honor and conscience, about helping the weak and about humanity, even if it is in relation to an animal, not to man.

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