Collection autumn winter 2017-2018 by Molo

Choose fashionable and high-quality things for your child - pay attention to the stylish images that the famous Molo brand from Denmark offers in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season.

Starting its way in 2003 with the release of a small designer collection of children's clothes, Molo turned into a large manufacturer, whose things are loved and appreciated in many countries of the world. Today, Molo offers little fidgets and their parents not just stylish and fashionable images for every day and for special occasions, but also promotes his philosophy that things for kids need to be picked up taking into account the peculiarities of the nature of the crumbs and the mood of a particular day.

Molo brand boutique

Advantages of Molo clothes

In all countries of Europe, special requirements are imposed on children's clothing. All models produced by Molo meet these criteria:

  • exceptionally high quality materials;
  • naturalness and hypoallergenic tissues in contact with the skin;
  • comfortable cut, taking into account the characteristics of children of different age groups;
  • reliable and durable fittings;
  • Stylish design that kids love.

The range of clothing produced in Molo’s factories covers all age groups, from newborns to adolescents, and the lineup allows you to pick up everything that your baby needs, from cozy pajamas to warm membrane overalls, jackets, hats and waterproof gloves. Many parents choose Molo clothes not only for aesthetics and quality, but also for its practicality. High-quality fabrics used in tailoring are designed for frequent washing, and therefore it is safe to say that even after a few months the product will retain its original shape and will not lose color saturation.

Molo collection autumn-winter 2017-2018 year

Original ideas of designers Molo

In an effort to offer their customers comfortable, high-quality and beautiful things, company leaders pay special attention to the design of children's clothes, each time surprising with unusual solutions, interesting prints and models, in which there are the most current trends in youth fashion.

So, the new catalog from the company Molo in 2017-2018 will offer several design lines for the autumn-winter season at once:

  1. Golden Autumn - stylish clothes, which will reflect bright pictures of golden autumn with its warm colors.
  2. Merry winter - warm and cozy things, in which the walk will be fascinating and fun, even on the coldest day.
  3. A fascinating journey - products, exclusive prints are the highlight of which
  4. Back to school - beautiful clothes in discreet shades, which will allow to meet the strict requirements of a student's dress code, while maintaining individuality.
Golden Autumn from Molo 2018Stylish images for boys from MoloThings for school from Molo 2018

In the coming year there will be new interesting colors that young dandies and women of fashion will surely appreciate. But, it will also be possible to find models beloved by all with rainbow prints. They will remain bright and cheerful, but they will slightly change the prevailing tone, which will make it easy to distinguish the 2018 models from their earlier counterparts released last season.

Jackets and overalls Molo 2016-2017 year

Prints for girls in 2018

  • Mineral Bijou (mineral jewelry);
  • Sunrise (monophonic coral);
  • Huckleberry Stripe (a rainbow, but unlike a similar coloring of 2016, in 2018 the blueberry shade will be prevailing);
  • Fine Feather (exotic bird);
  • Paper petals;
  • Pony (cute ponies);
  • Mosaic (mosaic of bright juicy crystals on a black background);
  • Little Creatures (flower pattern imitating application).
Jacket and overalls Molo 2018Prints Molo autumn-winter 2017-2018Catalog Molo 2018

Prints for boys in 2018

  • Husky (cute dog breed Husky);
  • Robot (for fidget enthusiastic robots);
  • Skater (multi-colored skates on a neutral gray background);
  • Threesixty (multi-colored skaters on a black background);
  • Bark (mix of brown, green and gray shades);
  • Ocean Stripe (boys' rainbow, in which blue, sand and green shades will prevail);
  • Blue Mountain (single-color models under denim with textured top);
  • Mountain Range (mountain peaks in gray-green tones with a sandy path).
Prints for boys from Molo 2018Fashion for boys Molo 2017-2018Children's collection from Molo 2017-2018

Unisex prints

  • Pirate Black - classic black;
  • Aluminum - neutral beige;
  • Purple Mist - saturated lilac;
  • Pine Grove - deep green.

Assortment Molo Fall-Winter 2017-2018

In 2018, Molo's company pleased its parents with a rather wide range of children's clothes, including in the autumn-winter collection:

  1. knitwear;
  2. jackets;
  3. pants;
  4. overalls;
  5. caps;
  6. gloves;
  7. scarves;
  8. footwear;
  9. backpacks.

Fashionable clothes for children from Molo 2018

When choosing products. Which offers a collection of the season autumn-winter 2017-2018, it is necessary to focus on the table of sizes, compiled specifically for products Molo.

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