Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe

In this article, we'll talk about howto cook home eclairs. Step-by-step recipe read below. But in the beginning - a bit of theory. Products from the coveted dough are numerous. Among them there are three kinds of baking: eclairs, profiteroles and shu. The base of the dough makes them. It is brewed in a special way. When baking, the dough is swelled due to the evaporation of moisture, and internal voids are formed. The increase in the product in size and gave the name of profiteroles (profit means "profit"). And the word "eclair" is translated from French as "lightning". Probably, this name is given to buns because they are very swiftly inflating. Profiteroles and eclairs must be stuffed with stuffing, more often sweet (custard, protein, butter cream, condensed milk, chocolate). But you can find products stuffed with cottage cheese, mushrooms, minced meat. Shu, due to the small size (up to two centimeters in diameter), is served to broths and soups without stuffing - like bread or crackers.Dough for eclairs at home

Dough for eclairs in the home: preliminary actions

Make it even a novice cook. An important condition for a good brewing test is that when baking, in no case should the oven door be opened. Eggs are another key to success. They should be room temperature. Therefore, a few hours before we begin to knead the dough for eclairs at home, lay out four eggs from the refrigerator. Now we will look for two pots of the appropriate diameter. It is required that one can completely enter the other and steadily settle on its bottom. In this case, a small saucepan should contain all the dough. You probably already guessed that there are preparations for a water bath. This culinary trick we will use to brew dough for eclairs at home.Eclairs recipe test


Pour into a large pot of water on atwo-thirds. We set it on fire. We load the smaller one into it. Water should not be poured over the edges of this container. In a small saucepan, too, pour water. But the amount determined by the prescription is two hundred and fifty milliliters (glass). We cut into pieces a hundred grams of butter. We add a pinch of salt. Wait until the heated water from the large pan melts the oil in a small one. This method will not allow fat to burn. The oil will come into contact with water. Do not pull out a small saucepan. We put there two hundred grams of white wheat flour. Here begins the most difficult. We need to stir hot oil with flour, so that not a single lump remains. This should be done with a wooden spatula. It is permissible to use a submersible mixer. But they need to act very carefully, so that the coronas do not spread sprays and flour all over the kitchen. Numerous recipes of eclairs at home converge in one: the dough should be homogeneous, without lumps.Eclairs step by step


Once the flour is fully connected to the oilremove the pan from the boiling water. Again, knead the dough. We work with a wooden spatula for about five minutes. So the dough, first, will cool down more quickly, and secondly, it will become more elastic. Now it's time to drive the eggs. We do this strictly one at a time and constantly mix the mass up to complete homogeneity. Dough for eclairs in the home to cook - no problem, the main thing is not to rush and have patience. The mass should not turn out either liquid or excessively steep. The dough will blur when trying to give it a shape, but also to stretch slightly behind the spoon. By the time of the end of the batch, we should already have heated the oven. Turn the fire to two hundred degrees. Cover the pan with parchment paper.


Now we are baking our eclairs (recipewe have already mastered the test). We remember that their name cakes have received from the property to increase rapidly in size. Therefore, we place them on the baking tray so that the products in the oven are not stuck together in a single lump. Profitroles can be planted on parchment paper with a regular table spoon. But the eclairs must have an elongated form of rods ten centimeters long. Therefore, we can not do without a confectionery bag. Is there no such device in the house? It does not matter: the confectionery bag will replace the usual strong cellophane bag. Fill it with a test. Clamp the edges. Crop the tip of the cone. Voilà! The confectionery bag is ready for use. We extrude the dough from it into the culinary paper. We form sticks with a length of five to seven centimeters, leaving approximately the same distance between them. We send the eclairs to the oven for ten minutes. After that, we reduce the temperature to one hundred and eighty degrees. Bake another twenty minutes. Only then it is permissible to open the oven door.How to make home eclairs


So we got hollow buns. They should be evenly golden, dry on all sides, and when tapping the dough should make a deaf sound, indicating the presence of voids inside. These "blanks" can be quite a long time - several months - stored in a freezer in a sealed package. In the case of unexpected guests, you only have to prepare the cream and stuff them ready eclairs. The recipe of the test will allow it to remain fresh and for several days - if you place the blanks in a tightly tied package. But in any case - whether you will prepare cakes for serving on the table immediately, or hold them for the time being - the finished products need to be completely cooled. Because the cream, hitting a hot environment, can behave unexpectedly.Julia vysotskaya eclairs

Cooking stuffing

Classic eclairs contain in their gentlecavity custard. But this is not at all a firm rule. You can cook cakes with any other filler, stuff them with boiled condensed milk, jam, chocolate-nut mass like "Nutella". Ideas can not be counted. Let us dwell on the recipe of the Italian meringue. This cream is so tender, almost weightless. With merengoy you will get very delicious eclairs. It is very easy to do it, but you will need four hands. Mix one hundred and thirty grams of sugar and forty milliliters of water. Cook the syrup to the degree of extreme thickening, when caramel threads begin to stretch behind the spoon. The second person at this time whipping with a mixer two squirrels. The foam should be stable, but without solid peaks. We pour the syrup into the squirrels in a thin trickle, without stopping working with a mixer at the same speed of rotation. When the meringue becomes dense and shiny, you can add some flavor - vanilla or essence.Eclair recipes at home

Serving on the table

Making a cream is half the battle. Now they need to stuff hollow buns. Eclair recipes at home offer two options. The first is the simplest. Cut the buns along in half, smear the eclair with a cream like a sandwich. The second method requires the presence of a confectionery syringe. And the cream in this case should be quite elastic. We make a hole in the crust, we introduce filler. And the final touch is glaze. It can be chocolate, sugar, caramel. You can decorate the surface of the products with coconut shavings, meringue or jelly.Delicious eclairs

Julia Vysotskaya: eclairs from the cooking star

And as offers us to make famous cakesCooking? She prefers to replace the water with milk. In this case, you can do without a water bath - just warm up all the ingredients for the dough over low heat. We also add a little vanillin for flavor. When the dough becomes thick, we remove it from the fire and, continually mixing it, we introduce one egg at a time. Bake buns need at two hundred and twenty degrees for the first ten minutes, and then for another quarter of an hour to keep at one hundred and ninety centigrade. Creating eclairs step by step, you should pay attention to the cream. We have already said that there are many of its recipes - from the classic custard to pistachio or lemon. Vysotskaya proposes to make a cream for eclairs from corn flour (25 g), three yolks and sugar powder (fifty grams). Beat all these ingredients to a white, thick foam. We raise a glass of milk. We put it on the fire and bring it to a boil. This warm cream is filled with our eclairs.

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Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe Dough for eclairs at home: a step-by-step culinary recipe