Crochet basket


Even if you have never held a hook in your hands, you can easily master today's master class in making a round basket. Perhaps this lesson is one of the best for beginners in this business. At least, for him you will not have to shell out for threads - we will also make them with our own hands, moreover, from the things you do not need.

crochet basket

We have already told you how to tie a rug using only used clothes and a hook. There is almost the same principle. Do not worry if earlier you did not crochet, because it is from this that young needlewomen in art schools and circles begin to learn.

However, the master class and experienced knitters will love it, because this is a wonderful way to recycle old sheets, cardigans and towels to advantage, having received in return a wonderful basket for little things.

crochet basket

What do we need?

  • any old stuff
  • hook (not thinner than 3.5 mm)

How to tie a basket?

First, let's do the preparation of threads. We cut our things into tapes 1.5-2 cm wide. See how the corners are processed.

crochet basket

Then we wind them into a ball, at the same time twisting the thread. It is convenient to use wooden sticks for this (you can take sushi sticks).

crochet basket

At the exit, we get a kind of harness.

crochet basket

Begin to knit. We pick up the thread with three fingers and make the first loop.

crochet basket

Immediately pick up another section of the thread and do the second.

crochet basket

We get a kind of pigtail. We make as many loops so that it can be rolled up without a hole in the center.

crochet basket

And then just continue to make a pigtail in a circle. The tighter the binding is, the more stable our basket will be. Try to match the colors. You can change them by simply tying a neat knot, the ends of which are simply hidden in the main knitting.

crochet basket

That's all! Just slip the last end of the thread inside and knit it twice.

crochet basket

As a result, from 2-3 old pillowcases and a pair of unnecessary dressing gowns, you will tie at least five baskets of different sizes. Use them for storing balls, materials for creativity, rezinochek-hairpins and any other trifles.

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