Commodity operator: description of the profession

This article will discuss one of the most important professions. Commodity operator - work is very important and complex. All the features of this profession will be described further.

Who is the commodity operator?

This specialist is responsible for safety,quality and transportation of various raw materials in the oil refinery. This work is very responsible, and therefore difficult. This is due to the fact that the slightest mistake made will lead to very large problems. So, if due to an oversight of the commodity operator there will be an incorrect mix of different substances, a huge part of the resources will be lost. Problems can arise with the movement of substances, their supply, conservation, etc.

The commodity operator controls the activitiesa large number of workers. And this, too, leaves an imprint on the profession; if at least one worker makes a mistake, the fault will fall on his boss. That is why the commodity operator should be calm, not subject to stress by a person. The work in question is really specific, but it is prestigious and highly paid.

Responsibilities of the commodity operator

Who really has a lot of very different functions - so it's a person with the profession "commodity operator".commodity operatorDuties of this employee are always available, and there are really a lot of them. Further, only some functions of the representative of the profession in question will be listed.

A commodity operator is required to managetransportation of products at the refinery. In addition to moving, the goods should be periodically checked for quality. This is also handled by the specialist in question. It is very important that the produced and processed products fully comply with the standards. It is also important to monitor the quality of storage of raw materials. All these functions are also inherent in the commodity operator. His duties include such small functions as control over inventory at work, determination of product characteristics, work with documents, etc.

Professional requirements

Like any other professional, a commodity operator must meet a number of requirements.commodity operator And the requirements for it are very high. This, of course, is connected with the burden of responsibility that falls on the specialist.

Quality worker in the field of oil refiningmust, of course, punctual. After all, the described profession is a very responsible job. The commodity operator must expect everything in advance. Moreover, a competent specialist should always be prepared for the worst. And this "worst" must be prevented by any means.

The representative of the profession shouldHave a pretty deep knowledge of chemistry, physics and logistics. Any gap in knowledge - and a mistake will be made. From here, by the way, the following requirement follows: stress resistance. Whatever happens, a professional should always remain a calm and sensible person. It is necessary to understand that fear and experience will not help the cause, but will only exacerbate it.

Characteristics of the 2nd and 3rd digits

Has a profession "operator of goods" categories, each of which is characterized by certain requirements. operator of goods vacanciesBelow, the features characteristic of each digit will be given.

Characteristics of the 2nd level

The employee is obliged to observe the following typesactivity: heating substances, checking the purity and sterility of containers, preparing the sealing, taking samples, weighing products, doing loading and unloading operations. Some other, small activities may also be inherent.

Characteristics of the 3rd category

Sealing of containers, draining of reagents and harmfulsubstances from the tanks, maintenance of equipment (no more than 40 thousand tons per year), storage of products, determination of the weight of containers, measurement of temperature. This includes the preparation of tanks and other equipment for repair work, as well as the preparation of documents for unloading / unloading. Other types of activities are possible.

Characteristics of the 4th and 5th categories

Features of the 4th category

Working with sales equipment from 40 to 100thousand tons per year. Maintenance of various types of work sites - the implementation of up to 5 thousand tons per day (this includes berths, overpasses, filling stations, etc.).operator Commodity categories Manufacture of certain solutions, control ofsampling. Look after the serviceability of the inventory, heating the substances. Maintenance of accounts of work in parks. All the features presented are basic. There is a fourth-class worker and many other functions.

Features of the 5th category

Maintenance of equipment with sales over 100thousand tons per year. Maintenance of parks by selling up to 10 thousand tons per day. Implementation of operations relating to the delivery, shipping and settlement of payments with transport companies. Financial control over the railway. Manual over the fillers and the creamers. May touch a specialist of the 5th level and some other less important duties.

Characteristics of the 6th and 7th categories

job commodity operator

Requirements for employees of the 6th category

Management of all works. Maintenance of equipment with sales of more than 100 thousand tons per year. Maintenance of parks, overpasses, factories, wharves, etc., selling more than 10 thousand tons per day. Manual over the workers that are engaged in the automatic filling and draining system. Control over the quality of oil products, for its safety. Work with the computer center - preparing information for him. The management of the activities of all operators is ranked below. Some other functions may also be inherent.

Requirements for employees of the 7th category

The commodity operator of the last category is obligedto manage the activities related to the reception, storage and release of oil products, the sale of more than 130 thousand tons per year. The management should be carried out and behind the working sites: overpasses, berths, unloading and loading points, factories, etc. And these plots can be sales of over 16 thousand tons per day. It is necessary to serve and capacity, the volume of which can exceed 20 thousand tons. The operator of the 7th level is supervised by the receipt and delivery of the products. It is also necessary to keep in constant communication with the dispatcher of the oil base, with the computer center and with other points. A representative of the specialty of the 7th grade can be endowed with many other functions and responsibilities.

Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

Like any other profession, the work of a commodity operator has a number of advantages and disadvantages.commodity training operatorAbout what more, will be told later.

The considered profession has the following advantages:

  • High profit payment. Of course, everything here depends on the rank. However, the income of commodity operators is really high: from 20 to 75 thousand rubles.
  • The opportunity to climb the career ladder. If you set a clear goal and start working actively, you can grow up professionally quite soon. In the profession of the commodity operator, there are all chances for this.
  • Training. Do not underestimate the relevance of such a profession as the "commodity operator." Training is one of the advantages of this work. It is not at all necessary to graduate from university to take a job at least in the second category. It will be enough to finish any technical college, according to the specialty available for work. A full list of specialties suitable for the profession in question can easily be found on the open spaces of the network. But it is necessary to name an educational institution that specially prepares commodity operators: it is the Leninogorsk Polytechnic College.

Among the shortcomings of the profession can be allocated an excessively high responsibility for any actions. At some enterprises there are also harmful working conditions.

On the importance of the profession in question

A commodity operator is one of the most importantprofessions in the state. After all, it is oil that provides the economy of the Russian Federation to the greatest extent. In fact, the representatives of the profession in question are the economic support of the state, its foundation.commodity duty operator Those young people that so far only think about their future, should take note of such a profession as the "commodity operator." Jobs in this field are available today in sufficient numbers.

In conclusion, it should be said that the profession of a commodity operator can be called prestigious. This is a hard and responsible job, but highly paid and interesting.

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