Corrugated steel sheet

Corrugated steel sheet - dimensions

Among the variety of metal-roll products, it is necessary to select corrugated sheets, which are presented in a wide range in STALMET LLC. These products fully comply with all regulatory requirements, which are spelled out in the standards in force in this industry.

Therefore, the popularity of products of this class is consistently at a high level and makes it possible to use them widely in solving a variety of production tasks.

Basic sheet types

In accordance with current standards, it is customary to divide corrugated sheets into two basic types according to the shape of the pattern applied to them.

  1. These may be sheets with a so-called lentil-type corrugation. The name itself suggests that the shape of the pattern resembles the fruit of lentils.
  2. There is an option representation of a corrugated sheet with a diamond-shaped pattern. Such diamond-shaped sheets have different sizes of a pattern and are widely used for domestic purposes.

Production of the entire set of listed products is regulated by a special standard.referred to as GOST 8568-77.

Sheet dimensions

If we consider morecorrugated steel sheetIt is necessary to note that it can have different parameters in size. This allows you to actively apply it in a number of structures, among which there arestainless flange welded.

For example, sheets of diamond shape can be imagined that their sizes can be of several types.

  1. If the diagonal of the rhombus is 25 millimeters, then this is the most minimal parameter of the type allowed in this category of sheets. The following dimensions of the dimension range from 30 to 70 millimeters in increments of 10 units.
  2. By the mass of a unit of measurement of a corrugated sheet, it has parameters ranging from 21 kilograms and ending 99.3 kilograms, which makes it possible to use it widely for various purposes.
  3. The thickness of the sheets in this category can vary in dimensions, ranging from 2.5 millimeters and ending with 12 millimeters. Therefore, their use is possible even for industrial purposes.
  4. If we talk about the standard indicators of sheet sizes, they can be of two main types. This, for example, products that have dimensions of 1250 and 2500 millimeters and those that have dimensions of 1500 and 6000 millimeters.

Thus, the presented products are a good source component that allows you to quickly carry out a whole range of industrial construction works.

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