Choosing a combi steamer

The well-known company Rayional, in 1976 madeexplosion in the industrial market. They produced a universal machine that combined several functions: a steamer and a convection oven. The machine allowed saving time, water, electricity. The final product preserved micronutrients and vitamins during the preparation process. Under low temperature steam, the products were processed, which made it possible to prepare meals for people who were on a diet. Over time, the combi steamers were improved, an automatic preparation of the product appeared. The first stoves were quite expensive, not every catering establishment could use them. Now it's hard to find a point for cooking wherever the combi steamer is used.

Machines of different companies are produced.For example, Apach (Italy), Rational, CONVOTHERM (Germany). Success is enjoyed by German-made machines, they are considered the most economical and functional. The equipment produced here is steadily improving. There is one drawback - high cost. The equipment of Italian manufacturers is distinguished by a large number of produced machines. They are simpler in technology. Quality, unfortunately, is much inferior to the German manufacturer. The USA, Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, France, Spain also offer a wide range of machines, but in the industrial market they have proven themselves as middle-class producers. or you can order via the Internet, where an excellent catalog is attached. But the question immediately arises: which car to buy? The choice is very great, although they are universal all.
There are electric and gas combi steamers. Since the equipment will be used quite often, the gas machine will be more economical if there are conditions for this.
There is one more division of cars for pastry shops andgastronomic. In the first, trays are used, in others, chambers for gastronorms. Suppose a cafe is based on baking confectionery, then the choice should fall on the confectioner's combi steamer.
Machines, as already mentioned multifunctional.Consequently, the price will depend on this. Let's say a small cafe will use it to warm up pies, which means, and choose, it is necessary to have a little functional apparatus.
Size also plays a role in choosingthe combi steamer. It should be determined for how many people will prepare food. Perhaps the acquisition of several cars, if the restaurant serves up to 3000 people.
Companies that offer goods, guarantee,that it is reliable in use. This is not always so, so pay attention to the appearance. If we talk about the reliability of the case, which plays one of the main functions, you should know that it must be massive. This is when loops of thick metal, heavy door, powerful legs, heavy control panel. The carcass of the device should be selected welded. Fastening should, is made not screws, and bolts, the working chamber tight and strong. The Tans should be chosen with thick tubes.
It will be right if you choose equipment in the store, when you can examine and test it in work, and not on pictures on the Internet.

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