Do-it-yourself picture frames

May 6, 2009
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Do-it-yourself picture framesIn this article we will explain how to make picture frames with your own hands, and those in which the picture “hangs in the air.”
If you managed to buy a picture in the market, and you don’t like its frame, then it may not be so easy to pick up another one, especially one that will be in harmony with the frames of your other pictures.
But the frame can be made independently. We will show how you can make a frame in which the picture is “hanging in the air,” that is, it seems that it is not fixed in the frame. This design has no secret: the picture is attached to the frame at the back with small screws.
Well, the effect, i.e. the impression that the picture is like an out of frame is provided by a distance of 5-7 mm between the frame and the picture and the black color of the inside of the frame.
The cost of manufacturing the frame is not large.
For frame size 40 x 60 cm:

  • 4 slats 15 x 33 x 700 mm
  • 4 slats 15 x 33 x 500 mm in size
  • primer
  • matt black and silver spray paint
  • varnish
  • joiner's glue fixing brackets

Do-it-yourself picture frames

Picture frame

  1. First, fasten two slats in the corners with white wood glue and hidden-nails. IMPORTANT! Nails can not be hammered in places where later we will make oblique cuts on the slats.
  2. Slightly round the edges. It is easiest to perform a small plane or emery board. Remove excess glue with a wet rag, and remove frozen stone with a chisel or grind.
  3. Double-coat slats with a primer. Do not forget to polish the slats before each painting, and also fill the holes from the nails. Smooth frame looks more beautiful.
  4. Accurately measure the picture. Around it should remain a distance of 5-7 mm to create the effect of "flight".
  5. Cut slats as accurately as possible. For best results, it is better to use a panel saw. But you can use the tray for oblique sawing and a saw with small teeth.
  6. We apply paint from a barrel (but it is possible and a brush). First - black matte. Paint dries day. Close the inside of the rails and double-coat the slats with silver paint (at 10-minute intervals). Lacquer the silver painted surface. To prevent the frame from aging too quickly, cover it with clear varnish after the silver paint has dried.
  7. Now the frame can be assembled. Spray the parts with wood glue and leave for a few minutes to be absorbed into the wood. Then we fasten the parts in the back with three 14 mm clips.
  8. The frame assembled from the slats is compressed with a tape clip. TIP: for the manufacture of a large frame tape clip is not suitable, use a belt for tightening.

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