DIY Easter cards in a different technique

Hello everyone, hello !! Today I propose to include you with your imagination and work with your hands, as we will make beautiful congratulations for the Light holiday.

Let me remind you that there is already an excellent selection about this, and from various materials at hand, and we also learned how to make souvenirs in the form of Easter eggs. So if you need ideas about this, come in, do not hesitate.

Well, the question of congratulations for any holiday is always considered relevant, and it is very cool to receive gifts that are made with your own hands. And the postcard, just always and at all times, was an excellent gift, and if you still make it in a special style and with taste, then such a wish would also be original.


For you, already in the established tradition, I found the coolest and most beautiful, in my opinion, congratulations, which are made of different materials. So read and choose !!

What kind of greeting cards for Easter can be made with your own hands

So, after reviewing our almighty Internet, I just felt dizzy from the fact that you can do so much. And the work is different in its complexity. There are those with whom the smallest will cope, but there are more difficult ones where an adult’s help is needed.

Let's get acquainted with the options of creative wishes.

Look at the cute testicles made using the scrapbooking technique. How to make such a miracle you will learn a little later, so read everything to the end.

Here is a great idea for younger students. You just need to take an A4 sheet, trim the edges with curly scissors and draw a thematic story, decorating with ribbons and sparkles.

But the idea, made of cardboard and prepared images, you just have to cut and paste the details.

Look what a charming bunny !! It is made of ordinary geometric shapes, decorated with flowers and a ribbon.

And here you see the elements of quilling and appliqués from yellow napkins. Everything is done simply, but it looks spectacular.

A great option is the application of the basket, and the stands can be made using cotton buds.

This job is for older guys, well, or adults. It is necessary to possess both taste and accuracy in order to precisely cut and beautifully glue small parts.

Also, the product can be made of fabric, for example, use thin cloth napkins or felt, and take velvet cardboard as a basis.

See what interesting ideas you found in the Country of Masters, it looks very symbolic and festive.

Here is another work from felt. These bulky yellow chicks will cheer anyone up!

Well, where without the bulk 3-d options. Such a delight will do later.

As you have noticed, all gifts are performed with the image of the undeniable attributes of the holiday: chickens, eggs, rabbits, baskets, etc. It is understandable why, because preparations without such symbolism will not be festive, just as this day will not be bright without tasty Easter cakes and painted eggs.

Easy Easter Greetings for Kids

The following works of course will contain the above attributes, so do not be surprised. And naturally, our children are the main creators in this matter, and we as teachers and parents should help them develop in this direction.

Together with the child, you can cut the halves of the shells and draw the rest of the details with a felt-tip pen, then decorate with additional elements.

Here is a variant of a very simple application: we cut the grass out of the corrugations, and the eggs out of colored paper.

And to do this work, prepare a template of a rabbit and an oval. Cut out the whole oval first, then another, but cut the halves into cloves and glue it onto the full oval around the edges to make a pocket. Insert into it any hero and decorate. Behind write a wish.

And how do you find such a kind of abstraction? I think it looks super !!

You can draw a postcard or make of plasticine, as well as use napkins, cotton pads.

An interesting plot of circled palms. I think you will agree with me that children love to make such crafts.

See how easy and simple, and most importantly quickly, you can make a congratulatory egg. I think the implementation scheme is clear, so I do not explain in detail.

Do not forget about the Easter tree. Older kids can cut the branches themselves, and younger guys can draw them.

Here is a variant of tissue application. Looks amazing, also pleasant to the touch.

Ordinary rabbit made of cardboard and a tail of knitting yarn. In my opinion, a decent job and looks original.

Here is such a cute and spring plot of glued colored halves.

The next idea is to fold the envelope, prepare a rabbit pattern. Then you will only have to cut and decorate everything.

Another version of the volume postcard on the steps, remember, on February 23, we considered in detail the scheme of such work.

And another cool souvenir. Very gentle looking. If you have younger children, then prepare the details yourself, and then glue them with the baby.

Phased manufacturing process of "Chicken" of paper and cardboard

Well, so far we have not gone far from the presents, made from paper and cardboard available for all, I offer you a detailed master class of this postcard.

We will need: wrapping paper, thick paper, stationery knife, colored paper, glue, scissors, ruler.

Manufacturing process:

1. First, make two thick paper blanks. The dimensions of one is 15 cm by 12 cm, and the second one is 15 cm by 15 cm. We will fasten parts to the second base, therefore, bend it 3 cm from the lower edge of the base.

2Now back off from the left edge by 3 cm and the same from the right, and draw stripes, the width should be 1 cm, and the length is 3 cm. Take a clerical knife and cut through the lines. You need to make three such strips.

3. Next, you need to bend these strips to make a stand for other elements. And then glue the main part with the inside.

4. If desired, cover the base with wrapping paper.

5. Cut eggs, chicken out of thick paper or cardboard, and decorate them to your liking.

6. Glue the blanks on the steps and glue the feathers as decoration.

In this way, you can make gifts not only with chicken, but also with a chicken, rooster or rabbit. Or maybe you want to put the church at the head, it will look great too.

Video on how to make a card in the technique of quilling

She also found a great story for you with a step-by-step explanation of how to make a souvenir using quilling. Moreover, the complexity of the work is minimal, not even experienced.

And if you already have experience, I suggest choosing the options from the following photo selection:

  • Easter basket

  • The symbolic image of the Cross

  • Delicious cake

  • Colorful eggs

  • Fun rabbit

  • Easter cake with angels

Agree that such works look special. There is in them a kind of mystery and infinite tenderness.

Corrugated paper or simple napkins

Well, we move further, and stocking napkins and corrugations, as for the following options, we really need them.

Decorate a simple cardboard with pieces of curled corrugated paper, laying out the plot you need. You can still make a ribbon. And it will turn out not only a wish, but also a memorable suspension.

From such improvised means you can complete the whole picture, see how beautiful it turns out!

The next option is very aesthetic, take the printed or drawn plot as a basis, and paste the edges with a multi-colored napkin using a facing technique. In the end, decorate all with beads.

And how do you find such a simple wreath decorated with napkins and plasticine great? Is not it!

Here are very beautiful baskets made of cardboard and corrugations.

And do not forget to make fun and funny chickens, cockerels with the guys.

And instead of the usual paper napkins you can use lace. Such products immediately look much more festive.

How can I make a souvenir from plasticine and cardboard?

And now we need plasticine, but not simple, but soft, from which it will be easy to smear different pictures. If you have a solid, then put it in advance on a warm battery, then it will warm up and it will be easy to work with it.

We begin with the very simple options. So, make an oval, glue it onto the base, make strips of plasticine and garnish with cereals and small buttons.

In this souvenir we need just very soft clay, because we cover the whole basis with it, and then also decorate it, sculpt various flowers, butterflies.

And an idea for kindergarten teachers, an excellent large collective greeting card for Easter. Moms and dads will be surprised.

And a visual video for you about what beauty you can still create from this material.

Ideas wishes in the technique of scrapbooking

Of course, without attention, I can't leave scrapbooking that everyone is fond of. And as I promised you, a detailed master class. (did not herself, helped, as usual the Internet)

We will need:

  • watercolor paper for the base (size 30 cm by 12 cm);
  • scrap paper green (size 14.8 cm by 11.8 cm);
  • scrap paper for eggs (size 10 cm by 6 cm);
  • monochromatic paper for an egg substrate (size 11 cm by 7 cm);
  • punching openwork edge in the form of a fence (length 11.8 cm);
  • white lace (length 13 cm);
  • two-color cord (length 25 cm);
  • small button;
  • cutting in the form of a twig;
  • kiperny tape (length of 10 cm);
  • thematic inscription;
  • ordinary scissors;
  • scissors curly;
  • white liquid pearl;
  • paper glue;
  • volume adhesive double-sided squares.

Work process:

1. Take watercolor paper and fold it in half. Then we take green scrap paper and a punching openwork edge in the form of a fence. Glue the fence on scrap paper, and cut off the excess ends. Then glue the white lace on the fence, and glue its ends to the back of the scrap paper.

2. Next, we need a two-color cord and a button. Cord cut in half. Use one part of the cord as a bow on the button, but the second one is glued on top of the lace. When our green scrap paper blank is ready, stick it on the watercolor blank.

3. To make an egg, you need to cut a regular egg out of scrap paper and transfer it to plain paper. Cut an egg out of this plain paper, but use curly scissors.Glue the resulting egg to our product. Then take the egg from scrap paper and glue it on top of the monochrome with the help of voluminous adhesive squares.

4. Then decorate: glue a button with a bow, a sprig; make an inscription and droplets of liquid pearls (you can use mother-of-pearl varnish).

And a couple of photo ideas in this technique.

Agree that all the work is awesome !! And making them is not difficult at all, I think that since the age of 8 years, children can make such gifts.

Schemes and templates (coloring) for Easter cards

And in conclusion, I collected so to say “helpers” for teachers, tutors, parents and for children, of course.

I bring to your attention excellent templates. Choose, save and create.

  • Variants of different decorated eggs.

  • Such stencils can be used as coloring. They gave the kids and let them do.

  • Do not forget that the main characters are chickens!

  • And it's great if the product is painted Easter cake.

  • Ideas volume greetings:

  • Here it is a real coloring rabbit.

  • Nice chick.

Actually, today I have everything. Choose postcards for Easter, make them yourself or with your children, and give to loved ones and friends. I wish you a great mood !! Bye Bye.

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