Country house lighting

osveshhenie-zagorodnogo-domaToday, most residents of country houses understand that lighting their own land is a necessity. There is nothing sadder than a house that is plunged into darkness, especially in winter, when it is already dark in the middle of the day. Everything that is needed for the arrangement of street lighting can be purchased at hardware stores (including virtual ones), in which the choice of street lamps is often quite wide. Lighting devices are classified according to various parameters. For example, they can be designed to illuminate the track or entry, and can only be used for decorative purposes. There are also economical, waterproof, explosion-proof lamps. Today, the most relevant for outdoor use are LED, as well as lamps with arc lamps.

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To rationally illuminate the house and the site, it is important to use lamps of the desired type.The most common today are all kinds of lights - rack and console. The first are designed to illuminate the garden path, the second - the porch, terrace or gazebo. Decorative lamps are also relevant, which can decorate both flowerbeds, garden statues or fences, and the walls of the house. For the device of street lighting, it is extremely important to have high-quality additional equipment - cables, sockets, distribution and explosion-proof boxes, couplings.osveshhenie-zagorodnogo-doma


Lighting purpose
Any lighting on the site can be divided into two types - basic and special. The main one is used for constant illumination of regularly used objects - walkways, wickets, porch. The special can be either decorative or serve as temporary. For example, lighting devices that are turned on / off at the entrance / exit from the garage in order to illuminate the gate.


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