2017 year of the rooster

Christmas toys made of felt, patterns

Oleg Skrinnik
2017 year of the rooster

A fabulous New Year time is coming up and almost everyone wants to decorate this holiday for themselves a little better than last year. Over the years, glossy and shiny Christmas tree balls can be pretty annoying. I want to pamper my green forest beauty with something completely new, soft, cozy ...

Let us this year slightly retreat from the traditional presentation of the Christmas tree for the New Year and decorate it a little differently. We suggest you consider an idea likeChristmas toys made of felt(patterns of beautiful toys, photos of real felt toys and step by step instructions for familiarization are attached). Felt is the perfect material for cute toys. He is so soft and pleasant to the touch that it is a pleasure to work with him.

Treat yourself and your loved ones with this sweet beauty. And to get a funny soft toy on the Christmas tree as a gift for the New Year 2017 will want to anyone who sees this hand-made miracle on your Christmas tree.


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Christmas balls made of felt for the New Year 2017

To create unusual balls on the tree you will need:

  • sheets of felt (white in this case);
  • thread (white, silver or gold);
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard, pencil and compasses (or a glass to circle around it).

Step 1.From felt you should cut 8 circles of the same size. To do this, draw a circle on a piece of cardboard, cut out this template and, based on it, make 8 circles on the felt.

toys made of felt for the new year do it yourselfChristmas toys made of handmade felttoys made of felt for the new yearhand-made felt toys
Christmas toys made of felt 2017 do it yourselfChristmas toys made of felttoys made of feltfelt toys on NG 2017 with your own hands

Step 2.Take two circles, bend them in half and, with the help of a needle and thread, connect them to each other along the central fold. Make a knot, but do not cut the thread (try to keep the knot “hidden” in the fold between two circles, and not in the fold of one circle).

Step 3.Now sew two more circles without bending them. Sew one on top and the other on the bottom of two sewn parts, stitching through the seam.

Step 4.You need to bend the sewn circles and add two more, stitching them through the seam (still do not cut the thread).

Step 5.With the remaining circles do the same operation as with the previous ones. Now, tying a knot, the thread can be cut.

Step 6.Make a loop for the ball. To do this, take a silver or gold thread and a needle with a thick eye (you can divide the thick thread into thinner ones and thread one of them into the eye of the needle) and,From the middle, move the needle with the silver thread up, and at the very top, make a loop and tie a knot.

Step 7.Slightly open the ball sections to make it more lush.

Cozy toy fir tree made of felt

New Year's fabric toys

For the manufacture of such toys you will need:

  • sheets of green and brown felt;
  • hot glue glue gun (or ordinary PVA);
  • needle with thread or ribbon (for the eyelet);
  • scissors.

Step 1.Take scissors and cut out 5 green felt circles of various sizes. Moreover, it is not necessary to make them perfectly smooth. The largest circle will have a diameter of 10 cm, and each subsequent circle will have a slightly smaller diameter than the previous one.

Step 2.You should cut a small triangle from each circle (the top of the triangle should be approximately in the center of the circle).

Christmas toys made of felt 2017Christmas toys made of felt do it yourself photoHow to make toys from felt with their own handsChristmas felt toys step by step instructions

Step 3.Each circle with a slit twist into a cone and glue the ends.

Step 4.Pull the thread or ribbon into the smallest cone, make a loop.

Step 5.“Put on” the cones one on top of the other, not forgetting to glue them together.

Step 6.From brown felt you need to cut a rectangle and roll it up with a straw. Glue the ends.

Step 7.Glue the trunk to the tree and the decoration can be hung on the tree!

Bright felt candy on a Christmas tree

toys made of felt new year 2017

For making felt candy you will need:

  • sheets of felt in different colors;
  • glue;
  • a ribbon, a string or a thick thread (for a loop);
  • chopsticks (half skewers or long matches are ideal);
  • scissors.

Step 1.Cut from felt strips of the same width and length, but in different colors. The width of the strip should be 1 cm, and length - 20 cm.

toys made of felt with their own hands on NG 2017Christmas toys made of felt ideascool toys made of felttoys made of felt with your own hands for the new 2017

Step 2.Six strips of two or three colors lay on each other and twist in a spiral, fastening with glue. Do not worry - the ends of the strips will be different in length.

Step 3.Attach the wand and eyelet to the back of the candy.

Step 4.Cut a circle out of felt and close the back of the candy, secure with glue. You can hang on the Christmas tree!

Felt turntables on the Christmas tree

photos of fabric toys

For the manufacture of turntables on the Christmas tree you will need:

  • two sheets of felt in different colors;
  • two beads;
  • needle and thread;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Step 1.Using scissors, cut two identical circles, with an approximate diameter of 6 cm.

Step 2.Apply glue to each circle and stick to a sheet of felt of a different color.

Step 3.Cut the circles carefully.

felt toys manufacturing methodstoys made of felt patternsSimple toys made of feltDIY toys made of felt

Step 4.Make small cuts on four sides (see photo).

Step 5.Now you need to bend the ends into the center and glue them together (see photo). Repeat with the second circle.

Step 6.Glue or sew a bead to the center of each turntable and make a loop.

Three wonderful toys for the Christmas tree in the same style

hand-made fabric toys

For the manufacture of Christmas toys you will need:

  • white felt + small patch of green felt;
  • filler (cotton or synthetic winterizer);
  • pins;
  • floss threads of green, red and white colors;
  • bell;
  • pencil;
  • scissors with a zigzag tip of the blade.

Christmas tree toy

Step 1.Cut out the Christmas tree template provided. Fold the felt in half and fasten with pins. Attach the template to the felt and draw with a pencil (better, of course, with a water-soluble marker). Do not forget to chart the points.

Step 2.Cut out the contour curly scissors.

Step 3.Using a damp cloth, remove the remaining marker. Do not wash the points.

Step 4.On one piece of a Christmas tree, embroider 9 French knots at the point locations (see photo 4.5). This is the front side of the toy.

patterns of felt toyshow to cut toys out of feltdownload felt patternspatterns of felt toys photo

Step 5.Reconnect both parts with pins.

Step 6.With a stitch “forward needle”, begin to sew both parts and, reaching the top, make a loop (see photo 6.7), and then complete the stitching, leaving the column base without a seam.

Step 7.You need to fill the toy with filler and complete the line. Christmas tree toy is ready!

Toy bell

Step 1.Transfer the pattern drawing onto the felt folded in two and pinned together and cut the bell.

Step 2.Embroider a snowflake star and 4 French knots on the front part.

felt bell

Step 3.Sew both parts with a “forward needle” seam, making a loop on the top of the bell.

Step 4.Stuff the toy with a filler and sew the hole left.

Step 5.Sew a small bell from the bottom center. The felt toy is ready!

New Year's Wreath

Step 1.Put the two pieces of felt together and fasten with pins.

Step 2.Transfer the template of the wreath to the felt and cut out the two details with the curly scissors.

Step 3.The inner side of the wreath is cut with ordinary scissors.

Step 4.Embroider French knots on the face of the wreath.

Step 5.Connect the two parts together and sew with white thread "looped seam" on the inner edge of the wreath.

toys from felt patterns how to makepatterns of fabric toysmaking patterns of felt toyswhere to find patterns for felt toys

Step 6.Synthetic winter roll flagellum and put it inside the New Year's wreath.

Step 7.Sew an outer edge with a “forward needle” seam with white threads.

Step 8.Cut two leaves from the green felt according to the pattern and sew (rather, for decoration) their “forward needle” seam.

Step 9.Attach the loop. The toy is ready!

Patterns of Christmas toys made of felt

download a pattern for the pattern of felt toyspattern pattern feltpattern for the pattern of feltfelt toys patterns
felt patternfunny felt toysNew Year's felt patternanimal pattern
Pattern Felt FigurinesFelt pattern download as a picturefelt what you can dowhat to make of felt
ideas pattern feltfelt pattern drawingdownload patternpattern felt
unusual felt toysideas of fabric toystoys on the Christmas tree makeinteresting pattern of felt

Many other interesting toys can be sewn from felt using patterns that are easy to transfer to fabric and cut. Our site has collected for you an excellent selection of interesting patterns of felt Christmas tree decorations from felt that you can do with your own hands. Just print out the template you like, cut and transfer the layout of the future toy to felt.

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