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What do you dream about Tomato?

Tomatoes are almost always an auspicious symbol. This is especially a good sign for the sick, because it promises them a speedy recovery. The rest can be expected a pleasant acquaintance, which will soon grow into a strong friendship. If in a dream you eat this vegetable, it means that your health is in perfect order and in the near future nothing threatens it. To plant tomatoes in a dream - to the arrival of sudden, but pleasant guests, who will bring with them positive news.

why dream of a tomato

If you see or eat a huge red tomato, soon in vain you will experience unprecedented pleasure. But a green or unripe tomato is a bewilderment and a sharp deterioration in the situation.

Psychological interpreter

What did Tomato dream according to Gestalt psychology:

Remember how in childhood many learned to kiss on tomatoes? It is the love meaning and carries this vegetable for our subconscious.So, if you are planting seedlings in a dream, you are determined to sort out your personal life or start a complicated relationship first.

If you are harvesting bright and ripe tomatoes, then in reality it’s time to reap the fruits of your own efforts both in your career and in your personal life. Cutting tomatoes in a dream is a sign that your subconscious mind is trying to throw out unbridled passion, and the best thing you can do is help it.

Romantic dream book

If you had a dream about Tomato, what does this mean for you:

If in a dream you grow tomatoes at home, it means that in reality you will soon encounter a rival who wants to discourage your loved one. You should not worry in vain - your partner will always be faithful to you. If ripe and juicy tomatoes dream of a free girl - this is a quick romantic acquaintance, busy - to a magnificent and festive wedding. If you dream watering tomatoes in a dream, you will soon come across a bright and unexpected feeling that will lead you to an alliance with the person who is the right person for you.

dream tomato tomato

Slavic dream book

Dreamed Tomato in a dream, what is it:

Tomato - good health. Sexual pleasures.

Dreaming housewives

Dreamed Tomato in a dream, interpretation:

Tomato - passion. There are tomatoes - sex, satisfying, growing or ripe tomatoes - happiness and joy in family life.

British dream book

tomato in a dream

What does Tomato mean in a dream?

Tomato - Tomatoes were once called apples of love and were considered an aphrodisiac mainly due to the bright color and a variety of small seeds. Interestingly, according to some studies, the consumption of tomatoes can help prevent a number of male diseases, such as prostate cancer. Why dream: Tomatoes in a dream can indicate a healthy sex life.

Jewish dream book

What does it mean if I had a dream about Tomato:

What do Tomatoes mean in a dream - To see growing immature green tomatoes Sleep, having dreamed in the spring - to the disease; in the summer - to refuse to fulfill your request; in the fall - to failures and losses; in winter - to chagrin and chagrin. To see growing ripe red tomatoes. Sleep, dreamed in spring - to improve one’s well-being; in the summer - to luck; in the fall - to an unexpected find; in the winter - to luck and execution of the conceived. There are immature green tomatoes. Sleep, dreamed in spring, meansthat you will receive an unpleasant letter or you will have an unpleasant meeting; dreamed of in the summer, it means that you will be drawn into an unpleasant story; and in the fall - that someone will start up bad rumors about you. Dream, dreamed in the winter - to the ailment. There are ripe red tomatoes. Dream, dreamed of in spring - to receive a letter that gives you pleasure; in the summer - to a pleasant surprise; he dreamed in the fall, he warns that they are trying to cheat you; and in the winter - to well-being.

Magic dream book

Dreamed in a dream Tomato - what does it mean?

You dreamed Tomatoes - ripe tomatoes - fortunately married for many years. Green tomatoes - a manifestation of impatience. There are tomatoes - to health.

Dream interpretation of healer Akulina

Dreamed Tomato - what does sleep mean?

What do tomatoes mean in a dream? Happiness and joy in family life. Imagine making a tomato salad and feed the whole family.

Dream interpretation A. Mindell

What does Tomato mean?

dream about tomato in a dream

Why do you dream? Tomatoes - you see growing tomatoes in a dream - a dream says that you are a zealous owner, you spend all your free time at home, at home; you are in perfect order everywhere; you will live a long happy life.A young woman sees ripe tomatoes in a dream - this woman will have a happy marriage. A young woman dreams of immature tomatoes - in love this woman will be disappointed. It is as if you are eating tomatoes - if you are sick, then recovery will soon come. It's like you are marinating tomatoes - your loved ones will bother you; instead of having a rest after work, you will have to deal with the affairs of relatives.

Big Dream Phoebe

Dreamed and what does Tomato mean in a dream?

What do Tomatoes mean in a dream - to happiness and joy in family life. Imagine a vegetable garden where a rich and abundant crop of tomatoes grew. You harvest this crop and see that all the fruits are large, ripe, red, without a single flaw. Having gathered a big harvest, you bite on a tomato - it turns out to be very tasty and juicy. You eat a few tomatoes, and from the rest you make a salad that you treat your entire family to and each of them gives you a handful of whole tomatoes.

Sonic birthday

Given the date of birth, Tomato is dreaming:

If you were born in spring, why dream about ripe tomatoes on the bushes - to the joy and happiness in family life. Green tomato in a dream to bewilderment.

If you were born in the summer, what a dream that you eat tomatoes in a dream means that you are recovering. Growing tomatoes promise you happiness and joy in family life.

If you were born in the autumn, what did you dream about in a dream is red tomatoes - to the delight, this is the meaning of what this dream is for. There are tomatoes or dishes from them in a dream - to recover from the disease. Growing tomatoes foreshadow happiness and joy in family life.

If you were born in winter, why does a girl dream that she is eating ripe fruit in a dream - she will be happy in marriage. Tomatoes - Secret love is an interpretation of what you dreamed at night.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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A comment

I opened the bucket, and there the pickled green tomatoes. I started turning them over.and found a pickled apple I ate it with pleasure.
A comment

I dreamed that women said that small red tomatoes still remained on the bushes in the field. then they brought me a whole box.
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I had a dream, as if I were walking along the beds and I saw tomatoes there and they were ripe and green, but I don’t look at them and move on, in the end I see such a bush there are dark green and big tomatoes and I’m saying when I’ll eat it mine and do not let anyone. And what does this mean, I would like to know?
A comment

I stole tomatoes from my aunt in her apartment. I stole ripe ones. but turned out to be rotten in my box.
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I dreamed that I was walking in a beautiful garden and I saw a small bottle and many red and juicy tomatoes were growing nearby, what does this dream mean to answer !?
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but I had a dream about blue tomatoes ... I know for sure that they were tomatoes, sliced. Sour cream ... I asked in a dream, "What a strange color?" I was answered "-new sort.kommunarka" I remember that in a dream it amused me ...

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