Charm doll for good luck

Posted by03.05.2017

Charges on the road at all times were associated with various signs and superstitions. We all know that you need to sit down on the track, do not go on a long journey on Mondays, and if you left, but forgot something and returned home - look in the mirror, etc. In those days, when these little “rites” were invented, the so-called “plantain” appeared - a doll charm.

Doll Charm

This is a kind of little talisman that hostesses sewed for dear people, going on a long journey. It was believed that with this puppet charm luck comes to the traveler. The road ended, and the doll remained with the man forever. Many believed that it is a real talisman and really brings happiness and luck to the owner.

Doll Charm

For those who do not believe in omens, this doll can be just a beautiful souvenir or some kind of tribute to the ancient Slavic traditions. However, it will also fit in the quality of crafts from the fabric, which you will do with your own hands with the child. And she is very sweet and will look great anywhere!

The traditional guard doll is made quite simple. We need small patches, stuffing material for the body and head, as well as a coin to make the product sustainable. Take a look at the photos and drawing, there is every detail.
We will dress a doll in a sundress, a handkerchief and an apron, you can make neat beads. Eyes wards do not accepted.

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