Collection autumn winter 2017-2018 by Dior

On the eve of the new season, everyone is looking forward to the release of the next collection of the fashion house Dior, deservedly bearing the high title of trendsetter in the fashion world. Designers representing the brand at different periods of its development have always been able to surprise and impress with unusual images and bold decisions. The names of such great fashion designers as Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons are inextricably linked with the Dior brand.

The new collections, which Maria Grace Curie and Chris Van Ash worked on, did not become an exception. In female models, the famous silhouette of the new look is clearly guessed, combining grace, femininity and elegant non-defiant luxury, and men's images will resonate not only among connoisseurs of classical style, but also among creative young people.

Fashionable images from DiorChristian dior dressesChristian Dior Fall-Winter 2018Classic female image Dior

The concept of women's collection fashion house Dior

Creating fashionable images, Italian Chérie was inspired by an incredible sense of freedom, which, in her opinion, only Paris can give.That is why the new fashionable PRE-FALL collection for the 17-18 autumn-winter season from the Dior brand provides fashionistas with a choice of styles, colors of models and various prints, while the READY-TO-WEAR collection offers discreet bows with a hint of classic rigor.

Dior Fall-Winter 2018 Women's Collections

The main accents of PRE-FALL collection Dior autumn-winter 2017-2018

Being in Paris, any woman wants to be bright and stylish, to attract attention and catch on herself admiring glances. Maria Curie offers to feel the romance and spirit of this amazing city no matter where you are geographically.

In the new collection, admirers of the fashionable style of the house of Dior will find many fresh ideas:

  1. Strict classic bows, ideal for a business meeting.
  2. Original youth images that harmoniously combine: denim, floral print and comfortable spacious sweaters of large knit.
  3. Stylish short dresses, which the designer recommends to combine with high boots and fashionable in 2018 jockey hats.
  4. Elegant evening dresses in which translucent fabrics are advantageously complemented by an animal-print jacket or high shorts.
  5. Restrained long dresses in black and gold tones.
Marie Curie Stylish DressesDior Youth BowsElegant images of the show Christian Dior 2018Transparent Christian Dior DressesLuxurious images of Christian Dior

We should also pay attention to ethnic motifs in the decoration of various elements. Interesting vests, jackets and dresses are sure to appeal to successful women who want to add a touch of creativity to their image.

Ethnics in Dior models

For cold autumn days, the designer offers:

  • cozy knitted cardigans;
  • leather jackets, leather jackets;
  • bright fur capes;
  • classic maxi length coats;
  • wide overlays raincoats;
  • stylish short fur coats.
Fur in the collection of Dior 2017-2018Jacket and cardigan from DiorDior Long CoatCoat from the collection of Dior 2017-2018

The color range of the collection is quite extensive and includes universal shades (black and white), rich scarlet color, as well as delicate pastel pink and cream tones. The dress with the ombre effect presented in the photo looks very unusual.

Delicate dresses from Dior

The main accents of the Dior READY-TO-WEAR 2017-2018 collection

Unlike images of an intermediate collection that are diverse in terms of decor, the models presented at the READY-TO-WEAR show are made in restrained blue tones. The bows offered by the designer can be divided into three groups:

Images of the Dior Winter Collection

Classic images from Dior are always popular, because this is the style of a successful business woman, in which elegance, chic and sexy is moderately present.A new collection from Dior indicates that in the autumn-winter 217-2018 season, the following will be relevant:

  • pleated skirts;
  • pantsuits
  • long skirts to the floor;
  • fitted silhouettes;
  • high boots, boots;
  • large cell;
  • berets.

Do you think that the classic bears the imprint of a retro? Look at how stylish and fashionable the models look, trying on a strict, at first glance, images.

Dior Classic 2018Images in a classic style from the house of DiorFashionable dresses from the Dior collectionFashionable bows from the designer house Dior

Knowing that young and active girls, when choosing casual clothes, prefer comfort and practicality, in the fashion house Dior have included in the collection a series of models from light blue denim. Please note that in 2018, fabrics with no grater effect, no torn holes, and no adornment are relevant. Simple, free cut and laconic models advantageously complement the straps of the bags, decorated with intricate ornaments and metallic decor.

Denim in the images of Dior for 2018Denim images of Christian Dior 2017-2018Youth bow Christian Dior autumn-winter 2017-2018Fashionable everyday images from Dior

Regardless of whether a woman adheres to strict canons of a business dress code or prefers a simpler and more comfortable street style in everyday life, in special moments she wants to feel like a queen or princess. In an evening dress from Dior, it is simply impossible to go unnoticed, because they are designed to make a woman beautiful.

In 2017-2018, the Dior fashion house provides fashionable women with a choice of stylish models from luxurious blue velvet and sophisticated dresses made of flowing transparent fabrics. Special elegance to the outfits is given by the subtle decor options: lace, ruffle, prints, embroidery and the smallest shining rhinestones.

Christian Dior 17-18 dressElegant dresses from Dior for 2017-2018 yearTransparent dresses Christian Dior 2018Evening dress Dior 2018

Men's images of the Christian Dior collection autumn-winter 2017-2018 year

If the women's bows from Dior are sophistication and grace, then the men's looks are modern business style and rampant energy of rave parties, youth drive and elements of hardcore culture. The Dior fashion show, traditionally held in Paris, showed the main trends of men's fashion in the fall-winter 17-18 season. The collection turned out very bright and stylish. The proposed variety of style, textures and colors allows you to easily choose a fashionable image for a business meeting or for each day, taking into account individual preferences.

Dior men's collection 2017-2018

Classic male models from Dior

In his new collection, art director of the Dior male line Chris Van Ash did not forget about elements that remind everyone the style of the great founder of the fashion house:

  • stylish classic looks;
  • tight-fitting jackets;
  • leather gloves.
Men's Christian Dior CostumeDior classic male lookFashionable men's suits from DiorMale show home fashion Dior 2017-2018

Youth men's fashion for 2018 by Dior

For active and creative young people, Chris Van Ash offers bright combinations of classic gray and black shades with bright and rich colors from the fashionable palette Panton (sea tint and color of autumn foliage). In the upcoming season, men can wear:

  • cropped sweaters;
  • fur coats;
  • leather raincoats;
  • lightweight sport style windbreakers;
  • long down jackets.

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