Christmas markets in 2017 in St. Petersburg

The celebration of the New Year was forever consolidated by decree of Peter the Great back in 1700. Therefore, St. Petersburg can be considered the capital of New Year's celebrations in Russia.

The main holidays of the year are celebrated with a special scale, noisy, fun, hospitable, with folk festivals and of course with fairs. The brightest and most popularChristmas markets 2017 in St. Petersburgwill meet their guests from the beginning of winter.

Christmas Fair at Pioneer Square

The largest Christmas fair in St. Petersburg will traditionally open on December 18 at Pioneer Square. Usually it is visited by a huge number of people, up to three million. They come from all regions of Russia and from abroad. Visitors to the fair will be able to watch performances of street theaters, concerts, colorful fireworks, take pictures in the magical photo studio Snow Maiden, ride the biggest ice rink and adrenaline rush on winter attractions.

At the fair, it will be possible to taste the exquisite dishes of chefs from different countries and enjoy the traditional Russian dishes. Pancakes and homemade bread according to forgotten recipes, white mushrooms, pickles and urinating, pike chops and chicken, tarts and gingerbread, herbal tea with honey and fruit drinks - all natural, truly homemade, tasty and healthy.

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And New Year's gifts? Considering that representatives of twenty countries from all over the world have already applied for participation in this New Year event, there will be a great number of souvenirs and useful things at the fair. Outlandish souvenirs, crafts of Russian craftsmen, decorations for the Christmas tree, the warmest downy scarves, earflaps hats, delicate mittens, painted crockery and of course felt boots, famous Russian felt boots will be a joyful New Year's surprise and a pleasant memory of the fair on Pioneer Square of St. Petersburg.

New Year's celebrations on Ostrovsky Square

A slightly more modest, but no less popular Christmas fair will open on Ostrovsky Square on December 14. By order of the governor of St. Petersburg at this fair everyone should have fun, dance and buy gifts.With great pleasure! We will sing to the harmonica and dance to the balalaika. Fortunately, islands will be installed throughout the square for performances by artists and musicians, competitions and exciting competitions.

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An ice skating rink will also be built for everyone who wants to start dancing on skates under the perky “Mistress”. Weather forecasters promise a snowy winter, therefore, plenty of play in the snowballs and blind snowy woman to turn out. After the games and fun you can eat in the cozy chambers. Delicious tea, various dishes of Russian and world cuisine, warming mulled wine and grog - not to list all the dishes. Have you refueled? Then go ahead, follow the order of the governor - to buy gifts for the new year.

And then you should definitely take a picture with Santa Claus and tell him about your desire. If the order to celebrate at the fair is fulfilled on all counts, the wishes made on Ostrovsky Square come true.

Unique fair in the Petersburg Passage

The most beautiful and sophisticated Christmas fair of 2017 will be held at the Petersburg Passage. In the nineteenth century, the Passage was not just a trading platform; it was the center of the social and cultural life of the capital.They came here for business meetings, to see and chat with friends. This forgotten tradition is now being reborn in a bright and beautiful New Year holiday.

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The atmosphere of Christmas style and New Year's glamor will reign here. European traditions are intertwined with Russian motifs. Only at this fair you can find designer jewelry, exclusive gifts and collectible souvenirs, original stationery and antique decor for the interior.

A lot of music and songs performed by Russian and foreign artists, interactive games and promotions, contests and master classes. Well, where else can you learn to blow out caramel figurines and make Christmas cards that you can eat? The approach of the New Year is in the air, and it is filled with the smell of spruce, ginger and tangerines.

New Year's Fair St. Petersburg

The elegant central gallery of Passage will be decorated with fantastic beauty of New Year's toys and dolls of the author's work. By the way, all this beauty can be bought and made happy with your family and friends with such a gift.

And, of course, to the great joy of children, and adults too, there will be many New Year sweets and delicacies at the fair.Gingerbread gingerbread and vanilla houses, Russian pastila and caramel apples, American cupcakes and English muffins, French chocolate. To try everything in the Passage will have to come more than once.

You should also look into the New Year cafe and drink flavored mulled wine and invigorating coffee. According to the forecast of Time Out magazine, the 2017 Christmas Fair in the Passage will be the most beautiful, stylish and original. Come for an exclusive New Year's atmosphere on November 29th.

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